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Ciao! Welcome to the Barilla Canada family. Barilla is proud to be the largest pasta maker in the world. /// Ciao! Bienvenue dans la famille Barilla Canada. Barilla est fière d’être le plus grand fabriquant de pâtes au monde.

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Hi Barilla! I love your pasta but today I quickly had to pull this piece out as I dumped the box into the pot of boiling water. It immediately left a black stain on my finger, I'm not too sure if this is edible or not? What's going on? :(
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Need some dinner inspo to warm your chilly Friday mood? This Spaghetti Bolognese from our pal, Everything Delish should do the trick! Head to her page to see what she got up to in Paris last month at the Pasta World Championship.

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It's pumpkin carving season! Put those discarded pumpkin seeds to good use in this delicious spaghetti with pumpkin seed, arugula, basil and romano cheese pesto. Pro tip from Cheflorenzoboni: put your food processor in the freezer a few hours before you make your pesto, and add the EVOO last for the most flavourful and delicious results!

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Did you know that it’s #WasteReductionWeek? Well, we have the perfect quick, tasty spaghetti with broccoli and toasted anchovies to get you in the spirit—did someone say re-purposed broccoli stems?!
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Barilla BLEACHES their tomatoes!! I bought 2 jars of pasta sauce last week (expiry date 2021). One had mold on the lid, the other had a rotten, white tomato stuck to the lid (botulism?). I am pregnant and could have been seriously sick from this.
Barilla's reply? A coupon to buy MORE sauce.

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Barilla is the best! ... at homophobia.
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Cooking and serving food at #TIFF19 but no one is wearing gloves?!
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Folks, time to check your quality assurance for the pre-cooked pasta. Decided to try the alternative method of warming up in a bit of olive oil today. I had never tried this way before so I thought maybe that's what the pasta looked like before heating it up.

But nope, when I dumped it out, it was nice and moldy. Not sure I'll be able to eat this again. Blech. You can see there is a tear in...
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Yes, I'm a fan.
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