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Barbie partnered with Virgin Atlantic to showcase women #RoleModels in aviation and teach girls about STEM careers. #SeeHerFly
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Strike a pose with our Ken Fashionistas range. They’re rocking so many different outfits, but who’s got the coolest style?
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Barbie Ken Fashionistas Inclusivity

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For the last few days of summer, inspire your little ray of sunshine to play outside with friends and make memories that’ll last forever.
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Barbie Fashionista

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NEW: Calling all aspiring jetsetters! ☁ Board the spacious new Dreamplane, recline your comfy seats and get a little treat off the rolling snack cart! Unfold the wings, start your engines and let your imagination take flight ✈ Available now: [ Bit.ly Link ]


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NEW: On your marks, get set, bake! Get creative – bake, decorate then display & pay with the new Barbie Cake Decorating Playset with ten different accessories and three fun colours of dough and sparkles ✨! Available now: [ Bit.ly Link ]


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Have you and your little one tried anything new this summer? ✨
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Barbie’s Virgin Atlantic partnership salutes female #RoleModels in aviation. Inspire your daughter to spread her wings! #SeeHerFly

Barbie & Virgin Atlantic

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Friends ✅ BTS ✅ Best night ever ✅ It’s nearly showtime for Mattel’s #BTS dolls, now available at [ Bit.ly Link ] #BTSxMattel #BTSdollsofficial

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Taking risks. Changing rules. Paving the way for generations. The #Barbie Inspiring Women Series pays tribute to incredible heroines of their time. This year, we’re adding two courageous women – Civil Rights activist, Rosa Parks, and the first American woman to fly in space, Sally Ride. #MoreRoleModels
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Light up your little one’s imagination with the Barbie Dreamtopia Magic Touch Unicorn ✨
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