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There’s a new place to listen to all the best songs from B1, B2 & friends. Spotify have just rolled out a standalone app for Kids!

Listen now:
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Jesus Manuel Guerrero Ortiz
There's A Carlos
There's A Carlos
Now you can take B1 and B2 on all your adventures!
Bananas in Pyjamas plush is available now at selected retailers: [ Geni.us Link ]
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Rat in a Hat is up to his old tricks again with those lovable Bananas in Pyjamas and their friends the Teddies. Join them for more fun and games!
Audiobook available at selected retailers: [ Geni.us Link ]
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Attention all parents! Have a bananatastic Halloween this year with your partner in crime.

Adult B1 and B2 costumes are available at selected retailers: [ Geni.us Link ]
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Are you thinking what I’m thinking B1?

Let’s have a bananarific party!

Check out our must-have Bananas in Pyjamas partyware available at selected retailers - [ Geni.us Link ]
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Today is International Banana Day, and we’ve got the perfect soundtrack for a bananatastic celebration!

Our complete catalogue of music, in one handy Spotify playlist. Listen and ‘follow’ the playlist here: [ Ab.co Link ]
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Did you know you can listen to all your favourite Bananas in Pyjamas songs on Spotify? Here’s a festive playlist of banana-tastic Christmas tunes that the little ones will enjoy! [ Ab.co Link ]

Ảnh trên dòng thời gian

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Happy 25th Birthday Bananas in Pyjamas from The Wiggles

Happy 25th Birthday Bananas in Pyjamas​ from The Wiggles

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Happy 25th birthday, Bananas in Pyjamas! Today marks 25 years since B1 and B2 first came down the stairs. #Bananas25

Bananas in Pyjamas Turn 25!

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Throw your own Bananas in Pyjamas party tomorrow and share your party pics with us! #Bananas25 [ Ab.co Link ]

Bananas in Pyjamas - Print and Colour - ABC KIDS

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