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Can somebody tell me where I could find Badbadnotgood first two albums? I bought BBNG3, BBNG4 and what they did with Ghostface Killah and fell in love with their music but it seems that you got to spend a lot of $$$ for BBNG1 and BBNG2 on Discogs.
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My best wishes for a joyful year and for coachella festival.
I Am from italy,pleased to meet you
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When are you next playing in the Toronto area?
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“Key to Love” is out today via Light In The Attic Records. Thanks Matthew Langille for showing us the original by The Majestics. Let’s get it

Key to Love (Is Understanding) feat. Jonah Yano

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Guys ....put yourselves forward for the new bond film....not just the theme . The whole damn score!!!
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Hello. Have a happy day.
They are epitaphs for singing.
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Very happy to announce a 2 night run of NYE celebration in Chicago - 12/30 & 12/31 with International Anthem's Junius Paul Music + Angel Bat Dawid & Tha Brothahood Poster by the best Joshuahaha

12/30 - [ Lh-st.com Link ]

12/31 - [ Lh-st.com Link ]
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Wont be able to make it to any of Mexico's concerts, but will definitely catch you somewhere else. :D
Also, wouldn't be a bad idea to release music sheets for your music. I've seen many ppl in social media craving for 'em.
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