B.O. My Goodness

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Dec 03, 2013


B.O. My Goodness
B.O. My Goodness thumb B.O. My Goodness thumb B.O. My Goodness thumb


  • I had the most uncomfortable flight this past summer
  • I was heading to Vidcon in California, and I was stuck sitting beside this girl who had terrible,
  • terrible body odor. And I'm not saying this to be mean or anything, I mean giving her the benefit of the doubt,
  • maybe she had a condition. Maybe her parents forgot to pay the hydro bills
  • Maybe someone pulled a prank on her and mixed her lotion with vomit that morning
  • Regardless, I was uncomfortable that flight
  • So it was her, me, and my friend Dennis. And I jinxed it too, I was like, "if no one sits here,
  • I'ma move over so we have more legroom". And then, Bam! Oscar arrives
  • And her dad sat like a few rows away,
  • so either they really procrastinated on booking their flight, or he knows what's up
  • The flight lasted three hours, and you think after being exposed for that long my nose would have adapted
  • But no, the stench remained as strong as ever
  • I had no choice, but to try to sleep
  • But that proved to be a more difficult task than simply trying to ignore the smell
  • I eventually did but only to find myself awake thirty minutes later from the tears of my nostrils
  • What made it worse was that Dennis, and I were both wearing V-Necks
  • So we couldn't subtly cover our noses without making it obvious and attacking her self-esteem
  • I mean, she should be vaguely aware of herself, right?
  • Either way, we tolerated it and eventually landed in Dallas, Texas
  • for a layover and were back in flight within the hour
  • Once more, Dennis and I were on a three seat row
  • and me being the brilliant comedian jinxed it again and said:
  • "Haha, what are the chances that we'd be sitting next to her again?"
  • And, according to the rules of irony, that meant bad news for me
  • Bam! What up, bitches?
  • Except she didn't sit beside us this time. Instead, we got this guy who sat directly behind the girl
  • Unfortunately her radius of impact was much wider than we expected and we still fell within the blast zone...
  • ...for another three hours
  • Again her dad didn't sit beside her and was a few rows away
  • "He knows." I felt bad for the dude beside us because we knew what to expect
  • Because we've already had a taste, or rather, a smell of what was in store for us
  • I saw him attempting to do the same thing I did and tried going to sleep
  • Keyword: 'Tried'
  • The worst part of all this was that we couldn't even complain about it to anyone
  • there was no one we could blame or plead a compensation from
  • Flight attendant: "Excuse me ma'am,
  • I apologize, but we've been asked to move you due to your unbearable stench"
  • Naahh, we couldn't do that
  • *sigh*
  • "Yep."
  • "I know that feel, bro"
  • *music fades away*
  • *music returns*
  • Speaking of flights, you guys should check out this new funny video from Turkish airlines
  • of Kobe Bryant and Lionel Messi
  • If you guys remember, last year they faced off trying to impress this kid on the plane and win his approval
  • This year they continued their rivalry in... A selfie off
  • I know many of you can't resist instagramming on the plane, especially during takeoff and capturing that beautiful sunset
  • I just wish my flight experience was as exciting as this
  • *sigh*
  • *music fades one last time* Byeee

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Air plane, more like Air PAIN.

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