Avengers Infinity Saga Trailer - Official Marvel Special Edition and Fantastic Four Clip Breakdown

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Avengers Infinity Saga Trailer - Official Marvel Special Edition and Fantastic Four Clip Breakdown
Avengers Infinity Saga Trailer - Official Marvel Special Edition and Fantastic Four Clip Breakdown thumb Avengers Infinity Saga Trailer - Official Marvel Special Edition and Fantastic Four Clip Breakdown thumb Avengers Infinity Saga Trailer - Official Marvel Special Edition and Fantastic Four Clip Breakdown thumb


  • let's track this from the beginning
  • starke something pure
  • something exciting
  • then
  • deal was significant
  • told you okay so far you like it I'm feeling it
  • why stop there
  • this is it
  • this is the path I started us on
  • I'll very strength invites challenged
  • challenging incites conflict
  • culture breathe catastrophe
  • the thing isn't beautiful because it lasts
  • inevitable
  • what a sweet-ass run it's been
  • forces of darkness and bye
  • universe now
  • welcome back everyone its charlie you probably saw in the past couple of days
  • Marvel officially revealed what their infinity saga box set looks like so
  • we'll break it down Marvel also just had their story retreat where they were
  • breaking Marvel phase five stories talking about Fantastic Four x-men
  • Avengers five all the bigger stuff that's coming up so because it's New
  • York Comic Con weekend as I'm posting this video there was a really cool
  • Fantastic Four Wolverine interview that I'll include later in this video but of
  • course I'm doing giveaways for the Infinity Saga box set I was only able to
  • score two copies of it because it's a limited edition they didn't say how many
  • they're printing but I do actually have a couple now that I am capable of giving
  • away to other people so we can actually do the giveaway now all you have to do
  • to enter that is be a subscriber and leave your best Fantastic Four or x-men
  • theory for Marvel phase 5 on the video I'll explain more giveaway stuff at the
  • end of the video but this is basically what comes with the actual set because
  • you're paying about five hundred and fifty dollars to get the entire thing
  • it's all 23 films and a special bonus disc with all the special deleted scenes
  • that nobody has ever seen before the Kevin Feige was talking about a couple
  • weeks ago when he released this x-men spider-man post-credit scene from the
  • first Iron Man film so the joke right now that everybody's saying is if you're
  • already big Marvel fan you probably bought a lot of the blu-rays already so
  • you own the movies and you're basically paying for a five hundred and fifty
  • dollar bonus disc don't worry when this actually drops in November I'll post as
  • many of those special bonus scenes from that bonus disc as possible you also get
  • a Matt Ferguson lithograph of the picture that covers the spines of all
  • the jackets of the DVDs was actually pretty cool he's just one of the concept
  • artists that works on a lot of Marvel films you get a number two plaque with
  • all six Avengers signatures on it because this is limited edition
  • and you get the letter from Kevin Feige but here's actually what this letter
  • reads so I'll just read it here he says from the first shot and Iron Man to the
  • final frame and Avengers endgame the Infinity Saga has had an astonishing
  • journey that we've taken together with our talented actors our incredible crew
  • Stan Lee and all of his amazing co-creators and artists and of course
  • you are most passionate fans at the start of each of our films the Marvel
  • Studios team gathers to brainstorm ideas and storylines
  • that will surprise the audience at every turn it's a guiding principle for the
  • studio because those shocking moments are the reason we all enjoy to go to the
  • movies each surprise a character turn a
  • gripping action sequence an Easter egg from the comics is designed to build on
  • the moments that came before it expanding the storylines of our favorite
  • characters and making these films fun to watch over and over again
  • so from everyone at Marvel Studios a big thank you to all our fans without you
  • the MCU would not be possible while we have much more in store the Infinity
  • Saga will always be a special set of films and we hope that you enjoy
  • watching it again and again thank you signed Kevin so he talks about
  • brainstorming and having a bunch of stuff planned that's coming up they
  • actually just had their Marvel retreat for talking about story in Marvel phase
  • 5 that includes Fantastic Four movie the x-men reboot movie Nova Silver Surfer
  • Avengers 5 Young Avengers they've already got their story for spider-man 3
  • because Tom Hollands said that they already pitched the story to Sony back
  • when they were still fighting with marvel over the character because they
  • had to start rolling into pre-production so that they can start
  • spider-man 3 next fall
  • because it's New York comic-con week a lot of comic-book news happening Matthew
  • Vaughn who has now under the Disney umbrella with his franchise of films is
  • pitching another Fantastic Four film to the Marvel people a lot of big directors
  • are but this is what he has to say I've always loved the idea of doing Fantastic
  • Four as it was originally written I mean it's one of my favorite comics I
  • actually think Fantastic Four as a night piece of Ip is in theory as big as
  • spider-man you know I think those the the values of Fantastic Four and
  • spider-man I think those the reason if you're a kid you can imagine being part
  • of the Fantastic Four family and you can imagine being Peter Parker so yeah I
  • think fan fall would be the one that would excite me the most I'd be on board
  • and my last thing for you introduced Taron Egerton to the world there are a
  • lot of fans like myself who think Terran would make a great Wolverine if we do
  • end up seeing another Wolverine would you would you get behind something like
  • that yeah yeah why not I mean listen if I would ask for mr.
  • Jackman's permission and his blessing because he is the man and and if you if
  • if I did if I ended up doing another another x-men and did Wolverine I would
  • actually I would want whoever I cast I'd only do it with Hughes blessing so I
  • don't know if I'm completely sold on the idea of tarrant Wolverine but I do agree
  • with what he says about doing Fantastic Four as it was originally written so
  • what that means is is that you don't do it with teenagers you actually do with
  • adults they're not married yet and you haven't introduced Doctor Doom yet
  • because Doctor Doom wasn't introduced till Fantastic Four number five in July
  • 1962 he wasn't even the first villain that they faced they crossed over with
  • spider-man relatively early in his career when he came along now
  • technically they are Marvel's first families so they came first in the
  • comics before the x-men came so that's why we're getting a Fantastic Four movie
  • before we get an x-men reboot movie but we all saw that scene at the end of
  • spider-man far from home there were a lot of theories about what was coming
  • inside the New Avengers Tower they never revealed it then we had all that Marvel
  • Sony fallout so it seemed like it was a moot point Lego Marvel's just gonna have
  • to do whatever they want to do with it if they had some big grand plan for
  • spider-man but you can still turn it into the
  • Baxter building and spider-man can still get involved with it somehow with more
  • Easter eggs in spider-man 3 even if they don't do Fantastic Four until 2022 2023
  • because think about it this way we're probably gonna get that movie around the
  • time they're getting ready to ramp up for Avengers 5 and part of the reason
  • for setting the post endgame future in 2023 is that we're probably gonna see
  • Avengers 5 in the real world in 2023 so that the timeline actually makes sense
  • like oh the movies have finally caught up with real life but the Fantastic Four
  • already have a lot of story connections to the Marvel Universe you talk about
  • the quantum realm the negative zone more concepts like Galactus Silver Surfer the
  • stuff that they're teasing in the spider-man far from home Nick Fury
  • post-credits scene but in the same way that the spider-man movies inside the
  • MCU started at the very beginning of the spider-man comics I wouldn't be
  • surprised if they do the exact same thing with the Fantastic Four albeit
  • slightly updated for present-day obviously you have to explain how they
  • exist in modern society but everybody post your Fantastic Four and x-men
  • theories for Marvel phase 5 and what will happen is is I'll just keep this
  • big box set Infinity Saga giveaway open for the next couple of weeks
  • everybody click here for my Joker movie review and click here for my new Iron
  • Man x-men Easter Egg video thank you so much for watching everybody stay awesome
  • I'll see you guys tonight

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