Avengers Endgame Ending and End Credits Scene Explained

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Avengers Endgame Ending and End Credits Scene Explained
Avengers Endgame Ending and End Credits Scene Explained thumb Avengers Endgame Ending and End Credits Scene Explained thumb Avengers Endgame Ending and End Credits Scene Explained thumb


  • Today we have a chance to take it all back.
  • We will. Whatever it takes, whatever it takes.
  • Whatever it takes.
  • Hi everyone, it's Charlie. Hopefully you've had a chance to see Avengers: Endgame by now. It's been out for a couple days.
  • There's so many questions everyone has so this will be my video breaking down the end of the film.
  • There are so many things that they set up, so many questions that you guys had from my review videos that I posted this week.
  • There's so much stuff about the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that we'll have to talk about in the next week.
  • So there'll be a bunch of videos coming. Be sure to subscribe to get everything if you're new to my channel.
  • I'm also bringing back the Infinity Gauntlet giveaway too - all you have to do to enter that is be a subscriber
  • and leave a comment about the movie on the video.
  • Really big spoiler warning.
  • For Avengers: Endgame if you have not seen it yet. We'll be talking about the end of the movie very specific step
  • so careful for spoilers
  • What I'm gonna do is because the end of the film is really like the entire last hour of the film
  • I'm just gonna brush through the unimportant stuff and hit the really big beats
  • So the three different Avengers teams are successful in their attempt to steal the Infinity stones from different places earlier in their timeline
  • Remember, they're using Dragon Ball Z time travel rules. So anything that they change in the past won't affect their future
  • It'll only create alternate timelines alternate realities for those points in time
  • So the ancient one sort of gives hope that explainer
  • Tutorial on how time travel works and how she's going to be doomed in their reality if they don't bring the time stone back
  • We'll still go back around to that in a second because that gets into the Captain America
  • Scene towards the end of the film but Ironman makes a stark tech gauntlet to hold
  • The Infinity stones Hulk is the one to snap everyone back because correctly by his logic the original Infinity Gauntlet
  • Almost killed Thanos when he used it, and he's naturally one of the most powerful people in the universe
  • So it's almost fatal to anyone who's not a higher being that tries to wield it
  • He also jokes that the Infinity Gauntlet gives off a lot of gamma radiation
  • So it's almost as if I was made for this wink wink from behind the camera because gamma radiation the Hulk
  • professor Hulk snaps everyone back to the current year
  • Which is 2023 five years after the original snap everyone who comes back has not aged a day and for them
  • It feels like they've only been gone for a few moments
  • Remember that because it's important for spider-man related questions in spider-man far from home
  • We know the snap works because Hawkeye's wife who had been snapped suddenly calls him on his phone
  • and he's really happy but secretly while this is all happening evil nebula from 2014 has swapped places with our
  • Nebula, and then secretly brought Thanos into present-day using the time-travel platform and our nebulas Pym particles
  • That's how we shrunk his ship down and brought it through the portal. So as they're cheering themselves. Yay
  • Our snap words Thanos ship goes back to regular size starts bombarding the Avengers base
  • And that's basically when the beginning of the end of the movie starts
  • And it's that entire last battle for the last hour of the film
  • There's an ongoing game of hot potato keep away with the stark tech Infinity Gauntlet that starts with Hawkeye
  • But then winds up being spider-man after they all come back
  • Doctor Strange and Wong who had never been brought back by the snap portal in pretty much
  • Every Marvel character you've ever seen in any MCU film to fight with the Avengers against Thanos army evening the odds
  • You have the thick with two seas
  • Thor dual wielding Mjolnir that he had stolen from the events of Thor the dark world and storm breaker in present day and now because
  • We have a mule near in present-day. It allows Captain America to wield it paying off that moment from Avengers age of Ultron
  • It's a big comic book moment both times when I watched it everyone in my theater cheered. So
  • Loud not as loud as Thor cheered though
  • He says I knew it find someone who looks at you the way that Thor looks at Captain America wielding Mjolnir
  • there's a lot of questions about what's going on with Gamora and nebula in present day now because of all the
  • Time-travel so because Thanos from 2014 comes into present day with a younger nebula and a younger Gamora
  • Before the events of guardians of the galaxy Gamora never joined their team, so she never fell in love with star-lord
  • But she still has that sisterly bond with nebula so she is kind of a good character
  • She helps turn her they try to stop danos as much as they can during the fight
  • but after the fight because she has no allegiance to the guardians of the galaxy young Gamora from
  • 2014 just takes off and that sort of sets them off on the plot for guardians of the galaxy 3 or as
  • Guardians of the galaxy which I'll talk about in a second, but during the battle after Captain Marvel briefly bites Thanos
  • He finally gets his hands on the stark tech gauntlet
  • But before he can snap Iron Man
  • Yoinks all the in Finity stones to his gauntlet and snaps Thanos and all of his forces from 2014
  • away with his iconic line
  • I am Iron Man
  • But because the power of the Infinity Gauntlet is too much for his normal human body to handle it effectively kills him
  • But he lives long enough to get good buys with a couple of the big characters like Spider Man. I don't feel so good
  • Mr. Stark Pepper Potts and Rhodey. So she basically tells him you can rest the job is done. We'll be okay
  • They have a funeral scene for him with all the Avengers characters in the other main characters attending even ty
  • Simpkins character from Iron Man 3 remember he was the little kid from Iron Man 3
  • Everybody was asking who's that teenager standing next to Captain Marvel. That was who that was
  • Not only has it been a long time since the events of that movie. It's also 5 years later. It's 2023
  • So Cassie Lang is still a teenager at the end of the film
  • There's a scene of them playing a message that Iron Man left from before the time travel plans started as a sort of final message
  • to them just in case things didn't work what his hopes were as they go to a bunch of different scenes around the world of
  • Everyone going back to their people like you see black panther in Wakanda
  • it was sort of like the end of the special edition Star Wars where they go around to the different cities and you see the
  • celebrations after the second Death Star's blown up
  • One of the scenes is Spider Man going back to school at Midtown high
  • the next day presumably and reuniting with
  • Nedley's looking like they both kind of been traumatized
  • Like I'm so happy to see my friend again after being snapped the biggest question that I've seen the last couple of days on all
  • My videos and my feeds is is how are they gonna address this during spider-man far from home?
  • All the kids are the same age
  • They're on this class trip to Europe how they not talking about this trauma that they experienced in last year
  • Amy Pascal said the Spider Man far from home picks up minutes after the end of Avengers endgame
  • So I think that's what she's talking about here where you see him walk into school at the end of the film
  • I think the only way this works is if all the kids in Peters group here that are on this class trip during spider-man far
  • From home got snapped, so they didn't move forward in school
  • Maybe there were a couple kids they went to school with who did not get snapped to her now five years older
  • but that's just a really easy way to explain how all these kids are the same age and
  • spider-man far from home can still take place after the events of Avengers endgame
  • There's a scene with happy in the trailer where he says you're all alone now
  • They haven't come right out and said the iron man is dead during one of those trailers
  • Hopefully, there'll be a new trailer that will give us some more details about that
  • But think about all the character development the Spider Man got between Avengers infinity war in Avengers
  • endgame
  • It would be a huge middle finger if they released a movie a couple months later. Just
  • completely ignoring that so I think they do have a way of
  • Addressing it at the very beginning of Spider Man far from home
  • one of the other final scenes of the film is Thor joining the guardians of the galaxy passing leadership of
  • Asgard two Valkyries saying it's time for me to be Who I am rather than who I'm supposed to be Valkyrie
  • Is thus named queen of Asgard Thor officially joins the guardians?
  • They joke about it being as guardians of the galaxy together again
  • Like Thor was just waiting to rejoin them this whole time
  • They have a funny
  • Standoff about who's going to be their new leader because technically Thor was king of Asgard and he's the most powerful member of the team
  • At this point so star-lord is a little intimidated
  • They're just carrying forward the comedy of the scenes that they had during infinity war when they first picked him up and star-lord was super
  • intimidated by him
  • But the whole idea is is that star-lord wants to find that younger Gamora from 2014 and win her over
  • to their team
  • So that sounds like it's gonna be the plot of guardians of the galaxy vol 3 or as guardians of the galaxy
  • Whatever they decide to call it. So the cool thing about that is that you have Thor in that movie?
  • He'll probably lose all that weight before the movie starts
  • But you have someone who's powerful enough to counter Adam warlock who's getting ready to hatch out of his cocoon during that film
  • We'll talk more about future Marvel movies when I do Marvel phase 4 videos in the next week
  • We're still kind of working our way through the end of the movie at this point
  • Like I said Lord of the Ring style
  • there are several different endings to the film because everyone has to get their goodbyes the deal with the version of Loki from
  • 2012 that escapes with the tesseract is that remember the changes they make in the past splinter new timelines?
  • So that's now an alternate reality version of Loki that would exist in present day potentially
  • So if we see another version of Loki pop up in present-day who's alive, it's gonna be from an alternate timeline
  • It won't be our version of Loki from infinity war who still did at the end of Avengers endgame?
  • So when Tom Hiddleston's Disney Plus streaming service show starts in the next couple of years
  • I don't expect it to be that version of Loki
  • I think it's gonna be a Loki set during the past because we'll see him throughout his alive popping up on earth
  • Mischief sort of like a quantum leap Loki show of him popping up across human history
  • Throughout the ages just influencing really big events in world history
  • Then you have the Captain America scene where he takes the Infinity stones back to where they stole them from to keep all those
  • timelines intact but instead of coming right back
  • He stays in the past with Peggy Carter and they have that quote-unquote last dance that she said she'd save for him when he went
  • into the ice
  • He then shows up on a park bench
  • near the lake just like he was waiting for them back to the future to style if you remember the end of Back to the
  • Future to the dock stayed in the past in the Wild West and then arranged for a message to be sent to Marty when it
  • Got to his time in present-day the Captain America
  • Twist breaks a couple of their time travel rules that they had set up
  • but essentially he had just stayed in the past and grew old with her he refuses to tell them about the wedding ring on his
  • Finger, but we all know that he got married to a version of Peggy Carter they grew up together
  • He had a family with her
  • He had the really nice life that iron man told him to get he then passes a repaired
  • Version of the Captain America shield to Falcons saying try it on and passing the mantle to him
  • So presumably we'll see him wearing his Falcon Captain America costume in whatever next Avengers movie they do
  • So Captain America is not dead at the end of the film
  • But any future contribution from him in present day would be at Stan Lee cameo level like, you know
  • Shake his fist or like have some
  • Inspirational quote that he gives to younger Avengers as for the logic of the twist
  • like how could he exist in that past timeline without
  • Splintering out a whole bunch of others the easiest way to explain it based on the rules that they set up earlier in the film
  • Is that once he makes the decision to stay in the past and they're dancing together that creates an alternate timeline
  • He stayed in that timeline as he grew older with Peggy Carter
  • He kept the time-travel suit and got his hands on some more Pym particles from Hank Pym in that timeline
  • then once his version of Peggy Carter died of natural causes he chose to use his
  • Time-travel suit in the Pym particles to come back and wait for them on this park bench in the original timeline that he came from
  • So don't drive yourself crazy trying to explain how it is the Captain America can exist in his own timeline
  • Because remember nothing they do in the past will change their future so he could do anything
  • He wanted to in the past it would just create alternate timelines. He lived during one of those then eventually old man
  • Cam hop back to the original timeline that he came from
  • So that's how he winds up on this park bench here our version of Black Widow
  • Unfortunately is still dead at the end of the film
  • They explained that they can't undo the soul stones sacrifice professor Hulk even explains that when he snapped everyone back
  • He tried to bring her back, but it didn't work. But he's still Professor Hulk with a very messed up arm
  • Like vanos was at the end of infinity war
  • So he's still fine to come back in future movies as Professor Hulk
  • The very final scene of the film is them fading to the past?
  • Watching young cap have that last dance with young Peggy Carter as their song plays over the credits
  • the thing about the end credits is that there's no
  • traditional Marvel
  • Post-credit scene teasing what's coming next but they actually do that with a lot of the scenes during the regular movie like the underwater tremor
  • That Okoye talks about teasing Namor in the as guardians of the galaxy Thor scene
  • Those are all versions of what you would see during a mid-credits scene like Oh wink wink
  • Here's some big stuff that's coming up down the road. There is a very audible sound of a hammer clanking on metal three times
  • It's the sound of Iron Man forging the Iron Man mark 1 armor in the cave during the first Iron Man movie
  • The reason they do this at the end of the credits is for a couple different reasons
  • One to be an homage to the end of phase 3 like the three clanks two to pay honor to the original Iron Man movie
  • In the moment that started all this
  • MCU stuff in real life and three to wink at the idea that someone in the future is gonna forge new Iron Man armor
  • So Tony Peppers daughter Morgan Stark is no proven genius, but she's gonna inherit Stark Industries someday and his legacy so soon
  • She's about four or five years old at the end of the film
  • Give her ten twelve years to become a teenager it eventually maybe you see her join a version of a young Avengers team and become
  • A new version of Iron Man or Iron Heart or however you want to think about it?
  • They're pretty much telling you that no one is gonna pick up the Iron Man mantle for a long time. But because it's
  • 2023 in present-day, I don't expect them to do another Avengers movie till
  • 2023 or later, which means I saw it for years till the next one
  • But we'll probably hear more about that this summer after spider-man far from home comes out when they released their official
  • Marvel phase four movie schedule
  • So I realized there's play still a billion other questions about big plot twists during the movie or logic
  • You guys have so I'll try to do more videos talking about the timeline and Marvel phase 4 in the next week
  • But leave all your questions in the comments below my Easter Egg video for endgame will probably post on Saturday at some point
  • Congratulations to the giveaway winner from my last Marvel video, Susan, Mohan
  • Please email me on the about page of my channel so I can get your details click here for my full
  • Avengers endgame review and click here for my Game of Thrones season 8 episode 3 trailer video. Thank you so much for watching
  • I love you 3000. I'll see you guys tonight

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