Avengers 5 Announcement Breakdown - Marvel Phase 4 Teaser Explained

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Oct 29, 2019


Avengers 5 Announcement Breakdown - Marvel Phase 4 Teaser Explained
Avengers 5 Announcement Breakdown - Marvel Phase 4 Teaser Explained thumb Avengers 5 Announcement Breakdown - Marvel Phase 4 Teaser Explained thumb Avengers 5 Announcement Breakdown - Marvel Phase 4 Teaser Explained thumb


  • what a sweet-ass run it's been
  • forces of darkness and light
  • universe now
  • we're seeing a lot of passing the batons of different characters to the next
  • iterations Kate bishop you mentioned the Hawkeye series could the next Avengers
  • we see be Young Avengers have you guys thought about like do you know what the
  • next of interesting looks like yes and it will be it will be a very different
  • team than we've seen before that's what endgame was all about yeah it would be a
  • very different incarnation of the team with some people you've already met and
  • some people you haven't mega this movie is going to show you what Peter's place is
  • going to be in this universe moving forward there's lots of Easter eggs to the
  • future of what my Spider Man might become welcome back everyone its Charlie
  • this is going to be my new video about Avengers 5 and the other Avengers
  • related movies like young Avengers that Kevin Feige and the other Marvel
  • producers have been talking about in the past week we're still doing the giveaway
  • for that giant infinity Saga box set of all the Marvel films all you have to do
  • to enter that is be a subscriber and leave your best theory about Avengers 5
  • on the video so recently Marvel just revealed more plans about what's going
  • on with Avengers 5 in their grand plan for the next 10 years of Marvel films
  • building up to their next infinity war and Avengers endgame level events as
  • those clips imply and what they've been setting up through spider-man far from
  • home that also involves the future of the spider-man character because not
  • only is he the metaphorical and literal face of Marvel Comics they've literally
  • used his face on every single one of their comics he's also the connection to
  • the new Marvel films the next 10 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and all
  • the stuff that came before because he has this deep connection to Iron Man and
  • Iron Man is the last 10 years of Marvel now you see why it's so important that
  • Marvel and Sony worked out that new sharing deal because it would have
  • crumbled everything that they were setting up for the next 10 years they
  • would have had to scramble and come up with a different plan it would have been
  • way less cool but breaking down all the specific stuff from their interview top
  • 5 style so they said number 5 they referenced a lot of Easter eggs passing
  • a Bhutan's New Avengers Young Avengers all the teasers at the end of Avengers
  • and game for those new people that will be joining the next version of the
  • Avengers team that's them just confirming that some of the original
  • Avengers will come back the ones that are still alive during Marvel phase 4 I
  • know you all have crazy Black Widow theories about her coming back to life
  • but Scarlett Johansson been pretty clear that she is dead in
  • present day there is another black widow that's coming along too but her name is
  • Jelena Bulova she's not one of the new characters that I'm talking about though
  • she's more of a Dark Avengers Thunderbolts type of character but
  • before I talk about the actual roster of characters for Avengers 5 the important
  • thing that Kevin Feige is producing partner Marvel trend Tron just said is
  • that Avengers 5 is going to be way way smaller of a movie in terms of number of
  • characters than Avengers infinity war and avengers endgame you all probably
  • knew that but Marvel just wanted to make it clear that it took them 10 years to
  • get to an Avengers movie this big and it's going to take another 10 years to get
  • to the next big event so that's why Marvel phase 4 spending so much time
  • introducing brand new characters and there's no big Avengers movie on that
  • roster of movies for that means for sure we can say Avengers 5 is not going to be
  • the secret Wars storyline and because of all the spider-man far from home post
  • credits scenes with Nick Fury on the sword Space Station in the scene of the
  • scrolls and Talos referencing the Kree sleeper cells on earth we can say
  • Avengers 5 will still be a relatively cosmic story as in the Avengers movies
  • are moving into outer space but they still invoke Planet Earth so
  • it's not like they're going to go to the other side of the universe and then come
  • back to Planet Earth after Avengers 5 the whole concept of Avengers is that
  • you're avenging earth so somebody is trying to do something to earth it's
  • just that now they're moving into space because they're getting into more cosmic
  • stories so the threats are becoming more cosmic also meaning cosmic characters
  • joining the Avengers in a formal way right now the biggest Marvel comic book
  • stories that they could do that are set around planet Earth but are also big
  • cosmic stories are Secret Invasion they kind of teased that with the Kree
  • sleeper cells but it was a Kree twist instead of the scrolls being the ones
  • invading it would be the Kree there's the coming of Galactus of course they're
  • going to do Galactus at some point but probably not right away more in
  • Fantastic Four in a second - there's the annihilation storyline an eyeless
  • completely new character that they've never done before also a really huge
  • cosmic threat there's a version of Dark Avengers they could do with either Red
  • Hulk general Ross instead of Norman Osborn or go full Norman Osborn Dark
  • Avengers like the comics then there's war of Kings and realm of Kings which
  • are both stories that involve a lot of other x-men characters and the Inhumans
  • in a sounds like they might actually bring
  • the Inhumans back through the Miss Marvel Disney Plus series the reason why
  • I don't mention Secret Wars on that list is because three based on what the
  • Marvel producer with Kevin Feige is saying is that their next 10 year level
  • event that they're building up to will be Avengers secret Wars or something
  • similar to that they changed the comics so much so don't
  • count on whatever that winds up being being exactly like the comic book
  • storyline and I know a lot of you have asked whether or not they do the
  • original secret Wars or the newer secret Wars
  • both are really cool but the original secret Wars is mostly known as the
  • Beyonder just forcing all the Avengers and Marvel characters from the 6-1-6
  • universe including spider-man to test themselves on a distant rock just do
  • battle fight each other will sell a lot of toys no joke Marvel ruled out all
  • kinds of tie-in toys for this and it was way before they were doing big movie
  • tie-ins Marvel super villains and superheroes figures each sold separately
  • he Doctor Doom in the doom platoon
  • Captain America and the champions of freedom spider-man Wolverine secret Wars
  • the secrets out Doctor Doom and spider-man the marvel
  • secret Wars collection most people remember that story because it was when
  • Spiderman got the alien symbiote costume for the first time the newer Secret Wars
  • from the last couple of years was a big multiversal event remix of the original
  • secret wars same concept you have a world that everyone's forced to fight on
  • they called it battle world but the story was so much deeper and so much
  • more complex a group of extra dimensional aliens called the beyonders
  • start destroying the multiverse one universe at a time Doctor Strange the
  • Illuminati dr. doom and the Cabal have to find a way to stop them from wiping
  • everything from existence dr. doom eventually claims all their power for
  • himself becomes a god and in a last-ditch attempt to save what parts of
  • reality he can he stitches together aspects of different universes into one
  • amalgam version of earth populated by a ton of different versions of all the
  • characters it was a really cool story but even trying to explain it in a
  • single paragraph takes a lot if you didn't read it you're also probably a
  • little confused right now that's why you have to wait 10 years to build up to a
  • story like that because there's so many concepts that you have to do first they
  • have to do dr. strange to multiverse of madness to explain the multiverse you
  • have to introduce the Fantastic Four in the x-men characters which won't happen
  • till really tale in Marvel phase 4 Marvel phase 5 you have to introduce
  • more cosmic concepts like the beyonders Galactus Silver Surfer and people that
  • live in transdimensional space they've already started to tease that during
  • ant-man in the wasp and Avengers endgame with the quantum energy in the quantum
  • realm there are infinite numbers of universes in the multiverse but only one
  • quantum realm connecting them all that's why they were able to use the quantum
  • energy to travel through time and space and travel between different realities
  • created by the branch timelines like that's how old Captain America got back
  • to this original reality because he was living out his life in an alternate
  • timeline with that version of Peggy Carter I know there were a lot of
  • questions about the path of older Captain America but the Russos and the
  • writers both came out after the movie and explained that he lived in an
  • alternate timeline then used the quantum energy to jump back to the original
  • timeline where we saw them tesseract Loki is also a good example
  • that - he created a branch timeline when he stole the tesseract so if he shows up
  • during Thor for love and thunder he'll have to hop between realities most of
  • Marvel phase 4 Marvel phase 5 will just be spent going deeper on a lot of those
  • concepts so that by the time we get to Secret Wars in another 10 years it'll
  • all make sense to people that don't read Marvel Comics - all the Avengers
  • characters that Kevin Feige said are coming back include Thor ant-man
  • spider-man of course and the Hulk maybe Scarlet Witch envisioned they might have
  • them ride the bench after Doctor Strange - and even though they didn't formally
  • become Avengers during endgame you have black panther early prediction he
  • becomes the new de facto team leader filling in for Iron Man because he's got
  • all the money in the world to fund the team and the leadership skills but the
  • Avengers movies typically only involves six to eight superheroes at most and
  • because Avengers 5 is going to be smaller it'll be a smaller roster and
  • with Black Panther and Captain Marvel we already have six characters so some of
  • those b-list characters will still have to ride the bench because number one the
  • New Avengers people we have not met yet but will meet during Marvel phase four
  • involve shang-chi he's getting his own solo movie of course he's going to be on
  • the next Avengers roster I've already done a preview video for what that movie
  • is there's been a couple of teasers it's going to explain who the real Mandarin is
  • then there's the Turtles characters that they're introducing during that movie
  • Kevin Feige already said the kit harington's Black Knight character will
  • be in an Avengers movie so that confirms he's going to be on the next roster they
  • typically only introduced two to three new characters in every Avengers movie
  • Avengers 6 is probably when we'll start seeing more of those cosmic x-men and
  • Fantastic Four characters like Reed Richards Silver Surfer and more Galactus
  • stuff but I will do more videos about Avengers 5 Marvel phase forge they
  • announced stuff I will be doing episode videos for the mandalorian and Rick and
  • Morty season 4 both of those will also be starting in the next couple of weeks
  • - so as long as you have alerts enabled for my channel you should see all the
  • videos when I post them but everybody click here for that new boys season 2
  • teaser trailer and click here to watch the spider-man producers talk about the
  • new sinister 6 spider-man movie that they're working on thank you so much for
  • watching everybody stay awesome I'll see you guys tonight!

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