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LA! I'm back at Exchange July 14 with Wolfgang Gartner - See you soon!

Tickets here: [ Tixr.com Link ]

Autoerotique & Wolfgang Gartner @ Exchange LA July 14

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Tim Dimension
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PHILADELPHIA! See you at Coda this Friday! RSVP for FREE entry before 12am.

RSVP: [ Bit.ly Link ]

I'm playing Coda in Philly!

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Darcy Haughian
big one. #spaceyacht
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SAN DIEGO! I'm coming back to BASSMNT this weekend!! Tickets here: [ Bit.ly Link ]

타임라인 사진

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Richard Regan
LA! I'm coming through Exchange LA this weekend with Tommy Trash! Tix here: [ Ticketf.ly Link ]

I'm playing Exchange LA on the 22nd!!

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Here’s something different. I partnered with Doritos Canada to create a track using only Doritos Sonic Sour Cream chips. Who knew chip crunching would make such effective samples? #DoritosBeats #Yum

#DoritosBeats | Sonic Sour Cream

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BRAAAAAAAAINS - Out Now on Spinnin' Records
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NEW ONE WITH Brohug OUT NOW [ Spotify.com Link ]
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Got that new bass with Brohug coming your way!
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