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Australian Labor Party posted on Mar 30, 2020

Anthony Albanese

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This crisis has shown us just how important it is that the supplies that we rely on can get from A to B.

That doesn’t happen without the hard work of all of Australia’s truckies and delivery drivers.

They’re the backbone of so much of our economy, and they’re working overtime to keep things moving.

So to all those truckies and delivery drivers out on the road, thank you.
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Warwick J. Boardman
Penny Mcinnes
Leone O'Sullivan
Peter Fremantle
Ralf Kluin
We need to keep workers in their jobs and out of unemployment queues.

That’s why we’re calling for a coronavirus wage subsidy. Will you sign our petition and join the campaign?

We need a coronavirus wage subsidy

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Our local aged care workers are on the front line of care for older Australians.

They deserve all the support they can get.

So from everyone at Labor, thank you to everyone who works in aged care.
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Sheila Street
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Noel Tracey Wooden
The UK, New Zealand and Germany can manage it, why can’t Australia?
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Julian Lee
Teachers, school staff and principals are doing an amazing job in truly challenging circumstances.

From teaching kids about proper hygiene, to looking after the kids of essential workers.

They’re doing essential work and they deserve our thanks.

So thank you.
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Luke Petersen
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Matthew J Moore
Freeze evictions. Defer mortgages.

Because you can’t stay home if you don’t have a home.
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Campbell-Betty Morris
Glynis McIntyre
Supermarket workers have been providing an incredibly important service to our local communities in these difficult times.

They’ve had to bear the brunt of some shocking behaviour.

They deserve our support and our respect.

So from Labor, thank you to everyone working tirelessly in our local supermarkets.
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Jim Whitaker
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Barry Hamm
Australian Labor Party posted on Mar 25, 2020

Jim Chalmers MP

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