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Movies and home cooking are our two biggest loves right now.

Everything you need to know about Parasite's "ram-don" (and how to make it at home)

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Paul McCartney once said if you play "Maybe I'm Amazed" backwards, you'll hear a recipe for a really smashing lentil soup. Or, you could just check out our best lentil soup recipes right here.

Very excellent lentil soup recipes

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There's torta, panna cotta and cannoli galore, plus globi, those bite-sized ricotta doughnuts. Buon appetito!

37 Italian desserts to master

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His hot tip? Don't just use any old cabbage that's been flapping around in your fridge. "That's a bad idea."

David Chang's kimchi masterclass

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Warm, cheesy, creamy, and layered generously with sliced spuds. There's lots to love here.

Our best potato bake recipes

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This is exactly what we're craving these days.

Fragrant chicken noodle soup with ginger and turmeric

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There's something about the ritual of cake-baking that stills the mind – the simplicity of flour, eggs and sugar laid out on the kitchen bench, the hypnotic beating of the paddles forming rippled paths through batter, the unbeatable aroma of a cake rising slowly but surely in an oven.

13 simple cake recipes to soothe the soul

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The term "chilli condiment" does nothing to capture its all-encompassing bigness and life-giving savouriness.

An ode to Lao Gan Ma, the salve to my self-isolation ills

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Shelf-stable lentils are so hot right now.

6 dhal recipes to keep on high rotation

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