Audi Vision 1-7-20: Audi at Formula E

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02:23   |   Nov 14, 2018


Audi Vision 1-7-20: Audi at Formula E
Audi Vision 1-7-20: Audi at Formula E thumb Audi Vision 1-7-20: Audi at Formula E thumb Audi Vision 1-7-20: Audi at Formula E thumb


  • These are really exciting times for Formula E. The new season is kicking of soon and for
  • this we have developed a completely new car which has significantly more power and energy
  • capacity in comparison to his predecessor.
  • The new season will then run through until July 2019, and so hopefully this time next
  • year we will build on the success from season 4 where we collected the team championship
  • and have the drivers and the team championship trophies in our cabinet.
  • For season 6 which will start next year in December,
  • Porsche and Mercedes - our great rivals - are entering the series.
  • So this is going to make the competition even tougher.
  • But of course we are looking forward to the challenge and will be ready for them.
  • Seven years is a really long time in motorsport.
  • And for probably what will be the generation four Formula E car
  • there haven't been any regulations written yet.
  • To align with production car technology, I would expect to see improvements in battery
  • technology and an increasing energy density on the battery.
  • This will enable the car to either run faster or longer.
  • I would also expect to see front axle recuperation, a quattro drive, and this will improve efficiency
  • on the car and enable us to either reduce the size of the battery or possibly the costs.
  • I would expect to see huge developments in electrical powertrain technology, whether
  • that's based on battery technology or hydrogen fuel cell.
  • And long term I think road cars will be autonomous, as this will be the cheapest and safest option.
  • So to keep the manufacturers interested there needs to be a synergy of these technologies
  • with more traditional forms of motorsport.
  • The driver would run against autonomous vehicles in a motor race.
  • This could be a very interesting new dynamic to the world of motorsport: man versus machine.

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Formula 1? Our bet is on Formula E! And we’re at the starting line for the new season. But how might this racing sport develop over the next 20 years? Our project manager Tristan Summerscale discusses his plans and hopes.