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Hey Crash Nation, it's me Ashleyosity. My channel will be focused on bringing you, entertaining, enlightening, positive content you, your family, and all your friends can enjoy. The content on my channel will be focused on Roblox at this time. I hope you all feel safe and welcomed in the comment section, and I hope you enjoy watching the videos I make as much as I enjoy making them.

We're fam, not fans! β™₯

Don't forget to smile! :D


28:27 New Employee! | Roblox Bakers Valley
43K+ views | Sep 22, 2017
00:00 Working ALL The Jobs! | Roblox Bloxburg
681K+ views | Sep 10, 2017
00:00 Forest Wolves! | Roblox Horse Valley
202K+ views | Sep 08, 2017