Are Geese OP?

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Aug 04, 2018


Are Geese OP?
Are Geese OP? thumb Are Geese OP? thumb Are Geese OP? thumb


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  • We all know that humans are overpowered and deserve a nerf,
  • but that doesn't mean that there aren't any good counterplay options.
  • And while there are plenty of builds in the game that can harass humans,
  • none have achieved the same infamy that the goose has.
  • The goose is easily one of the most polarizing
  • characters in the entire game with plenty of players complaining to the devs that it needs to be nerfed.
  • But let's do a deep dive into their stats and abilities Before we jump to conclusions here. Are they really that OP?
  • Are there any really solid counter play options?
  • Let's start with their two signature abilities.
  • The first one dramatically boosts their resolve,
  • granting near-total immunity to intimidation effects while the second one drastically increases the effectiveness of the goose's own intimidation abilities.
  • This can lead to some absolutely hilarious
  • situations where builds which could potentially one-shot at goose don't even have enough resolve to resist losing their nerve.
  • The bigger the opponent is, the less effective their intimidation effects are against geese. So while a dog may spook them
  • Behemoths like giraffes, cows, and elephants are unable to scare off the goose.
  • Next let's have a look at the base stats of the goose.
  • Right off the bat we notice that their best stat is HP, followed closely by their mobility.
  • This is a bit of an unorthodox build to be honest, which could be part of the reason they're so successful.
  • Most tanks tend to have high HP of course, but they also tend to favor defense and power over mobility.
  • But there's one other thing worth paying attention to on the stat chart. Their power level.
  • The goose build's max hit is so low that it would take ages for them to ever actually bring down an opponent's HP to 0.
  • In some cases their DPS literally can't even match the natural health regeneration of their targets.
  • So how is it that a build with almost no combat potential has been so dominant in the meta lately?
  • Well, it ties back into their abilities.
  • intimidation based abilities synergize perfectly with the goose's stats. Their goal with intimidation is to grant themselves control over an area, and
  • when it works the goose player typically doesn't actually need to deal any damage in order to end the battle.
  • But should the target resist their intimidation attempt, the two most important stats are going to be HP and mobility.
  • HP, so that if the opponent counter attacks, you'll be able to take a hit or two, and still keep up the pressure; and
  • the mobility so that if they actually do turn the tide of battle, you'll be able to escape.
  • In addition to having good stats for the job,
  • the goose build is also perfectly suited to conquer the newly created city park biomes that have become more commonplace due to the continued dominance
  • of the human build. So what can you as a player do to counter the gooses? notorious strategy?
  • Well, I think the chink in the armor is pretty apparent. They do basically no physical damage,
  • so your own HP and defense level is not really something you need to worry about if you end up in a skirmish with them.
  • Their attack strategy depends entirely on intimidation,
  • so if your character can resist their intimidation attempts, you'll have pretty much won the battle before it ever began.
  • So to increase your chances of resisting intimidation, you need to have a high resolve stat,
  • which can be gained either by having high intelligence or by playing in groups.
  • Once you've managed to stay in the fight, winning should be relatively easy, but I have some tips for that too.
  • Geese really have only three different attack moves, those being Aerial Ace, Wing Attack, and Peck.
  • Aerial Ace and Wing Attack are both pretty standard rushdown, attacks being short ranged and low power.
  • But Peck is an interesting move because it's technically a spacing type move.
  • It has a lot of range like most spacing attacks do, but the interesting part about it is that it's actually very vulnerable.
  • Most spacing moves rely on a disjointed weapon that can pressure an opponent from a safe distance.
  • Whether it's in the form of horns, claws, or a long beak,
  • The function is basically the same, but with geese instead of using a protected part of their bill,
  • they're actually taking a huge risk whenever they launch at a target.
  • So if you target their neck and punish them whenever they're trying to Peck you you can really make the matchup difficult for them.
  • Another thing that's near impossible for them to deal with is stealth, since their intimidation
  • abilities are useless when they can't see the attacker coming before it's too late.
  • So, with that in mind, here are some basic tips for beating geese. Number One: Try to resist intimidation.
  • Number Two: Target their weak point for massive damage, and Number Three: Use stealth to prevent them from abusing intimidation abilities.
  • Now for you goose mains out there, don't worry,
  • I'm not just gonna give away all your secrets without giving you a tip as well.
  • This is a big one, goose players, you need to do a better job avoiding grabs.
  • Your high mobility stat doesn't do you any good if you get caught and can't fly away or swim.
  • Because geese, like most birds have hollow bones,
  • they're especially vulnerable to crush type damage, the kind often inflicted from grabs.
  • The obvious implication here is that learning different matchups is important, you need to learn which builds are focusing on finding grabs.
  • You also need to recognize that all three of your offensive moves have a blind spot directly behind you,
  • and so it's absolutely essential that you don't let an opponent cross you up and grab you from behind,
  • because once that happens, you're out of options.
  • This makes it especially difficult to battle two opponents at once,
  • since it's nearly impossible to avoid getting grabbed by one while you're attacking the other.
  • but really, the best tip I can give goose mains is that you should switch to a build that can actually back up its
  • intimidation attempts, a bill that even geese are afraid of, the Swan.
  • Swans are basically everything scary about geese but shifted to Maximum Overdrive.
  • Unlike geese, swans can dish out some serious damage, and on top of that, their aesthetics level is one of the highest in the game.
  • But yeah. Swans and geese, both excellent builds.
  • But in my opinion the Swan is the better choice because of their higher power and better aesthetics.
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  • Thanks again for watching, and good luck out there.
  • *sick jazz my bois* (Subtitles by Zai's Meme Chamber/Zaiman12345)

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"With a song like a dying balloon and a penchant for attacking humans, the canada goose is hard to love. But then again, so are most of us.”
-John Green, The Anthropocene Reviewed

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