Apex Legends Season 3 – Meltdown Launch Trailer

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Sep 27, 2019


Apex Legends Season 3 – Meltdown Launch Trailer
Apex Legends Season 3 – Meltdown Launch Trailer thumb Apex Legends Season 3 – Meltdown Launch Trailer thumb Apex Legends Season 3 – Meltdown Launch Trailer thumb


  • No weapons are allowed on the drop ship.
  • Any incidents of violence...
  • I'm there, I'm closing down the bar
  • and the next thing I know the call comes in.
  • Pack your bags, we're moving to a new arena.
  • I'm like, whatever, like I'm afraid of another planet.
  • What was that?
  • Chill, brotha. Just a minor turbulence. Totally normal for these parts.
  • Anyway, I been sayin' all along, we needed a change of scenery.
  • Just gonna need to find whoever took the tower down... and buy them a drink.
  • Why don't you just ask the new guy?
  • Word, he ain't too bad of a hacker. Knows everything about anything.
  • Hey buddy. I hear you're the, eh, second smartest guy in the Outlands.
  • Wink.
  • Come on, what are you... hiding something?
  • Kid's got some moves!
  • Approaching drop zone.
  • Seriously?
  • Drop zone ahead.
  • Prepare the drop.
  • Hope you know how to count, kid.
  • Try and keep up, old man.
  • Old man!?
  • Coming through, boys!
  • Ebuwai!
  • Hydro-power!
  • That's three.
  • For Artur.
  • This new guy better not mess up my stats.
  • Or my awesome hair.
  • That's seven.
  • I approve of this new planet. The air is so... uncontaminated.
  • High five.
  • And here comes ten and eleven.
  • Hey! Those were mine!
  • Whoa, whoa, whoa, kid, it's me! It's the old man.
  • I thought, you were gonna kill me.
  • Don't be an idiot.
  • I'm not an idiot.

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Welcome to World’s Edge, a new Apex Legends map where molten heat and chemical ice collide. Join our cast of Legends – including the newest Legend, Crypto – on the dropship as they’re whisked from Planet Solace towards World’s Edge on Planet Talos.

Special thanks to GerryArthur, Lilith_luxe, py-bun, totsdraw, feyspeaker, Cash_Mayo and Weta Workshop for the use of their amazing artwork and content.

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