Members of Forbidden along with other Thrash Metal Titans from around the globe will be preforming songs together at next year's Dynamo Metal Fest in Eindhoven, Holland.

BAY AREA INTERTHRASHIONAL will be born on July 18th 2020!

Watch the interview here with Craig on Zetro's Toxic Vault here. More details to follow over the coming weeks.
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Bay Area Interthrashional

Eindhoven has a rich history when it comes to thrash metal bands calling our city their ‘home away from home’. More particularly bands from California, all originating around San Francisco’s Bay Area. Yes, Bay Area Thrash! We love it so much, we asked Craig Locicero to create a special show for us, celebrating the best metal music to come from this area. And not only will the show feature musicians from the Bay Area playing each others songs, you can also expect special guests from the worldwide metal community paying homage to this mighty genre. More details on this very special show will be disclosed over the next months. Is it July yet? We can’t wait!

And that is not all. We have invited @Dressthedead, Craig’s new band, to perform at Dynamo Metalfest as well. Dress the Dead features: Craig Locicero (Forbidden, Manmade God, SpiralArms, Demonica) & Michael Rowen (Insolence) on guitar, Kayla Dixon (Witch Mountain) on vocals, Mark Hernandez (Forbidden, Vio-lence, Demonica) on drums and James Walker (Manmade God, Spiralarms) on bass.
Dress The Dead grooves, thrashes and delivers the occasional goosebump to you. “It ain’t 1969 no more!”. No, it will be 2020 soon and Dress The Dead is ready to impress the hell out of you and lay waste to wherever they play. Get ready!

Get your ticket at [ Dynamo-metalfest.nl Link ]
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