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Fabio Alessandrini totally rockin The Dynamo, Holland. WTYD! Killer drummer.

Annihilator - Fabio Alessandrini - WTYD - Dynamo 2018

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Def Leppard's "ON THROUGH THE NIGHT" was a classic and brilliant. I was put off tremendously when I heard Joe diss that record but I think it and the following (High and Dry) were amazing. Here we are hanging in 91; he was still going through the loss of Steve (their awesome guitarist) and I was sporting my "holy shit; it's Joe from DL!" goofy face. GET YOUR ROCKS OFF! :)
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Please tell us what you think of Jeff's guitar SOLO's (at 3:09 starts the big one!) in this song and who influenced these parts of his lead guitar style. Tell us! :)

ANNIHILATOR - Armed To The Teeth (Official Video)

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Just make sure you;re DRESSED UP... for EVIL :)

ANNIHILATOR - Dressed Up For Evil (Official Video)

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Jeff Waters talks current events, updates, Never, Neverland/Alice In Hell 30th Anniversary Tour/Shows and thoughts.
Bands have tours, releases, appearances, shows, festivals, etc... and obviously most all are or will be cancelled. Most musicians need those things to eat, pay bills and live. Regardless of what the public image of some "rock stars" is, many famous one's are in trouble. Even...
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A "young" KK Downing shredding a "younger" Jeff Waters' custom Hamer signature Vector V on the 1991 PAINKILLER tour. On right is Andy B. who was James Hetfield's tech for a long time and, along with Gary Tipton, was awesomely cool to Annihilator on this long but insane Euro-tour. ANYONE see this legendary tour?
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3 questions for YOU:
Guess who's legendary axe I am playing
What record did this guitar shred on first?
Who's drum kit is in the background (HINT: they were the opening act on this tour featuring us the legends)
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Canadian heavy metal/thrash metal legends ANNIHILATOR are excited to be celebrating "RECORD STORE DAY" @RSDUK on the 18th April with the release of TRIPLE THREAT UNPLUGGED! This will be a 12" Picture Disc of the
acoustic material from 2017's
Triple Threat.

Sounds Good To Me
Bad Child
Innocent Eyes
Snake In The Grass
Crystal Ann

Fantastic Things
Holding On
In The...
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That time ROBERT PLANT popped into the ANNIHILATOR dressing room to tell us how much he and his kid liked our show! :)
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Watch Greece DESTROY Annihilator! (or did We destroy them? PHANTASMAGORIA [ Youtube.com Link ]

Annihilator - Phantasmagoria | 15-11-2019 | Piraeus Academy | Athens,Hellas,[HD].

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Μιχαλιός Θαναγκαριανάκης
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