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  • *angry mumbling*
  • - Whoa, hey man, what's wrong?
  • - I'm mad because I...
  • I really want to watch anime.
  • - Oh *pssh* I got you man.
  • Just go to crunchyroll.com/domics for a 14-day free trial of premium
  • and watch all the anime you'd like.
  • - This sounds like a sponsorship.
  • - It is!
  • *Intro*
  • Anger management has always been one of those things that I constantly try to work on.
  • Not that I have a serious issue with anger, but as much as I like to believe I portray this
  • Chill..
  • Persona.
  • I have to admit I sometimes have a short temper,
  • especially when people turn on their hazard lights and think they can just stop and text
  • ANY
  • THEY
  • WANT
  • - Wait a minute, Dom.
  • Half your videos are rants. You're always angry.
  • - Yea... I guess you have a point.
  • But maybe if people weren't so DUM-
  • So, I try to play this little game with myself to try and minimize the anger frequency.
  • The rules are simple.
  • If I get mad, I lose.
  • That's it.
  • If I depend on anger to get through a situation,
  • I lose.
  • If I raise my voice a few decibels higher than it needs to be,
  • I lose.
  • If I'm about to reply to a dumb comment,
  • I lose.
  • Because I already let them get to me.
  • Their comment was rhetorical
  • and I have to realize that I don't have to defend myself with everyone.
  • Sometimes to win is to walk away.
  • What I've realized through all of my life experiences
  • is that nothing good has ever come from reacting with anger.
  • Someone accidentally spills your water:
  • Oh, well. Accidents happen.
  • What's done is done.
  • If they apologize and your reply is, "Sorry isn't gonna dry my pants!"
  • Well neither is being angry, so calm the f*ck down.
  • Of course. everyone's entitled to feeling mad and/or offended by things,
  • but to act upon that anger and seeking destruction leads to no benefits.
  • Even if acting with anger seemed like it solved the issue at hand,
  • I realized it would have been handled better without it.
  • A great Philosopher named Jommus Animatus once said....
  • - I got mad a lot when I was younger. I always ended up breaking stuff.
  • So I was like,
  • "Nah... Being mad is expensive."
  • It's not worth.
  • - And I agree. Being mad is costly.
  • Not just for the things you may have physically broken in a fit of rage,
  • but other consequences like broken relationships.
  • Also, being angry is honestly mentally taxing.
  • You ever just been angry for so long that you get tired of being angry?
  • Like that one time, you're eating out with some friends
  • And there's supposed to be one takoyaki per person.
  • But for some reason that douchebag Alex,
  • who's not even your friend, just someone else's plus one,
  • Eats TWO!
  • And you just think to yourself,
  • "I hate this person now."
  • And every time you see Alex after that,
  • you just wanna *hiss*
  • feed him a takoyaki and punch him in the gut so he can throw it up and eat it again,
  • Since he likes eating things twice so much.
  • But after a while, holding a grudge just isn't worth it.
  • You gain nothing from this anger.
  • You're never gonna get the Takoyaki back.
  • So you let it go.
  • With the realization that being angry is just not worth your energy.
  • And that there are people out there,
  • that just don't know how to do simple division.
  • - Did-- did Alex take your takoyaki?
  • - No.
  • A few years ago, some friends and I attended a convention
  • and shared an Airbnb together.
  • There was a party on one of the nights but most of us skipped out
  • because we'd rather stay back and play Smash and Mafia.
  • Jomm, Phil and Stacy decided to go.
  • Stacy was a girl that kind of...
  • self-invited herself to stay with us.
  • Not a terrible person, but not the best either.
  • Hours passed and it was getting pretty late into the night
  • when Jomm and Phil finally returned at like, 4:00 a.m.
  • - Oh, hey. How's the party?
  • - Man! F*ck Stacy!
  • - Oh my god...!
  • And Phil went off! *whew*
  • We were all surprised because we've never seen Phil angry before.
  • Not "we've never seen him this angry."
  • No, we've never actually seen him angry, period.
  • It was like watching someone lick their elbow.
  • Not impossible, just...
  • "Wow, that exceeded my expectations."
  • Phil is this hard-working animator and overall chill and sweet dude.
  • Who always carries a smile on his face and could cure diseases with his cheerfulness.
  • Pretty much a monk.
  • And for someone like him?
  • Phil?! To be pissed off?!
  • Boi! You must have f*cked up pretty bad.
  • Apparently, early into the party,
  • Stacey left all of her stuff with Phil for him to watch for a bit.
  • Her purse, phone, everything.
  • But then,
  • never came back.
  • Disappeared without telling anyone.
  • So they left the party and pretty much spent the whole night looking for her.
  • Can't contact her without her phone,
  • and she probably wouldn't know her way back to the house without it either.
  • I think they eventually found someone who said that she was with a friend the whole time.
  • So, they returned to the house, having wasted their whole night.
  • *giggles*
  • Should've played smash.
  • She then showed up at the house in the morning, unscathed.
  • Perfectly fine.
  • No explanation either, just acted like nothing happened.
  • But we'll never forget how scary it was to see Phil mad.
  • Because a few years later,
  • I then had my own "Phil moment".
  • One time some friends and I went to visit another friend
  • a few cities away for a couple of days.
  • We'll call him "Adam".
  • I brought my tablet and work with me because I had a deadline the next day,
  • but knew I'd still get to enjoy the trip
  • once I was done.
  • Plus, I was the only one with a car.
  • So we get there, chill around and talk for a bit.
  • Didn't have anything else planned except going out for dinner later.
  • So I decided to get some work done until then.
  • Dinner time comes and I'm almost done my work.
  • Just got to get through that last stretch.
  • But a break was much needed.
  • We all go outside to my car and Adam calls shotgun
  • And sits in the front because he knows the area
  • and how to get to the restaurant.
  • Makes perfect sense for him to be there.
  • But our other friend at the time,
  • We'll call her "Ellen,"
  • somehow gets offended by this
  • because she sat in the front the whole three-hour drive there
  • so she could play her music,
  • And felt entitled to a permanent shotgun status for the duration of the trip.
  • She makes a fuss, demands her seat, and gets denied.
  • And for a young adult, you'd think she'd realize, "Hmm?
  • Maybe this isn't worth being mad about--" NOPE!
  • She returns to the house and sits down on the front porch in protest.
  • And I'm anxiously sitting there because I was starving,
  • I was looking forward to some good food,
  • and then looking forward to finish my work
  • because the sooner I did, the sooner I could relax, and enjoy the trip.
  • But this INFANT, is preventing our night from progressing.
  • Everyone else makes their attempt to convince her to come back
  • and just get in so we could eat.
  • And I'm just trying to contain my stress and anger
  • because if I had to be the one to convince her to stop being a piece of sh*t,
  • I would not be able to do it calmly.
  • Honestly, it felt like 20 minutes went by before
  • Adam decides to be the bigger person and give up his seat.
  • Ellen comes prancing back like a princess,
  • and happily takes her seat in the front.
  • And that kind of bipolar attitude really set me off.
  • But, I didn't blow up.
  • I just turned my head,
  • looked at her,
  • and said in a dead and monotone voice,
  • "You just wasted all of our time.
  • That did not need to happen."
  • But I could tell everyone heard it as if I said,
  • "If we were stranded on an island,
  • I would not hesitate to build a raft out of your limbs."
  • The car ride was silent.
  • Dinner was awkward.
  • I never yelled or did anything violent,
  • but my friends told me that they have never seen me that angry before.
  • I emanated so much dark energy that you could suffocate in it.
  • And that's why you should avoid being angry.
  • Because on the rare occasion that you do.
  • It's much more effective.
  • - *sobbing*
  • *sniff*
  • *whimpers*
  • - Hey, man, you're still upset?
  • - *sobbing*
  • This remake of Fruits Basket is-
  • It's just so wholesome, man! *sobbing*
  • - Mhm! I agree!
  • And you guys can feel the feels too if you check out my link,
  • crunchyroll.com/domics
  • and enjoy a two-week trial of premium membership,
  • giving you access to all sorts of anime.
  • Crunchyroll is the world's largest destination for anime and manga.
  • Containing the most complete anime library
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  • With premium, you get unlimited anime, manga, and drama titles
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  • Accessible on most devices.
  • Some hot new seasons of your favorite anime are out this month.
  • Namely One Punch Man and Attack on Titan.
  • And if you missed last season Promised Neverland and Mob Psycho Season 2
  • was definitely a must watch.
  • But if there are any other shows you guys recommend,
  • please let me know in the comments.
  • Always on the lookout for a spicy anime to watch!
  • Once again, that's crunchyroll.com/domics for a 14-day premium trial.
  • Enjoy!
  • *Subtitles/Captions are edited/made by I love Janelle*

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