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Andy Mechanic

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I'm an Automotive engineer with experience working on 4x4s, cars, ATVs and Motorcycles. I was an Automotive Lecturer for Unitec in Auckland, NZ. I initially started uploading workshop task type videos for my students to use as part of their 'e-learning' aspects of the course, giving them 24/7 access to some really useful information.

I run my own small workshop too and actively undertake a wide range of workshop jobs. The content of the channel has grown due to requests and the various repair jobs that come in. Presently I see the channel developing to becoming a useful resource for students, DIY mechanics and just about anyone who fixes, tinkers or generally is keen to have a go and fix their vehicle themselves...

Please Note: The 'Andy Mechanic' character, actions, views & opinions together with information provided does not in any way reflect that of any company or individual depicted in these videos.

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