ANA All Nippon Airways FOOD REVIEW - Flying from Bangkok to Tokyo Haneda Airport, Japan!

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Dec 09, 2017


ANA All Nippon Airways FOOD REVIEW - Flying from Bangkok to Tokyo Haneda Airport, Japan!
ANA All Nippon Airways FOOD REVIEW - Flying from Bangkok to Tokyo Haneda Airport, Japan! thumb ANA All Nippon Airways FOOD REVIEW - Flying from Bangkok to Tokyo Haneda Airport, Japan! thumb ANA All Nippon Airways FOOD REVIEW - Flying from Bangkok to Tokyo Haneda Airport, Japan! thumb


  • Hey everyone good evening it's Mark Wiens. I'm in Bangkok Thailand and tonight
  • We are flying from Bangkok to Tokyo on ANA Airlines, which is All Nippon Airlines
  • It's one of the main Japanese Airlines, and it's known to be very good, but in this video
  • I'm going to give you a full review of ANA
  • Hopefully try the food and show you the airplane
  • And we just arrived - so on a Survanbhumi Airport in Bangkok in we're gonna check in right now
  • Do you have me doing
  • Okay, and we are all checked in that was very smooth. No line and
  • By the way, this is my first time
  • I'm gonna be my very first time to fly on ANA we got a good deal straight direct from Bangkok to Tokyo and
  • I'm gonna go through security and customs now and then get into the main gate
  • Okay, and we are all through
  • Check-in and customs and immigration. It's it's really a benefit to have a baby you go through priority line
  • And it saves a lot of time oh forgot to put my hat back on
  • Hold on let me grab my hat I
  • Probably have all hat here right now. Okay? That's better. I took it off for the for the security all right there we go
  • Thank you good. Thank you, if it did magic pony D&F. Yeah, okay, thank you very much
  • It has a really nice feel to it already it's like it's really spacious really really spacious
  • And well, thanks to Michael we have a front-row seat, but this is some of the most
  • spacious space I've had on any economy flight before and
  • It has some kind of like a like a very open feel to it
  • It's dancing and jumping to this music
  • Okay the TV situation here
  • release and
  • pull up oh
  • Nice. Oh, yeah, it's like a whole
  • iPad style
  • We took off we are in there, it's gonna be a five hour and 24 minute direkt flight from Bangkok
  • and
  • Gonna watch a movie now
  • Our flight took off at a little after 10 p.m.
  • So I wasn't sure if we were gonna be served dinner on the flight
  • Or if they were just going to give us a snack and then serve us breakfast before we arrived in Tokyo
  • But it looks like yeah, we're just going to get a snack. We're not gonna have dinner too bad
  • No dinner, but a snack and then I think breakfast so they've just come around they've given us a snack into a little plastic bag
  • it's a snack pack and I got a
  • Soda water by the way, I really love the Japanese soda water
  • Made by blow its made by by acai, and they even have these little cup holders in the in the table here
  • This is always my drink of choice on your plates
  • Okay, let's see what we have in the snack bag
  • Some kind a little little pie a cookie and a bottle of water
  • Maybe a little Danish
  • a little bit cold but
  • kind of good Tom nice and flaky
  • There's some sliced almonds on there again a little bit, sweet, but also kind of salty as well
  • Okay, so that's pretty much it for the snack. I think I'm gonna watch a movie and go to sleep
  • And I will be sure to show you breakfast when it comes
  • I think I got at least about one maybe one hour of sleep and now it is breakfast time
  • And they had a choice they give you a little menu. They have a choice between
  • rice porridge
  • Which is like a congee and also?
  • cheese omelet with the when you said pastrami so young and I got one of each this one is the
  • cheese omelet and over here is the
  • the rice
  • Comes with some fruit oh, and then also comes with some some udon there's the Japanese touch for breakfast
  • We'll put that with one hand
  • Oh, and there's a little a little dab of wasabi on there. Okay, I'm gonna. I'm gonna go first in for that cheesy omelet
  • It still has a little bit of a rubbery taste to it, but it is kind of nice and cheesy, that's for sure
  • Yeah, I'm still just not a huge fan of airplane omelets or airplane eggs, but
  • It's okay like I can definitely enjoy it and
  • the meat
  • The connotation kind of feels like spam but kind of has like more of a spice flavor to it look close
  • And maybe some nutmeg in there too for the soba, I think they give you some some sauce which I think you can just
  • pour all over it
  • Mixing that wasabi
  • That's pretty good, it's cold and refreshing, and I thought it said that it's what dawn on the menu, but he sort of eats like
  • It tastes like so much to me. Okay. I'm not sure maybe it's there that it would odd about totally sure, but yeah
  • That's that's cold and refreshing and the wasabi feels fantastic at this random hour of the morning
  • Okay and now moving over to the rice porridge with there's some meatballs in there as well
  • Oh, and there's a some finely shaved green onions on top as well
  • Oh, that's pretty pretty fantastic actually that like
  • tastes
  • Like yeah, the meatball is oniony and garlicky actually. I think that that kanji that is actually the
  • The better option tastes the better tasting option and the omelet in my opinion
  • And by the way mica has just woken up that they gave him a baby meal I
  • Got a banana you got a banana. That's
  • chicken
  • chicken corn soup
  • And had something in the hot ladies off. Oh nice, Micah. You've got your own rice porridge without like
  • With an artistic design on it - here that's perfect
  • Okay, they just came walking around with some Japanese green tea
  • Early night and that completes 3:00 a.m.. Breakfast on a a we have about an hour left on the flight
  • I got tho gozaimasu
  • Okay
  • Welcome to Tokyo and we just landed at Tokyo Haneda Airport it is
  • It's right at 6:00 a.m.. That is a very rainy rainy morning in Tokyo?
  • You
  • We just decided to jump into a taxi we're gonna head to the hotel from here
  • so I'm gonna end this in a airline review right now a
  • Na is it's a great airline the service was fantastic. They were all very helpful very friendly
  • The I liked the the space of the airplane it was very felt very like open
  • The only thing is that the well breakfast to me breakfast is the worst meal on a plane
  • So that's not my best meal to judge on a plane, but breakfast. It was okay, not amazing, but not bad and
  • I'm sure the other meals though would be would be better too bad
  • We didn't have a dinner on the AAA flight, but anyway. That's my review of AAA. It's a really nice airline
  • Thank you very much for watching this video and remember to give it a thumbs up and also subscribe
  • I'm gonna be publishing lots more travel videos like this airline reviews airplanes all sorts of travel stuff
  • So thanks for watching, and I'll see you on the next video

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Flying ANA from Bangkok to Tokyo, Japan!
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October 2017

This was my first time to fly with ANA (All Nippon Airlines), and airplane and the level of service was excellent. The food, because I only had breakfast, wasn't a good examination of the real food available on ANA (I think breakfast is the worst meal possible on an airplane), but it was still alright. Next time I fly ANA I hope to have lunch or dinner!

Have you flown with ANA before?

Thank you for watching this ANA airline food review.


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