An Epic Round of 'Epic or Fail'

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Apr 03, 2015


An Epic Round of 'Epic or Fail'
An Epic Round of 'Epic or Fail' thumb An Epic Round of 'Epic or Fail' thumb An Epic Round of 'Epic or Fail' thumb


  • We're going to play one of my favorite games.
  • It's called "Epic Or Fail." Here's how it works.
  • I'm gonna show you a video
  • and we're going to have to guess if it's
  • an epic, wonderful thing that happens,
  • or a fail, and we'll see if we're right.
  • You have paddles underneath your seats.
  • Grab your paddle. We're gonna play together.
  • I have not seen these.
  • Let's see the first video.
  • Now I-I mean,
  • see, look, there are, like, seven people
  • who think this is gonna go well.
  • One leg is gonna be one the boat,
  • and the other leg is gonna be on the dock.
  • [laughter]
  • [buzzer buzzing]
  • You saw that happening. You could just--
  • [applause] Oh, man.
  • Had to be--that's so big he loved to go with that--
  • it felt like full of beer.
  • He was not gonna let go of that.
  • Let's see the next one.
  • - [yelling]
  • G-g-g-g-g-go.
  • all: Oh!
  • - What's he trying to do do you think?
  • Attack that person on, like, a windsail?
  • It--It may turn out well, I don't know.
  • Whatever it is.
  • - [bleep]
  • all: Oh!
  • - Yeah. Oh, yeah, he didn't know that guy was coming.
  • He was just gonna jump.
  • Can you imagine the guy that's windsailing that's
  • windsurfing down there.
  • "What the hell? Is that a bird? What?"
  • All right, let's see the next one.
  • Now we're split on this one, but I--
  • it's too windy for something to go well.
  • all: Oh!
  • [buzzer buzzing] Yeah.
  • All right. There's one more.
  • [applause]
  • Let's see another one.
  • all: Aww.
  • I think--I think this kid--
  • right?
  • Oh, a little naysayers out there.
  • [applause]
  • [ding] Yeah.
  • That is impressive.
  • It's like a whole new sport.
  • Andy, do we have time for one more?
  • - One more, last one. - All right, thank you, Andy.
  • One more.
  • Let's see.
  • [buzzer buzzing]

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