Nothing changed about my child except his pronouns, so why would I love him any differently? #ProtectTransKids #doodlebug

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Hey hey, Rep. Donna Howard! How about we shoot for this during the next legislative session? Flying the American flag on the first day of the #txlege in honor of all LGBTQ Texans was pretty rad but I think we can be a little bolder next time


Iowa First State To Fly Trans Flag Over Capitol For Transgender Day Of Rememberance | Iowa Starting Line

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Just got home from yet another Transgender Day of Rememberance (and Resilience!) and my heart is heavy.

The names that were read when I was handed candles were Maria Cecilia, J, Paulino, and Daniela. There were 328 more names too. But the ones that just said "Unknown" broke my heart the most.

There is still so much work to do.
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Want to stop the violence against trans people? Raise good allies. Here is a list of children's books, lesson plans, and videos that you can use at home and in your classroom.

In honor of Transgender Day of Remembrance, teach your kids that trans people exist.

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Today is Transgender Day of Remembrance. There are memorials and services planned all across the country. Join us in Denton, TX at 7 pm at the Denton Unitarian Universalist Fellowship to remember the lives of those killed due to anti-transgender violence.

Post your event below so people know where to go tonight. #SayTheirNames #TransLivesMatter

Today is the Trans Day of Remembrance, and 311 trans people were murdered this year

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Rita Hester's killer still hasn't been found. Here's the history of Transgender Day of Remembrance:

20 Years Of TDOR's

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Come to the Denton Public Library (north branch) on Wednesday 11/20 at 4:00 pm for a trans-positive story time! The librarians will read books about love, friendship, diversity, and honesty -- all values that we can get behind! It's FREE and open to all ages, so please come no matter how old you are!

Invite your friends, too, and let's get the word out so the public library knows how much we...

Uniquely You! A Transgender StoryTime

EVENT - facebook.com
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It's National Transgender Awareness Week, and all week I've been posting about the trans and nonbinary folx who have inspired me.

Today, though, I'm posting about the most inspiring person yet: my son.

I wasn't always an advocate or ally to trans people. It's a story almost too long to get into in a Facebook post (maybe it can be a chapter in my book someday) -- But it's hard to hate up...
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3 important events happening tomorrow, and an urgent action item! Have you signed up for my email list yet?

[ Conta.cc Link ]

TDOR events and an urgent request!

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