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Why search for your favorite music in my channel? Because i'm always trying to name the musicians, place and date of the recordings!
Please let me know if i have missed something.
Make it easy on yourself.. check my playlists, or search my channel for your favorite artist/song.....
Subscribe yourself to the channel to keep up with the latest uploads
And most of all !!!
I hope that , trough these video's, i have inspired you to go and get the original recordings because there is nothing like the original!!
So that's what i'm doing it for..... Go to your local recordstore, the internet or whatever, and get the original!!
Have Fun!!
I Will remove any video if asked too.

Your jazz Music/Video on the All That Jazz YouTube Channel? .. Send Email to d.kaart@ kpnmail.nl


06:50 Tal Farlow & Red Norvo  - All of Me
520 views | Mar 31, 2019
00:00 Doris Day  - Day By Day ( Full Album )
46K+ views | Apr 03, 2018