Aligning the 1JZ Driftworks R32!

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21:18   |   Sep 01, 2017


Aligning the 1JZ Driftworks R32!
Aligning the 1JZ Driftworks R32! thumb Aligning the 1JZ Driftworks R32! thumb Aligning the 1JZ Driftworks R32! thumb


The Driftworks R32 Skyline took a bit of a knock at the last round of competition so Martin Richards bought the car to the race shop to check all the wheels pointed in the right direction.
In this weeks adventure we're off to Ireland for Japfest 2017 & the final round of the Irish Drift Championship in our 7.4 litre LSX engine swapped AE86 (aka DW86) & the 1JZ R32 Nissan Skyline (aka DW32). Martin Richards has a really good crash into Steve 'Baggsy' Biagionni. Phil Morrison spins a lot, then qualifies well & Rich Starkey falls down a step.


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