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It was long and hard! (I’m talking about the run)

Hard One

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Shall we start?! - [ Youtu.be Link ]

Bridge Chase

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Matera camouflage mode on.


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Goodbye Matera, it was nice jumping on you. Thank you for your amazing pizzas and coffees. Back on the streets on our way home now ✌#ciaobella @ Matera, Italy
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Peng! Peng!
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Just arrived at the coast of Croatia and already took my balloon helmet for a ride. It’s fun.

Ảnh trên dòng thời gian

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Still falling...

Still Falling

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I call it “Magic Sandwich Bellyflop”

Magic Bellyflop

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Parkour + Football =
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I don’t know what and why, but my white T-shirt is not white anymore

The Walk

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