Alessia Cara - My Kind (Audio)

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03:02   |   Nov 29, 2018


Alessia Cara - My Kind (Audio)
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talking about all of our fears. The Pains of Growing out now.

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do you recall the days
at your old place?
playing with troll dolls
to scare the kids away
my closet was a time machine
yours, a stage
I wish we told those little girls
they're gonna be okay

still picture it all in my mind
making a campfire
out of broken flashlights
jealous of your high tops
‘cause someone stole mine
wish someone would’ve told me
that we'd be alright

my kind of time
is meant to carelessly spend
and my kind of nights
are the ones that don't end
my kind of fun
doesn't make any sense
and my kind of love
you won't never forget

(verse 2)
do you remember
all the cartoons at midnight
like the one
about the crass-humoured french guy
and what about you, Mr. Poetry?
and what about all we built
in just a couple weeks
talking about all of our fears
through a cracked screen
picking little fights
over falling asleep
I wish you knew I loved you
when you knew you loved me

really wish I knew you
Sooner than my 20s


I’m a product of who's when's and how's
those who let go
and those who stuck around
wish somebody would’ve told me
I'd be here now
‘cause this kind of life
is one to sing about


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