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Continued demand has forced us to put further limits on products. These new limits will help our supply chain catch-up, while helping to ensure ALL customers can get access to food and basic hygiene products. As we’ve explained many times, there is enough food to go around, we just need your patience and support as we hurry to restock our shelves.

We thank our customers for their support...

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To our customers,

We are currently prioritising the transport and distribution of our core grocery items and this may result in some advertised Special Buys not being available on the advertised on-sale date. We will try our best to limit this impact. We ask for your understanding and apologise if you are inconvenienced.

For the latest updates, please visit
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ALDI takes product quality and safety seriously and wishes to advise all customers of a recall of the Easy Home - Cyclonic Handheld and Stick Vacuum Cleaner, sold at ALDI Stores from 5th February 2020 to 10th March 2020.

The battery may become unstable, overheat and ignite during or after charging. This may cause a fire and may result in injury and damage to property.

Customers should return...

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To all our customers,

Through these challenging times, the aim of every Australian supermarket is to provide you and your family with the food and essentials you need.

That’s why collectively, we want to reassure you that your wellbeing, and that of our teams, will always be our priority.

Our suppliers and teams are doing everything possible to get as many products onto all our shelves as...
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New Trading Hours (temporary)

9:30am - 7pm

As of Wednesday, 18 March, we will be changing all stores trading hours to 9:30am - 7pm. Our employees, business partners and transport operators have been working incredibly hard to deliver more products than ever into stores each day. To allow them time to stock shelves and perform a thorough clean of the store for the next day, we have decided...
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Due to the extraordinary demand for groceries, we’ve decided to change our product restrictions, returns and customer behaviour policies. We know there is a lot of uncertainty at the moment, so these changes are some steps we are taking as a business to ensure that you have access to fresh food, hygiene products and essential items. We’re constantly monitoring the situation and will do our...

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ALDI Australia posted on Mar 13, 2020

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Who’s keen for quiche? Tag someone who would love a bite of this World Kitchen Quiche in Pumpkin, Spinach & Ricotta for only $4.99. On sale now! [ Bit.ly Link ]


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Netflix and chill in HD with our 58” 4K Ultra HD QLED Android TV. Comment below for a chance to win one!
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Yesterday marked the start of Sustainable Seafood Week and we’re proud to announce ALDI have won the MSC Australia NZ’s Sustainable Seafood Award for Mid-Sized Retailer. Follow the link to read more about the importance of sustainable seafood and why we’re committed to making sure it’s widely available. [ Bit.ly Link ]


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