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In honor of today being #BatmanDay...

What did Batman and Einstein have in common?

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Warps in the fabric of space-time can act like magnifying glasses, and that may help solve a cosmic mystery about the rate of the universe's expansion, a new study found.

Einstein's Gravitational Lenses Could Clear Up Roiling Debate on Expanding Cosmos

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Finally, scientists have their finger on the pulse.

Einstein’s general relativity reveals new features of a pulsar

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Throwback Thursday: Rare photo of Albert Einstein and his wife Elsa, circa 1922.


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The mass of the pulsar was measured through a phenomenon known as “Shapiro Delay.” In essence, gravity from a white dwarf companion star warps the space surrounding it, in accordance with Einstein’s general theory of relativity.

WVU Today | WVU astronomers help detect the most massive neutron star ever measured

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“Love brings much happiness, much more so than pining for someone brings pain.” — Albert Einstein, 1896 #WednesdayWisdom


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These detectors have provided insight into a phenomenon that was predicted over a century ago by Albert Einstein.

Gravitational Wave Detectors Might be Able to Detect Dark Matter Particles Colliding With Their Mirrors - Universe Today

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Physicists from MIT have found more proof that Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity is correct...

Black Holes Chirp As They’re Born, Just As Einstein Predicted | Digital Trends

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