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Been so busy w making music and living life.. Was fun to be out!! Hows everything over here? PS! whats the coolest christmas presents??
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Get ready for a brand new episode of Jacked Radio : Soundcloud.com/afrojack #jackedradio424
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Here they are! The Global Remix Battle 2 remixes are out now everywhere, check out the DES3ETT ➡ [ Wall208r1.lnk.to Link ] & LANS ➡ [ Wall208r2.lnk.to Link ] remixes right now!


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Afrojack posted on Dec 07, 2019


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Yooooo Spotify wrapped came out today! Thank you for taking the time and allowing me to do what I love, close or far, music is an international language and I feel lucky to have so many conversation partners!! Lets go 2020 ❤
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Who's going crazy on this song with Chico Rose? ⚡ ➡ Afrojack.com/newmusic
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The time has come! We’re announcing the winners of the Global Remix Battle 2! I took the time to call up the winners and tell them the great news.

DES3ETT & Lans congratulations on winning the Global Remix Battle 2! Your remixes will be released on the 6th of December.

Global Remix Battle 2

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Who likes my new track? ➡ Afrojack.com/newmusic

Redline vs Someone

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Get ready for a brand new episode of Jacked Radio : Soundcloud.com/afrojack #jackedradio423
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