Adults React To Try Not To Look Back Challenge

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Oct 19, 2019


Adults React To Try Not To Look Back Challenge
Adults React To Try Not To Look Back Challenge thumb Adults React To Try Not To Look Back Challenge thumb Adults React To Try Not To Look Back Challenge thumb


  • - It's going up. It's going all over the place.
  • What's happening?
  • - When this pauses, I'm gonna say keep playing,
  • 'cause I have to see if he gets out.
  • - You should call this the FOMO challenge.
  • ♪ (industrial intro) ♪
  • - (FBE) So today, we're doing a challenge that we've done
  • once before with the adults. This is a Try Not to Look Back
  • Challenge. - Oh, I've never done one of these.
  • I am the worst. I have to know everything.
  • - This challenge is a battle against your own curiosity.
  • It's tough.
  • - (FBE) How it's gonna work, we're gonna play you a video
  • and pause it right before it gets interesting.
  • Then, you'll have to turn around in your chair just before
  • the payoff so you won't be able to see it.
  • - Man, that's so mean.
  • - (FBE) If you can't resist and you turn around and watch,
  • you'll lose for that video. - You guys always choose
  • such good videos for this one, too. It's always right as it's
  • getting to the good part.
  • - Now I'm gonna wanna turn around on every single one,
  • but I'm determined to attempt to win this.
  • - (man) You gotta participate.
  • - Oh, is this a funny thing?
  • - Rachael.
  • - Is that Nick Cannon on the left?
  • - (Rachael) I like green.
  • - Is this a science experiment, because these are amazing.
  • - (Rachael) More. - (Man) Yes, cool.
  • - All right.
  • - (man) So hopefully, the soap is going to trap
  • the bubbles of oxygen. - Man it's gonna stop
  • right before the explosion. Right before the cool part.
  • - (man) How's that? - And now they're gonna
  • pour something in and you're gonna go, pause.
  • - (man) Gonna grab the catalyst, this stuff here.
  • - (Rachael) This looks like white wine.
  • - No, don't drink it, lady. Don't--
  • it's not white wine.
  • - (Rachael) Okay. - (man) So, it's a catalyst.
  • - Ah, come on. Okay, so I have to turn
  • around now, right? I wanna know what it is.
  • What's happening?
  • - It's just gonna be your classic explosion, right?
  • So I feel like I'll be okay, but what if it's not?
  • What if it's a really cool explosion?
  • - I'm gonna watch it. I'm sorry.
  • I have to watch it. Sciencey stuff is really
  • fun to watch.
  • - (man) One, two, three, go. - I can't.
  • Oh my God. (buzzer)
  • - I gotta see what happened. Okay.
  • (buzzer)
  • - (man) One, two, three, go. Faster, faster.
  • - Oh. (buzzer)
  • - It sounds so fun.
  • - It's going up. It's going all over the place.
  • What's happening?
  • - It was the audience's reaction. I had to see what happened there.
  • - It was easy until I heard the audience laughing
  • and celebrating and then I was like, well,
  • I feel kinda FOMO. You should call this
  • the FOMO challenge.
  • - I feel like it was really dramatic and I missed it.
  • Man, and I still don't get to see what it was?
  • This sucks.
  • - Luckily, I don't care about basketball.
  • Oh my God. I take that back.
  • I care about basketball now.
  • - Oh. Oh my God.
  • - (announcer) Keeps his dribble somehow.
  • - Oh, do I even have to turn around, 'cause I really
  • wanna see this.
  • - Oh, so sports-- oh wait.
  • It's gonna happen so fast, I'm gonna miss
  • and if I miss it and I turned around
  • and I lost, then it's gonna be I lost for nothing.
  • - I wanna see this one.
  • - He's totally gonna make it. I need to see this, though.
  • I really wanna watch it.
  • - This challenge is really bringing out my imagination.
  • I'm like, he's gonna turn into a fairy.
  • - (announcer) Back to James! (buzzer)
  • - (announcer) Back to James! (buzzer)
  • - He's in the-- oh yes!
  • (buzzer)
  • (buzzer)
  • - (announcer) Back to James. He throws it down.
  • (buzzer)
  • - Boom.
  • - It must be really good.
  • - Oh.
  • - He makes it, cool. Good to know.
  • He makes it! He says so.
  • - That was sick. I needed to see it.
  • Any time a backboard shatters, it's a good day.
  • - Dang it, okay. I'm just gonna look
  • on the next one. I'm tired of this.
  • - Oh, this is one of those satisfying videos.
  • - Oh, I love the food ones. I love to see how they end up.
  • - I love cooking videos.
  • - Making a cake.
  • - Cake videos are so satisfying to me.
  • - This is annoying, 'cause I wanna see how
  • this is gonna end.
  • - I'm okay. I can go home and make this
  • cake. I've done it before.
  • I can do it again.
  • - I don't feel much of an urge, although
  • I feel like I'm probably gonna miss something spectacular,
  • so the feeling of missing out is hitting a little bit.
  • - Looks like a good cake, though. I would eat it
  • and I love the song.
  • ♪ So won't you please ♪ - Okay, I'm turning around
  • with this one, too. (buzzer)
  • ♪ Playing it cool ♪
  • - Yeah, I wanna look. I wanna look.
  • I freaking love cake videos. A flamingo.
  • Oh my gosh. (buzzer)
  • - Oh, worth it. Worth it, worth it.
  • (buzzer)
  • - Every time I don't look, a part of me--
  • a small part of me dies a little.
  • - It's not even a challenge. My need to win is far greater
  • than my curiosity of what's happening next.
  • - Is this-- this is an Evel Knievel jump.
  • - Yeah, I'm watching. No, play, keep playing.
  • - Why would you do such a thing?
  • - I'm gonna turn around for a second.
  • I'll be right back.
  • - Ah, I wanna see it. Nah.
  • I'll watch it. He [bleep] did it.
  • (buzzer)
  • - Dope. (buzzer)
  • (buzzer)
  • - Oh, sticks the landing. (buzzer)
  • (buzzer)
  • - Okay, I have to look. I didn't even get to see it.
  • Dang it. (buzzer)
  • - That was pretty impressive if he landed that.
  • I think he did. It's definitely hard.
  • You guys really amped it up this time, honestly.
  • There were two-- so far, almost every video
  • I've wanted to see.
  • - Evel Knievel, it could go one of two ways.
  • It either lands amazingly or ambulance.
  • - (speaker) It gives us enormous pleasure to introduce
  • the next combo. - Oh, damn.
  • - I've watched this eight times. It's so good.
  • - Queen.
  • - This was the best part of the film.
  • - (crowd cheering)
  • - I feel like this is cool to watch just to watch.
  • - Oh, that sucks.
  • - I'm gonna watch it just because it's great.
  • - Okay, I wanna watch this just because I think it's cool.
  • - I don't think I'm gonna turn around for this one,
  • 'cause I trust that they got it accurate.
  • - If you had just shown me the Live Aid concert,
  • I don't think I would have been able turn away,
  • let alone the two of them together.
  • Play it. Play the clip.
  • ♪ (piano) ♪ - Ah, why did he have to go?
  • - Yeah, if I was looking the other way,
  • I would have already looked back by now.
  • (buzzer)
  • - Ah. (buzzer)
  • - Dun, dun, dun. Then people are just like, wow.
  • ♪ Mama, just killed a man ♪ - And his voice, so good.
  • - ♪ Put a gun against his head Pulled my trigger now I'm dead ♪
  • Now I'm dead.
  • - ♪ Goodbye, everybody I've got to go ♪
  • - Oh my God. It's okay.
  • It's okay, we're chilling. We're chilling.
  • - Cool, fun. (buzzer)
  • - ♪ I see a little silhouette of a man ♪
  • That one was hard. A singular tear just
  • came out of my eye.
  • - Everybody knows and loves that song and I seriously
  • wanted to see the two of them together.
  • - Oh, this is America's Got Talent.
  • - And it's a magician.
  • - (man) I have two minutes to escape before 900 pounds--
  • - He's trying to Houdini his way out.
  • - (man) I have two minutes to escape--
  • - Oh, even Simon Cowell's like...
  • - It's not a good idea.
  • - Yeah, let's cross our fingers.
  • - (Howie) It's 900 pounds of sand.
  • - I'm with you, Heidi.
  • - Yeah, cross your fingers.
  • - Can you imagine the stress of being a judge on these games
  • of these shows?
  • - Magicians are so great to watch.
  • - My anxiety is through the roof.
  • - If I was watching this live, I might be like,
  • "Oh no, I need to turn this off."
  • - I love these videos. I'm not gonna lie,
  • I love watching America's Got Talent.
  • - (Heidi) Oh, he has a thing on his neck, too.
  • - It's impressive.
  • - It's nerve wracking. Is he gonna make it out?
  • It's on television.
  • - I'm stressed right now.
  • - When this pauses, I'm gonna say keep playing,
  • 'cause I have to see if he gets out.
  • - You know, the music is no help.
  • - Oh no, that's ominous. I don't like that.
  • - It's adding up. It's coming.
  • - He'll be fine.
  • - (mumbling)
  • - Oh man.
  • - The drama of it all, oh my God.
  • - You have to watch that. How would you know
  • if he lived or died?
  • - Stressful, no thank you, but we're turned around.
  • It's fine. We're chilling.
  • - Wait. (buzzer)
  • - (crowd screaming) - Okay, I gotta watch.
  • Wait, what happened? Did it bury him?
  • (buzzer)
  • - (crowd screaming) - (gasps)
  • (buzzer)
  • - I wanna look just because what-- did he already get out?
  • (buzzer)
  • - Nope, not gonna look.
  • - (Howie) Is that a problem? - Uh oh.
  • - Did he just say, "Is that a problem?"
  • - Nah, he not dead. He's good.
  • (buzzer)
  • - They broke the glass?
  • - Do we have paramedics here?
  • - Oh.
  • - And they're not cries of terror, so he's probably fine.
  • - The trick was, he never went in the sand box at all.
  • - Did they have the gold buzzer there?
  • Come on. All the way.
  • That was impressive.
  • - (FBE) You didn't turn around at all.
  • You won. - Yes, I did.
  • The curiosity of the cat didn't kill me.
  • - I did not turn around at all.
  • - I wasn't very good at this. This is a lot harder
  • than I expected it to be and I think it's because
  • of FOMO. I really had bad FOMO
  • that whole time.
  • - I feel like I need to start putting more effort
  • into the challenges, but other than that,
  • I feel pretty good. I'm curious and that's just
  • who I am, so I'm okay to lose this.
  • - (FBE) So finally, what types of videos in general
  • do you think are just hard to resist watching?
  • - I mean, anything that involves danger
  • because we're animals.
  • - If it's something that's not expected or something
  • that's genuinely new or genuinely something
  • I haven't seen before, those are the hardest to resist,
  • 'cause you have to just see it.
  • - The escape artist or if there's a stunt
  • of some sort or a death defying thing,
  • I don't think you can resist that, 'cause you wanna know.
  • I mean, I think we just-- that's why we love that stuff.
  • We just wanna know, did they make it?
  • Especially when there's a crowd.
  • If there's a crowd that's responding to something,
  • I think it's hard to resist because again, you wanna be
  • a part of that community that's all enjoying the same thing.
  • - Thanks for watching this episode of Adults React.
  • - Subscribe for more episodes of us struggling
  • and Try Not Tos.
  • - Bye.
  • - Hey guys, it's Sierra, producer here at FBE.
  • Thanks so much for watching this episode.
  • If you'd like to check out our other episodes
  • across all generations, hit up those links
  • in the description below. Bye, guys.

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Adults React To Try Not To Look Back Challenge #2