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Thank you to all the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for our country.
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Adam Sandler posted on May 11, 2020

Sleep It Away

Adam Sandler posted on May 11, 2020

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Adam Sandler posted on Apr 30, 2020

Always A Giant

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Adam Sandler posted on Apr 26, 2020

Stuck in the House

Adam Sandler posted on Apr 26, 2020

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Hey you all. Hope you’re staying healthy. Due to the uncertainty surrounding when it will be safe to reschedule my postponed March and April tour dates, we have decided to cancel them. You guys can get refunds wherever you purchased your tickets. Keep washing your hands and see you when the time is right.

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So let's go

The Wrong Missy | Trailer | Netflix

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Miss you all

"Never Gonna Shake Hands Again"

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KJ bringing the funnnnny

Lady Gaga's True Inspiration?

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