For those about to rock, we salute you.

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Thank you Amazon.de for celebrating 40 years of
HIGHWAY TO HELL with us! These LED Trucks are just insane! #H2H40

Check the album out ►[ Lnk.to Link ]

AC/DC LED-Truck Tour through Munich, Berlin, Hamburg!

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A salute to THE GREATEST FANS in the world!


It's All About The Fans

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The AC/DC Family!
Terry Broom
Sherry Smith Maggard
Terry Bollen
Tony Wegner
Ultimate-Guitar.com's Justin Beckner takes a look at the gear Malcolm and Angus used during the Highway To Hell sessions.


This Is the Gear Angus and Malcolm Young Used on AC/DC's 'Highway to Hell' Album

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Brandon Thomey
Вадим Жорницкий
Вадим Жорницкий
Вадим Жорницкий
Tammy Essex Schreiner
Malcolm reminisces about the songs written for Highway To Hell!

Listen to this album and more of your AC/DC favorites now on Spotify - [ Acdc.lnk.to Link ]

⚡ #H2H40

Malcolm talks about the songs on Highway To Hell

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More Horns! More Rock! ⚡⚡⚡

Try the Highway To Hell filter and share your pictures here! #H2H40
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Bon the crayfisherman? YES!! ⚡ #h2h40

AC/DC Highway To Hell - Angus on Bon

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The original 'Highway To Hell' cover was "shot down in flames" by the American record company... ⚡⚡⚡

Listen now - [ Acdc.lnk.to Link ]
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Celebrate with us! ⚡ #H2H40

[ Acdc.lnk.to Link ]
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Pour ses 40 ans, le tube « Highway To Hell » souffle lui-même ses bougies... et vous invite à créer la fameuse autoroute de l'enfer : h2h40.com #h2h40

Highway To Hell 40th Anniversary

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Show us your horns!
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