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Bravo, gentlemen!
We're celebrating the release of
'Remedy', the new album from Gabriel & Dresden, on Group Therapy tonight.

Gabriel & Dresden - Remedy (out now)

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A huge record from Oliver Smith to kick off 2020 at Anjunabeats. This is 'Warehouse' and it's out today.

Oliver Smith - Warehouse (Live at #ABGT350)

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Happy New Year!
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If you're after a mix for this evening's festivities, you can replay our ABGT Dreamstate special on YouTube and streaming now.

New York City, catch you in a few!

Group Therapy 361 with Above & Beyond - Dreamstate Special

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Tonight on Group Therapy Radio, we've recreated our set from Dreamstate. It was a night full of incredible moments (like this!) and a real joy to revisit. Live from 7pm GMT on our YouTube and Twitch.

Waltz @ Dreamstate SoCal

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You've been asking about this one since #ABGT100 at Madison Square Garden. This year, we finally got around to polishing up our Club Mix of 'Out Of Time', alongside two other gems that have been tucked away in the proverbial record bag: 'Is It Love?' (1001) (Above & Beyond Club Mix) and 'Alone Tonight' (Gorge Update).

'Out Of Time' was one of the very last things we finished while recording...

Above & Beyond 'Out Of Time' (A&B Club Mix)

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Anjunabeats, New Order
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This cracking remix of 'Love Is Not Enough' by those talented Fatum chaps is out today as a single but also as part of Genix's wonderful contribution to the Anjunabeats Worldwide compilation series. Plenty of music to get stuck in to over the weekend.

Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston - Love Is Not Enough (Fatum Remix)

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Joining us for NYE in NYC!
Andrew Bayer
Nox Vahn
➡ Above & Beyond: NYE in NYC 2020

NYE in NYC 2020 Lineup Announcement

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This lovely Avoure remix of 'See The End' is out today on Anjunabeats.

A&B and Seven Lions feat. Opposite The Other 'See The End' (Avoure Remix)

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