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А MYSTERY RIDDLE Only Few Can Solve thumb А MYSTERY RIDDLE Only Few Can Solve thumb А MYSTERY RIDDLE Only Few Can Solve thumb


  • It's 5 o'clock! Is it ready?
  • Yes! Here's your authentic English 5 o'clock tea!
  • Tea in delicate cups.
  • And here are the snacks!
  • Mmmmm....
  • Wh... what's this? Cucumbers?!
  • Yep. There's no traditional English tea without a cucumber sandwich!
  • Ewwww.... not fair...
  • There's also a muffin.
  • A muffin... A muffin! Hmph! This is better, but it doesn't improve the cucumber situation...
  • Wait here. I'll go get some chocolates for authentic Sam's tea.
  • Alright, I'm waiting...
  • Aaaaaaah! Oh no!
  • What, Sammy?
  • Ch-chocolates... stolen! My stache is empty!
  • And who stole them?
  • I.... I don't know...
  • But I'll find out!
  • I'll conduct an English detective investigation!
  • Listen, Sammy, how are you going to conduct the investigation?
  • Elementary, my dear Susie. I'll use the denductive method!
  • Maybe, deductive?
  • Maybe...
  • Dear English detective, will you help me decorate this chest of drawers in English style?
  • How?
  • Well, draw a British flag on top,
  • decorate it with different pictures...
  • Oh! Oh! Put a picture of Sherlock Holmes on it!
  • Oh well. I happen to have a fitting set of images.
  • Awesome! Proceed, then, and I'll go do the deductying...
  • So the first thing I'm going to do is to give this chest of drawers some character...
  • is apply some primer here...
  • and there.
  • All over the wood.
  • This will give this plain wood some nice texture.
  • Next, I'll draw the British flag on the upper part of the chest of drawers.
  • I'll use carbon paper... uh... where is it?
  • Where were you at 3 o'clock this afternoon?
  • Er... baking muffins. For the afternoon tea.
  • Oh yeah? Well, fine. Here's you paper.
  • What's it for, by the way?
  • To transfer the image of the flag onto the top.
  • Look, like this.
  • I'll put it underneath and trace the image.
  • I just want to keep all those beautiful straight lines, you know.
  • So that's why I'm using the ruler, too!
  • Oooh... And no photocopier needed. Technology!
  • Hehe... Technology of the past, I would say.
  • But it's just what I need.
  • Now, I'll color the flag with the help of masking tape.
  • Hm... interesting! It's like we painted the interior decor picture?
  • Almost! Here, look.
  • I'll stick it on like this.
  • And some more here... repeating the flag picture.
  • Now I'll color the flag.
  • First, with the blue paint.
  • You don't have to do it very neatly, because the tape will keep the lines straight.
  • Now, we'll remove excess paint...
  • Hey guys? Do you like this sponge brush?
  • I think it's so much fun to draw with.
  • Hey Sue, did you know that Sherlock Holmes is one of the most frequent imaginary characters to appear on screen?
  • No, I didn't. Fascinating! Who's more popular than him?
  • Dracula!
  • Oh, that's unexpected.
  • Hey guys,
  • what do you like more: books or movies about Sherlock Holmes?
  • And which ones?
  • Write in the comments.
  • I'm done with the painting and now it's time to remove the tape.
  • And voila!
  • Look, nice neat edges!
  • Pulling and pulling...
  • This reminds me of something, but what?
  • Oh well.
  • I'll do the same thing with the red paint.
  • Man, I feel like I could do this all day long
  • Sticky tape! Aaah!
  • Sticky tape can be very useful.
  • Give a thumbs up if you agree, guys!
  • Only the white paint left! I'll just do it quickly like before.
  • And off with the tape! Oh yeah!
  • I really like this blue color, so I'll paint the sides with it.
  • Little bit here...
  • and there...
  • And now, a bit of brown on the inside.
  • Check it out!
  • I've painted the drawers, too
  • So now, I'll add some decor to the drawers.
  • But where's...
  • What?
  • Yes! All according to the denductive method, but still no results...
  • Sam? Are you talking to the picture?
  • I'm just getting inspired.
  • Give it here, I'll glue it to the drawer
  • If you please!
  • I'll take these pictures and glue them to the drawers.
  • Mod podge is perfect for this.
  • This one goes here... Nice and slow....
  • And then I'll cover it again with Mod Podge.
  • And this one too.
  • Hey, what in the world? Sam?!
  • I've found this in Fluffy's corner! He ate the chocolates!
  • Maybe he was just playing?
  • Cats love playing with paper.
  • Hm... I don't know!
  • I need to interrogate Fluffy!
  • And I need to finish decorating the drawers.
  • I want to place three pictures on this one.
  • There you go, Mr. Holmes.
  • Ah, yes! This looks so nice together, right?
  • Alright, the last thing to do is to attach these leather handles to the drawers.
  • I'll attach them to the blue drawers, for contrast.
  • Hey guys, ask an adult to help you with this.
  • Hammers can be tricky.
  • I'll do the same with the other drawer.
  • One-two, one-two, atteeeention!
  • The royal guard is ready for the drawer painting actions!
  • You're a guard now, not a detective?
  • Well... er... turns out... Well, I ate the chocolates.
  • You don't say!
  • Yeah... so now I'm free and ready for crafting!
  • It's almost done.
  • But since you have this wonderful sponge brush, you can help me apply metallic paste.
  • Oooh! Sure thing!
  • Nice going!
  • Like this?
  • A few more details...
  • This is really hard work, you know...
  • Our British-style chest of drawers is done!
  • Oooohhh!
  • He-he-hey!
  • Ah, that's my favorite
  • Wow!
  • Oooh!
  • Awesome drawers!
  • Hey, do you think I could keep chocolates in them?
  • Sure, and many other things too.
  • Hey guys, what do you think Sam can keep in these drawers?
  • If you liked my an investigation...
  • I mean the chest of drawers, Sue and I made,
  • give us a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel! Bye!
  • Are you sure you didn't take my chocolate, maybe I remembered it wrong, I'm sure ask your stomach

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Something VERY valuable was stolen from Slime Sam's house and the investigation begins... The biggest detective riddle of all times! Sherlock Holmes is in the game! Watch slimy English detective getting to the bottom of this unbelievable case!
And while you are on this, Sue will show you how to make an extreme makeover to your old dresser British style. Organize your room easily with mod podge and a bit of sticky tape.

Subscribe to Sam's channel and give a thumbs up to motivate him to make more videos for you! https://goo.gl/zarVZo

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