8 Unreal Useful Machines You Need To See

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8 Unreal Useful Machines You Need To See
8 Unreal Useful Machines You Need To See thumb 8 Unreal Useful Machines You Need To See thumb 8 Unreal Useful Machines You Need To See thumb


  • welcome to TDI welcome to a whole new world of science fun and machines over
  • the period of time there have been tremendous improvements in machinery and
  • equipment to ease the work of humans today we'll discuss the a most unreal
  • and powerful machines that will amaze you
  • number one mb/s 18
  • MBs 18 is a material screening and crushing equipment machine which can be
  • used with large sized excavators weighing from 20 to 35 tons the bucket
  • is equipped with a front separator which blocks the vibration of large materials
  • with sharp parts which can increase the carrying capacity of the bucket basket
  • the MB bucket loading system is made of a material that eliminates friction and
  • has a flat base for easy transport the capacity of this machine is almost 2.5
  • cubic meters and the bucket basket depth is 1.2 meters the weight of MBS 18 is
  • around 2 tons
  • number 2 Sena Bulgin 860m this Green Line series material handling machine
  • can lift up to six point two tons and has a reach of 23 meters it has an
  • advanced diagnostic system that provides maximum efficiency when it's in use and
  • a comfortable cab with a good sound insulation and excellent visibility for
  • working in all weather conditions this vehicle is equipped with the Cummins
  • diesel engine and with the capacity of 364 horsepower the tires of this machine
  • have a double stranded cable protection which prevents accidents plate is struck
  • by sharp metal debris and has a relocation speed of 14 kilometers per
  • hour and the platform rotates at a speed of 6 revolutions per minute
  • therefore this model is often used for loading scrap metal and metallurgical
  • companies ports lifting wood logs and so on
  • number three Pantera 4502 Pantera 40502 is a
  • self-propelled sprayer developed by the company called
  • amazone this machine is also equipped with a 218 horsepower engine capacity
  • and a continuously variable hydrostatic transmission which allows it to move
  • comfortably at speeds of up to 55 kilometers per hour this model has a
  • tank capacity of 4,500 liters and a super L 2 bar with a working width of 21
  • to 40 meters one of the main features of the Pantera
  • 40502 is the unique tandem chassis with hydropneumatic suspension which ensures
  • a smooth horizontal position on the road all four engine wheels are
  • electronically controlled so that even in the most severe conditions the
  • position of the chassis remains optimal despite the size of the chassis the
  • minimum turning radius of the machine when all four wheels are moving is only
  • 4.5 metres Pantera 4500 - is ideal for crop
  • production
  • number four F 60 the F 60 is one of the largest and biggest pieces of machinery
  • in the world which has the capability to move independently this installation is
  • run by two chassis x' with wheels which in turn move along two powerful paved
  • rails additional rails allow the movement of the entire transformer
  • substation and the special cars that pull the power cables each chassis has
  • 760 wheels of which 380 are powered the maximum speed that the F 60 can develop
  • is 13 meters per minute and this speed in production mode is 9 meters per
  • minute
  • the total amount of power the overburden conveyor bridge consumes during
  • operation is 27,000 kilowatts the f60 weighs around thirteen thousand six
  • hundred tons is 502 meters long 240 meters wide and 80 meters high the f60
  • can mainly be used in mining and extraction number five leave here lb 28
  • leave hair lb 28 is a powerful drilling machine mainly used for the foundation
  • of piles the leave hair lb 28 weighs in 98.7 tonnes when it's working and the
  • engine power of this machine is 390 kilowatts the features of this machine
  • includes simple transport with a folded leader and a wide working area thanks to
  • the parallel kinematics which in addition the machine has a robust a
  • leader which easily handles both the high torque of the drill disc and the
  • great tractive forces of the roped croud system which ensures high operating
  • efficient cycles the automated torque adjustment and the
  • continuous speed optimization react flexibly to changing soil conditions
  • which guarantees an optimum crowd force
  • number six flame-throwing tractor the main purpose of a flame tractor is to
  • prepare the soil for the plants of new crops with the help of the nozzles
  • installed to throw the flame out to the field a huge gas cylinder is attached
  • with the tractor and allows the flame to be launched out of the nozzles the
  • maximum power of this machine is 132 horsepower and the maximum load capacity
  • of the hooks is 4.6 tonnes these hooks reach 522 Newton meters at a speed of
  • 1500 revolutions per minute this process is also referred to as flame weeding
  • comely by farmers basically it's designed to burn weeds so that soil
  • preparation can be done for planting new crops number seven
  • cabbage harvesting machine
  • as the name suggests this is a cabbage harvesting machine which allows you to
  • harvest cabbages effectively in farms the most effective way to harvest the
  • cabbage is to cut the cabbage head at its base these cabbage heads are then
  • cut and transported along three moving platforms or conveyors in which the
  • extra leaves are removed only one person is needed in the final stage to remove
  • extra leaves and other remaining elements after that the cabbage heads go
  • through a further processing the use of these machines and agriculture has
  • become very important in our modern world
  • as just a few workers are needed for a very specific job it also increases
  • significantly the speed of the harvesting process number eight
  • tobacco harvester are a 6:32
  • the main problem of harvesting tobacco is the need to crop and collect the
  • tobacco leaves from the bottom to the top of the plant stock as they ripen if
  • this pattern is not followed the products quality can be damaged manual
  • harvesting is unprofitable and slow which is why the manufacturers created
  • this three-wheel harvesting vehicle with adjustable height to crop and collect
  • tobacco leaves depending on the configuration this machine can go
  • through the tobacco plantation cropping only the ripe tobacco leaves at the
  • bottom of the plant stock and leaving intact the other leaves at the top of
  • the plant to continue to ripen this is one of the most efficient and effective
  • ways of tobacco harvesting in today's world
  • thanks for watching which machine did you find the most impressive and why let
  • me know the reason in the comment section below if you're new here then
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8 Unreal Useful Machines You Need To See


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1. MB- S 18

2. Sennebogen 860M

3. Pantera 4502

4. F60

5. Liebherr LB28

6. Flame Throwing Tractor

7. Cabbage Harvesting Machine

8. Tobacco Harvester RA 632


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