7 Extreme Transportation You Need To See

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Jun 11, 2017


7 Extreme Transportation You Need To See
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  • Welcome to TtI today. We are listing some of the world's most amazing transportation stories. That are so large-scale
  • They might make you feel like superman was orchestrating it all so sit back relax and enjoy this video my friend
  • number one
  • Bagger 288
  • The bagger 288 is a mining machine and Bucket-wheel excavator. It's the biggest machine designed to work in [open-Pit]
  • Coal mines it's got a height of 330 feet and the length of almost two football fields
  • It's so huge it requires five drivers to handle it in
  • 2001 this excavator completed work at one line and moved on up to another 14 miles away turns out
  • It was cheaper to move it in one piece and to dismantle it and put it back together after transportation
  • That is no smooth
  • task the travel took over thirty three weeks the vehicle had to cross over a river a highway a
  • Railway and a few roads at a speed of
  • 33 feet per minute the trip cost almost 50 million deutsche mark and required a group of 70 workers
  • The Baggers Transportation was made possible thanks to 12 systems on the track chain with electric drive
  • 7 million cubic feet of mud and gravel to level out [the] roads in some places even grass
  • Sod had to be laid down to allow the load to pass
  • the speed of these machines
  • Are often halves neither was 30 feet per minute which would translate into about 1/3 of a mile per hour?
  • However the fact that they can move at all technological [miracle] brought about through the use of Giant Crawlers
  • number two
  • Nuclear reactor a Saudi Company has transported a
  • [1048] ton reactor
  • 683 Miles over Steep Desert Hills and narrow Winding roads
  • It was carried on a hydraulic trailer going up each hill was a difficult task some would even fall behind
  • Switching to two trucks in the back and four in the front
  • Trucks and trailers were connected to each other mechanically which increased the traction and braking capacity
  • engineers Hope in the near future
  • transporting loads over 2,000 tons will be made possible with just a single truck in front and behind of the cargo a
  • company called [memoed] began developing new heavy Transport machinery called trailer Helper it uses tugs with
  • Hydraulic drive to reduce the need for multiple trucks presently required for traction
  • Direction and telling capacity with the help of this trailer the speed will increase
  • To at least five times and as a bonus it requires only one driver to manage the whole system which practically excludes mistakes in
  • coordination
  • number three
  • Inai Gnorga oil Rig the E9 orga [all] Rig in Norway contains the largest floating oil drill in the world
  • it needed the help of the dockwise vanguard for
  • Transportation this historically named dutch ship was made for heavy jobs like this one due to its size strength and
  • Submersible capabilities it has the power to carry
  • 220 million pounds and has made easy work of moving the
  • 351 foot Diameter oil Rig which has the ability to fill
  • 100,000 barrels a day the oil rig is no doubt made heavier by its construction as the
  • Particularly reg is headquartered in Norway in early 2015 [the] [vanguard] made its voyage
  • Westward to the E9 Gnorga construction site in South Korea through the Indian Ocean under the Southern tip of [africa]
  • Followed by a 60 day journey to Europe once docked to its mining station the E9 [Argo] was connected to its mainland Power source
  • number [four]
  • Harriett gas turbine the [machines] official name is the
  • [9h] a and it's made of heavy parts originally fabricated for jet engines the efficiency of this turbine is nearly unmatched
  • Which is why the precious cargo was treated to a long slow drive through the country at an average speed of 10 miles per hour
  • The device was held suspended by a long metal cradle which was connected to hinges by flatbeds on either end
  • This allowed the lengthy trailer to take its turn slow and with ease to ensure a successful commute
  • Engineers needed to examine every turn along the route between Belfort and its final location in Strasbourg
  • capping off three years of in-depth planning
  • number five
  • large binocular telescope
  • For a viewing device that peers out into deep space the world's largest mirror telescope needed to take a very
  • Earthbound Road Trip before taking a seat on the mountaintop where it is today?
  • Now glimmering on top of emerald peak in Arizona the Telescope's 30 foot long mirror required
  • Nearly a half a year of planning and a week of travel to get to the top of the ten thousand four hundred and eighty
  • foot peak the voyage began on October 23rd 2003 and the
  • 35,000 pounds load left the mirror Lab and headed to the base of a summit traveling a total of
  • 122 miles at a speed of 45 miles per hour
  • The following six days were spent prepping for the trip to the tip of the [mountain] on
  • 24 axles the flatbed travels upward winding from Ridge to Ridge at a single [mile-Per-hour]
  • With the mirror suspended up right over the carefully inspected and smoothed out road the task was repeated soon after for the telescope's
  • Second mirror which was needed to make it function like a set of binoculars hence the name large binocular telescope
  • It's the worthwhile journey to the top of emerald peak allows us to get a closer look at the stars
  • number [6]
  • [Mu] on G2 magnate Mu on G2 is a large accelerator owned by a company called fermilab
  • It's made to analyze mu on tiny short-lived highly magnetic particles
  • these muon
  • Experiments are intended to measure the exact timeline of [the] [bulan] particles existence and test whether they adhere to the laws of Modern [Kwon] physics
  • [luan] are considered heavy electrons and their analysis could be used to study how substances react to each other at the atomic level
  • obviously these particles aren't as heavy as we accelerate are used to study them the G2 required a small army of vehicles and
  • technicians to move it from its construction site in Long Island to its home at fermilab in Illinois at
  • 50 feet in diameter and with a 90 thousand pound apparatus intended to keep the device level and protected
  • The 3400 Mile Journey to move this electromagnet took more than a month to complete
  • after a Two-day drive through Long Island
  • New York the Accelerator was moved by Crane to a bridge which sailed South along the [east] [coast] around
  • Florida and up the Mississippi River until it was transferred to another truck and driven for three straight days to fermilab
  • finally finishing out its big move
  • number seven
  • Memo, it's heavy offshore Haul
  • [memo] is a dutch company specializing in the movement and transportation of incredibly heavy objects based on their track record
  • We are sure they could carry an entire parade on top of their flatbeds
  • memo [towed] the heaviest offshore module to ever be dragged on land at
  • 279 feet long 100 feet high and [700] thousand pounds this job garnered them a spot in the guinness [book] of world records
  • Originating in Newcastle uk the BP [clare] topside module required a year of engineering and development prior to the move
  • 470 Axles were needed for the gigantic flatbed tasked with carrying at topside with modules broken down and arranged in a tetris-like
  • Fashion to fit accordingly on the vehicle the flatbeds were all linked physically and
  • technologically with a computerized system monitoring structural integrity for
  • spmt or
  • self-propelled modular
  • Transporters A
  • Ballast system and a team of forklifts who are coordinated and choreographed to help host
  • [Bp's] machinery from the flatbed to a customized barge that would take this puppy out to sea
  • Once the spmt takes the module onto the barge the modules then jacked up high enough for the spmts be removed
  • And then it's welded to the barge before being sent out to sea we hope you like this video which transportation story
  • Did you find you interesting or cool let us know in the comments and subscribe for new thinking see you in the next video peace?

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7 Extreme Transportation You Need To See
Top 10 EXTREME Transportation Moves By Mankind EVER


1. Bagger 288



2. Nuclear Reactor


3. Eni Norge Oil Rig


4. Harriet Gas Turbine



5. Large Binocular Telescope


6. Muon G2 Magnet






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