60 Days BUTTER DRY AGED Experiment vs Real Dry Aged Steaks!

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Jan 17, 2019


60 Days BUTTER DRY AGED Experiment vs Real Dry Aged Steaks!
60 Days BUTTER DRY AGED Experiment vs Real Dry Aged Steaks! thumb 60 Days BUTTER DRY AGED Experiment vs Real Dry Aged Steaks! thumb 60 Days BUTTER DRY AGED Experiment vs Real Dry Aged Steaks! thumb


  • There's nothing better than dry-aged or is there?
  • For today's cook dry-aging this beautiful export rib in butter
  • In a lot of butter!
  • I put the butter on top of the sous vide circulator
  • so that it would come to room temperature faster
  • then i put all of them into a pot to make it a nice smooth texture
  • once the butter became spreadable it is time to work on the meat
  • Now this is prime beef which i got
  • from DemKota from Minnesota since this is large enough I decided to split it in
  • half to test half dry-aging butter and the other half as real dry-aged.
  • After splitting it in half you can see the wonderful marbling. The first one I
  • started using the UMAI bags remember this is a special bag this is not a home
  • ziploc bag it is consider a membrane that goes around the meat to dry-age.
  • It is not a regular vacuum bag or a ziploc bag it allows you to dry aged at home
  • without any special equipment. For the second one there's not much to do except
  • clean the surface a little and cover the whole thing with butter. I spread it out
  • until every little piece was covered once the bottom was covered with butter
  • I flipped it so that I can spread the rest on top check it out
  • now there's pretty much nothing else to do but to put it in the refrigerator.
  • I am using my regular refrigerator it is not something as special so that it
  • maintains a temperature between 34 degrees to 37 degrees Fahrenheit now
  • there's nothing else to do but wait 60 days.
  • After sixty days this is what it looks like
  • I was surprised to find this black spot which freaked me out I honestly
  • thought my meat was completely ruined. What in the world was that? So I quickly
  • opened it up to find out what it was. After opening it out I was quickly
  • rewarded with this. It looked like perfection.
  • the only really odd thing for me is that
  • it smelled like butter it did not have a dry aged smell it did not
  • even have a beef smell it smelled like a hundred percent butter!
  • It was odd and satisfying at the same time this is looking extremely promising
  • Now let's go to the real dry aged after removing from the refrigerator I quickly
  • opened the UMAI bag as expected perfectly dry aged then I opened it out
  • after bringing it up to my nose and smelling it which is the first thing you
  • should do when dry-aging it smelled wonderful it smelled like
  • nutty beefy no foul smell whatsoever and the way that I'm used to
  • perfectly dry aged beef when putting them side-by-side you can tell the difference between them
  • I was very happy from the yield of the butter it looked like I was gonna have
  • almost no lost at all that is very promising so then I decided
  • to cut them into steaks.
  • As I'm removing the butter from the steak this is the black spot we
  • saw earlier as you can see is just dried blood nothing else no big deal
  • and the dry-aged steaks looked perfect
  • once the steak was cut it was time to trim them. Remember never throw your
  • trimmings away there's a lot of different things you can do with it and
  • I have shown that in the channel already. As expected we did have quite a bit of
  • lost between the dry aged steak. Now it's time for the butter. Once the butter was
  • removed I was surprised because the edges were all oxidized in both sides.
  • That did not look very good to me and after smelling it it didn't had a
  • little funky smell once you pass the butter obviously. So I decided to trim it.
  • Once they were completely trimmed I put them side by side so that you can see
  • the difference between them dry aged butter on the left
  • and the real dry aged on the right
  • But now that we have these two beautiful steaks ready it is time to cook them and
  • see how they taste. To ensure I'm cooking both steaks at the
  • exact same temperature I am using my wireless thermometer so that me and
  • Angel can really taste the flavor of these steaks
  • I am only seasoning them with salt and pepper. Now that we have these beautiful
  • steaks ready it is time to cook them and I am going to be reverse searing them
  • with the slow an d sear and the weber kettle.
  • So let's do it!
  • Wow.
  • What do you think Angel? Wow it looks awesome!
  • It looks impressive we are starving are you ready
  • to try it? I'm ready to go! They are different we have a and B are
  • you ready? Oh we got a little experiment? We got a little steak
  • experiment today Angel. Oh man let's go let's go. Let's go enough talking this one is very
  • special here it is for you my friend Were cutting it! Cheers!
  • That is fantastic!
  • Hmm it is super tender, super juicy, extremely flavorful
  • What do you doing? Its awesome. No hold on you gotta. This one is seconds worthy.
  • Hold on, hold on not yet Angel!
  • Alright lets eat another one I just got that one in half.
  • I can't it is fantastic, wow this time you got the big one. It is incredible. Wow!
  • so juicy
  • Are you ready for the second one? Let's go. Now I'm excited to find out how this one tastes.
  • Whats the what are we testing? I'm gonna tell you right after we try it. We testing the
  • juiciness? Right after we try it I'm gonna let you know I'll take that one
  • you take the bigger one you can take the big one this is the bigger one. All right
  • Angel let's try it, cheers buddy!
  • I've been robbed. Cheers
  • hmm way tender way flavorful a unique taste
  • I already got it I know what happened. What happened Angel
  • which one is better for you Angel
  • I know what happened here. What happened?
  • This one is dry aged Wow you can tell you can
  • tell my boy is learning everybody he is learning you get that nice little funk
  • you know you know what I think it is but it tastes like a little bit to me I mean
  • I don't know maybe other people say something else but to me as I go kind of
  • like a wine make a wine you taste that go something like that like it's not
  • like yeah I know you say he's like nutty I say it's kind of like wine look it's a
  • wine ish flavor like you can't get a grasp around it it has an additional
  • type of flavor that you don't really know how to describe that I agree with
  • Angel, remember the butter steak you've been asking me to do it forever
  • oh the one that's the butter steak that's a straight butter block that's
  • the butter steak, it is incredible everybody. Now is it dry aged?
  • it doesn't have the same flavor as dry aged to me
  • I agree with you it's a very good steak it
  • is a fantastic steak obviously this is a prime steak we started off with the best
  • of the best but at the same time it is not a dry aged steak it doesn't have
  • that nice funk. Right? That little funk of dry aged not even close however it is
  • incredible it is incredible I mean I like it a lot
  • but I don't think that is dry aged in my opinion is not really too dry aged
  • I agree with you Angel it is not dry aged it doesn't have that funk but it is
  • incredible everybody and it's super soft and it's super tender and juicy and
  • yum but I don't think it tastes dry aged I agree with you it is not a dry aged
  • steak. Is it fantastic? Yes. Is it incredible? Yes. Is it tender? Yes.
  • Juicy? Yes. Does it have the dry aged funk? No, it does not not this time. Angel if you
  • have to pick a steak and you were in a restaurant and you got a or B which one do you like better
  • well here's the thing mm-hmm this one has a
  • very strong meat flavor this one has a very strong dry aged meat flavor which
  • one do you prefer if I'm in the mood for something that tastes dry aged, dry aged if I'm
  • in the mood for something that says very meety this one. That is not a fair
  • conclusion you gotta give me an answer you have to pick a steak A or B
  • If you don't have a choice and you're going to die Angel we have steak A and we
  • have steak B which one would you pick? The dry aged I am with angel a hundred
  • percent the dry aged steak is better however this steak is fantastic
  • I recommend you giving it a try once will I do it again no I don't know it's too
  • much work to do it the butter is very messy you know butter everywhere you
  • know we have butter when we were doing this up upright noses hair you know
  • cleaning the butter after I a tremendous amount of work I would not do
  • it again but it is good it is not bad. It's tasty. It's tasty now the dry aged
  • is way better and I recommend that a hundred percent dry age is dry age bro
  • Dry age is dry age! I don't know if this is gonna really count as dry aged you had it in
  • the fridge for a while but I feel like what happened is that it kind of just
  • vacuum-sealed . It vacuum sealed in butter, you are absolutely right. It kind of just vacuum
  • sealed the steak in butter. That is a perfect description vacuum seal the
  • steak in butter when you open the steak is just feel like a fresh steak it
  • doesn't feel like you know this one when you touch it it's like hard hardcore but
  • after you cook it it's so soft and tender this one is exactly like a fresh
  • steak but I more tender than a fresh steak that's the only thing I can tell.
  • And I don't know that's because it's prime or what but that was a very good
  • vacuum seal we had. That's another thing too.
  • It had a really good vacuum seal. You call the butter experiment a vacuum sealer Angel!
  • The vacuum sealing experiment. That's a good explanation right there it is a vacuum sealer of butter
  • because I don't know if it does anything at all because the steak is already a very high
  • quality. This one it does something I could tell you that. Like the butter was
  • salty butter. Yea it was salty butter. So maybe it dried it a little bit
  • but it was mostly just. Not really. I feel like it was just sealed
  • yeah I agree with you I like it though don't get me wrong everybody the butter
  • aged one is fantastic but it does not come close to the real deal.
  • guys I hope you enjoyed the video
  • If you do enjoy it make sure you give it a thumbs up
  • If you're not a subscriber be sure to subscribe for future videos
  • and remember if you're interested in anything I use everything is always in
  • the description down below. Thank you so much for watching we'll see you guys on
  • the next one. Hold on a second I have a question for you guys would you like me
  • to cook this one Sous vide so that the guys in the office can try it as well maybe
  • has a different flavor on sous-vide right that's a good idea
  • I guess it's... Are you being jealous the season of giving I guess you know come
  • on we gotta give. Fine we can give it to them fine! Is only fair if they try it too- comment below
  • if you want to see them try it and I'm gonna make it happen. That way you can watch
  • the boiling bag guy do it. Anyway guys thanks for watching.
  • I'll see you on the next one take care bye bye.

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Is it possible that butter dry aged steak can be better than a real dry aged steak? Today I am dry aging one whole rib roast for 60 days, one half was in butter and the half other is the real deal to find out which one is best! Thanks for watching this dry aging experiment and hope you enjoy it!
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