$5000 Electric JET ENGINE (Flying like Iron Man Update)

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12:45   |   Apr 12, 2018


$5000 Electric JET ENGINE (Flying like Iron Man Update)
$5000 Electric JET ENGINE (Flying like Iron Man Update) thumb $5000 Electric JET ENGINE (Flying like Iron Man Update) thumb $5000 Electric JET ENGINE (Flying like Iron Man Update) thumb


  • It's here!
  • The part we have dreamed about!
  • Ian: It's been on order for three months
  • And we finally have it
  • These are definitely not the edible kind.
  • Ian: Only one way to find out
  • Come on
  • My god, its huge!
  • How heavy is it? I want to say 2.4 kilograms
  • At least 5 pounds
  • Follow us on Instagram! It's a rocket!
  • Why
  • You need something to do
  • Alright, so if you guys are new to this series, we've been attempting to fly like Iron Man for ooh
  • almost
  • Two years now since 100,000 subscribers basically
  • What happened was when our YouTube channel was very small we set a little goal that if we broke a hundred thousand subscribers
  • We would start this ambitious project to try and fly like Iron Man!
  • So for our hundred thousand subscriber milestone
  • We actually said we would try and do a project to fly like Iron Man
  • Now obviously that is a really really ambitious project and has taken us a long time
  • Just to get where we are today and the big issue obviously is
  • funding because
  • Flying is difficult, but flying in a compact way is even more expensive. You can build a giant quadcopter
  • They could lift a human for probably under $20,000 if you want to try and shrink that down to like a tiny jetpack
  • The cost just skyrockets so
  • what we're trying to do is slowly build up a system and get used to flying and we're basically going to start by building a
  • Larger version of what we hope to shrink down in the future now in our earlier videos
  • We use what we thought were some of the largest EDFs that you could actually purchase and these put out about eight kilograms of thrust
  • Thanks to all of our sponsors
  • We were able to buy what we now know is the largest EDF you can buy and that's the Schubeler 195 millimeter diameter
  • EDF and this thing puts out 24 kilograms of thrust
  • Now in order to actually test this and make sure it can put out 24 kilograms of thrust
  • We've got this little thrust test jig that we built for our homemade EDF in an update a few videos ago
  • So what we're gonna do is we're gonna mount this on here
  • Hook up the new speed controller
  • which you can see is absolutely massive compared to what we're using before and
  • Then we'll be able to spin it up and see if it actually produces that 24 kilograms of thrust
  • Goodbye washer it's by your sock
  • Socks and sandals on video, that's that's a risky move. Let's see if it pays off
  • So now we're gonna install a new speed controller just a little bit bigger not too much bigger
  • What a crappy ziptie!
  • And now for something completely different,
  • On this episode make it real, I'm going to show you how to style your hair, just like Captain America
  • Once your hair is nice and wet you're gonna need an industrial hair dryer
  • And boom! You've got Captain America's hair!
  • All right so before we decide to use this in our future design
  • We need to test to make sure it's actually up to the manufacturers spec
  • So as we've shown before we built a little thrust test jig with a little Arduino
  • That's going to keep track of how much thrust this actually produces the other big thing
  • we're testing here is my confidence level in being anywhere near this when it's running because
  • That is the ultimate plan to strap these to my body somehow, so let's let's see how confident I feel. here we go
  • All right so right now we have it set to a maximum of a 30 percent throttle. Let's see what that's like
  • Not bad now let's go up to full throttle
  • Somehow don't feel safe standing right next to it. I don't know if I feel safer like over here
  • So my confidence level so far is not very high
  • All right, so we've got the data on the Arduino from that test now
  • It sounds really impressive, but let's let's throw some stuff into the wind stream and see what that looks like so
  • Maybe not 100%
  • Didn't blow that far yeah, the jet engine looked a bit cooler when we throwing balls in front of it
  • All right now to visualize the flow of air that's actually going through the EDF right now we have a little surprise
  • It's called a smoke grenade
  • Got a bit dusty in there
  • All right now we've tested the jet engine and the shoe blur well and our homemade EDF
  • We can start deciding what we actually want to use for the project
  • Now the most economical option would of course just be using giant props, but like we said earlier
  • We don't really want to go down this road because we'll just end up with basically a giant
  • quadcopter
  • After giant props the next most economical option is the jet engine
  • The jet engines produce about thirty four kilograms of thrust and cost roughly about three to four thousand dollars each
  • They're not as precise as an EDF, which means we can't control them quite as easily making it a bit difficult for VTOL application
  • That's not to say it's not possible, it's just the design we want to go with is going to be self stabilizing
  • Now people have attached jet engines to themselves before and successfully hovered, but again. We want to build a platform
  • That's intelligent and can
  • Automatically make sure the pilot is upright. Which is why we really want to use EDFs
  • but the problem is the EDFs are really really expensive the Schuebeler produces about twenty four kilograms of thrust
  • But it costs nearly six thousand dollars after import tax customs
  • And all those duties and whatnot but at that price point for those EDFs
  • I mean we'd probably need about eight of them at
  • Minimum to be able to have enough thrust weight to really be able to fly properly
  • You're looking at forty eight thousand dollars
  • Just there, which is crazy
  • And it's gonna be quite a while before we could afford that many EDFs to actually build this prototype
  • So to try and reduce that cost we did try designing our own EDF
  • The problem was the amount of engineering time that would have to go into the design to make it work would actually end up costing
  • Much much more than just buying them, so we're kind of back at square one
  • And we're not really going to pursue designing our own EDF and that being said one of our subscribers is
  • actually looking at designing their own 300 mil EDF
  • He's actually 3d scanned and upscaled a blade design from an existing EDF
  • Modified it in CAD 3d printed it and then coated in carbon fiber
  • And as you see he actually sent us a sample of one of the blades he built
  • That's pretty awesome
  • So as you can see he sent us one of the original 3d printed samples
  • But then what he did was he actually coated it in carbon fiber
  • Now carbon fiber is actually one of the few things we can't do here at hack Smith industries yet
  • but it's really awesome to see what is possible and it's definitely something we're gonna be looking into in the future as
  • Something that we'd like to be able to do in a house
  • anyways
  • If you guys want to see a detailed video on how this was actually made go check out and subscribe
  • to high voltage feathers on YouTube
  • We've put a link in the description below, and there'll be a link at the end of this video
  • And if he has success with this project
  • Maybe we'll be able to use his design in a future iteration of our project but in the meantime
  • Let's use AR technology to actually show you what our design might look like
  • So this is our preliminary design that we drafted up in SolidWorks as you can see it uses four jet engines and four Schuebeler
  • EDFs and will provide a considerable amount of thrust that would allow us to fly and
  • It would be able to self stabilize there we go
  • That's the approximate scale of the actual design as you can see it is pretty big
  • But it is a lot smaller than a giant quadcopter now obviously there are even smaller platforms out there
  • Notable one is the flyboard air which is really compact and works really well. The only issue is. That's a
  • $250,000 product if we're able to build something like this the cost would actually be just under sixty thousand dollars
  • Which is still a lot of money, but it's not a quarter-million. Well we hope you guys enjoyed that video
  • I know it was a rather quick update, but we thought some update was better than no update because right now
  • We're actually super busy with some other big projects in the shop and some new equipment
  • Which we're gonna be announcing very soon you guys want a hint on seeing what that is check us out on social media and don't
  • Forget to check out high voltage feathers on YouTube right there
  • Plus we'll be testing this soon

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Just a quick little Flying like Iron Man Update!

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