💡 50 Macrame Knots & Sennits To Improve Your Macrame Designs

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Mar 07, 2019


💡 50 Macrame Knots & Sennits To Improve Your Macrame Designs
💡 50 Macrame Knots & Sennits To Improve Your Macrame Designs thumb 💡 50 Macrame Knots & Sennits To Improve Your Macrame Designs thumb 💡 50 Macrame Knots & Sennits To Improve Your Macrame Designs thumb


UPDATE: I've added the time-stamp for each knot below for quick reference :)

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Hi everyone! Welcome to my channel Bochiknot,

My name is Nicole, and I am a macrame design artist and content creator. On this channel, you will find all things macrame, and everything you need to begin that journey.
Whether you are looking to get started in macrame as a hobby, or are looking to get on a more advanced level to design your own pieces, you will find it here right here!

In this tutorial, we are going to be walking through 50 macrame knots and sennits. The video tutorial takes you step-by-step on how to tie each knot and covers all the different type of macrame knots and sennits that can be used in creating a macrame piece. You can combine several of these knots to create your own unique macrame pieces.

The list of knots include:
- Horizontal Lark's head (#)
- Reverse Lark's head (#)
- Reverse Lark's Head + Half Hitch (#)
- Nestled Mount Lark's head (#)
- Prusik Knot (#)
- Cat's Paw Hitch (#)
- Triple Loop knot (#)
- Vertical Lark's Head (#)
- Half Knot (#)
- Square Knot (#)
- Single Half hitch knot (#)
- Double Half Hitch (Clove Hitch) (#)
- Berry Knot (Square Knot Button) (#)
- Overhand Knot (#)
- Slip knot (#)
- Clasped hands knot (#)
- Josephine Knot (#)
- Diamond Stitch (#)
- Crown knot (#)
- Triangle knot (#)
- 4 cord French Knot (#)
- Braid - 3ply, 4ply, 5ply, 6ply (#)
- Wave Braid (#)
- Ladder strap (#)
- Half hitch spiral (#)
- Half knot spiral (#)
- Alternating half hitch chain (#)
- Alternating Triangle sennit (#)
- Alternating Lark's head chain (#)
- Fishbone picot sennit (#)
- Gathering knot (#)
- Coil knot (#)
- Figure 8 knot (#)
- Bloody Knuckle knot (#)
- Rain knot (#)
- Stevedore knot (#)
- Monkey Fist (#)
- Oysterman knot (#)
- Eternity knot (#)
- Lambda knot (#)
- Lucky knot (#)
- Cloverleaf knot (#)
- Celtic Square knot (#)
- Pitcher knot (#)
- Wrapped ring (#)
- Pipa knot (#)
- Triskelion knot (#)

Tag me on instagram @bochiknot with your finished creation using the knots in here as I would love to see your designs!
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For those that are new to macrame or looking to try it out for the very first time. I’ve put together a macrame playlist below to watch to get a better understanding of the different type of designs that you can make with macrame.

Start Here:
Bochiknot Beginner tutorials:
️Mandala tutorial: /watch?v=xkIJ8Z8fTGI
️Diamond Keychain #1 tutorial: /watch?v=-vt8_d2DX3o
️Flora Keychain #2 tutorial: /watch?v=Ffvnzg8OSzk
️Vase/Candle holder tutorial: /watch?v=eoW_V2qTcKA
️Belle Plant Hanger tutorial: /watch?v=75xxYVrE9bA

Hope you enjoy the video! Thanks for watching :)

Love, Nikki


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