5 Squishy Makeovers | Re-Decorating Cheap Squishies

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5 Squishy Makeovers | Re-Decorating Cheap Squishies
5 Squishy Makeovers | Re-Decorating Cheap Squishies thumb 5 Squishy Makeovers | Re-Decorating Cheap Squishies thumb 5 Squishy Makeovers | Re-Decorating Cheap Squishies thumb


  • Hey guys so today, I'm gonna be doing something that should be really fun
  • I'm gonna do five different squishy
  • Makeovers! so I have here five very cheap Squishy's that I got online ($1-3), except for the soft and slow cream puff
  • But we'll get to that later
  • I'm gonna try to make them better by painting them cutting them up doing whatever I feel like needs to be done to improve them
  • Exhibit A
  • We have this little cookie. It's actually a really cute
  • Shape it says eat me, but I'm not sure that's a good idea considering the filling looks like it's rancid also
  • there's a hole right there and just in general the coloring is really sloppy and
  • Uneven, let's quit complaining and give this cookie a makeover.
  • I'll be using fabric paint by either tulip or
  • Scribbles for all of these. Right off the bat things are gonna
  • Get a little violent because I have to stab the squishy right in the center with a toothpick
  • And I'm thinking this cookie would look good in chocolate. Step 1 remove the paint boogers from the nozzle
  • I'm gonna start painting the cookie with some chocolate brown fabric paint and making sure to cover the edges of the cookie as well
  • And I'm just using a popsicle stick to spread the paint the toothpick is there because it allows me to paint both sides
  • Of the squishy without worrying where to hold it and my hand getting in the way and all that nonsense and once that's all done
  • I'm gonna take a piece of packing foam and stick the toothpick
  • Into the foam so that the cookie can dry the paint does take about three to six hours to dry depending on
  • How thick you've applied it. Once that was dry you can see that there are still some places that could use some more paint
  • So I'm going to apply another coat just on the top cookie for now because while the paint is wet I'm gonna add some
  • Polymer clay sprinkles that I've made in advance
  • I am breaking them in half because those sprinkles were just a little too long for that little cookie to handle you can just sprinkle
  • Them on like a normal human being but I'm just too much of a control freak for that so I like to put them on
  • one by one so I can choose exactly where they go, and now I'm turning it over and
  • Touching up the paint on the bottom cookie as well once that's dry, We can finally take care of that terrible green filling
  • I'm gonna go with white because I think it has nice contrast with the chocolate cookie let it dry again
  • And it's done wasn't that fun. I don't know about you, but I quite like the changes that I made to this squishy
  • I really like the chocolate color of the cookie the little eat me words on there died you can't read them anymore
  • But I feel like it really doesn't need it
  • You shouldn't have to convince me that you're edible you know what I mean, but anyway
  • I think that the new version looks a lot more appetizing now even though it doesn't say eat me
  • Moving on to this ice cream
  • I love the shape of this one and it actually feels like a nice quality foam, but the color selections are gross (laugh's)
  • The cone comes in a sort of like turd brown and the ice cream is like a mucus yellow
  • YUM, there's also a lot of paint missing and lots of little holes in this one which is not cute. Disclaimer!
  • I know that this stuff is to be expected with cheap squishy, so I'm not complaining
  • I'm just pointing the things out so that we know what we need to improve on I'm gonna start by mixing together a color for
  • The cone that I think looks a little more food like and a little less like doo doo and of course apply that to the cone
  • I used a little jar to hold the squishy upside down while it was drying
  • You do kind of have to get creative when it comes to setting these things up to dry
  • You kind of just have to work with whatever you've got laying around in your house and since I have some leftover paint
  • I'm gonna put that in an empty little paint container to save it that way
  • I don't have to mix this color and match the color again, because that's a pain, once that dries
  • I did apply a second coat and once that coat was dry. It's time for the fun part
  • Which is the ice cream?
  • I really went back and forth about what color to choose for the ice cream
  • But I settled on a light purple because I feel like I have a shortage of purple squishies in my collection and you know
  • That's just not right
  • So I went with purple as you can see it dried quite a bit darker than it looked when it was wet fabric paint does
  • Have a tendency to do that F.Y.I.
  • so just keep that in mind and,
  • Paying special attention to all those little holes because we want to make sure to cover all those up
  • And now I'm using a candle holder to hold up the ice-cream. Wail I
  • Sprinkle-la-fy it oh I swear. I say the cringest things sometimes anyway
  • I'm dropping the sprinkles on where I want them, and then I use a pin to
  • Kind of push them down and snuggle them into the paint so that they stick really well and once that's all dry
  • It's complete. I think the new colors are much more friendly and happier
  • I feel like the old one was kind of depressing or like sick or something
  • I don't know. I'm also glad to see that all those little holes are now covered up so anyone with trippa-phobia
  • No longer has to worry about this one
  • Somebody's gonna get triggered by me saying that just watch
  • Next we have this popsicle which comes with a lot of cheap-looking sprinkles that are already falling off. lovely!
  • I feel like this is like the roasting section of the video where I just throw tons of
  • insults at the squishies lots of little defects and uneven coloring
  • But the worst part is the stick it's really not much of a stick. It's got big gouges taken out of it
  • It just looks sad to be honest this guy needs a lot of work
  • Starting with those sprinkles some of them brushed right off like almost too easily, and then the rest are like
  • Cemented on so I had to take some tweezers and pull them off one by one it takes some patience
  • But it's it's gonna be worth it in the end
  • I think I did pull them off as carefully as I could but he was left with some battle scars
  • So I used some scissors to try to smooth out the surface just a little bit
  • I made sure not to get too carried away because it's really easy to go too far and you make it worse
  • Now to take care of that stick that stick. I'm just gonna chop it off. It's no longer welcome here
  • I'm gonna use a real popsicle stick in its place
  • So I have to cut a slit in the bottom take some fabric glue dip the stick into the glue and then insert the stick
  • Surgery is a messy thing so now we have to clean up all the blood and guts that are left over
  • Finally we can start painting
  • So I'm gonna start with painting a white stripe because I decided on a watermelon theme for this popsicle
  • I don't want to use plain red and green
  • I want them to be a little bit lighter
  • So I'm mixing them with white and I'm painting the bottom while the white is still wet so I have to be really careful
  • About not smearing the two colors together because we don't want that and now I'm going in with the red
  • I'm gonna leave the bite-mark alone for now. I'll deal with that once this dries
  • I had kind of a hard time coming up with how to let this one dry
  • But I ended up using a binder clip on the stick and then duct taping that down to a piece of paper
  • It's not pretty, but it works now that that's dry you can see the texture from the foam its back
  • So it's definitely necessary to do a second coat on this one and here we go again
  • I'm definitely making sure to neaten things up as I go the first coat in general is really messy
  • And then I tend to neaten things up a lot during the second coat and I'm using black sprinkles to represent the watermelon seeds
  • Not too many cuz nobody likes the watermelon with a ton of seeds, so I'm just putting a couple
  • I really, love how this one turned out because it was quite a process to fix this one up
  • Really, love how this one turned out because it was quite a process to fix this one up
  • But I think it's a big improvement. I think the new one is just a lot more interesting and unique
  • That's one of the great things about this is that you can make whatever you want
  • It doesn't have to be just a generic design next is the coffee
  • Coffee or a latte drink not really sure what to call this one
  • The top has a lot of rips and tears and holes and again
  • We have this greenish yellow color the foam itself does feel pretty nice for this one
  • It's very soft, but I do have a little bit of a problem with the straw
  • It's already starting to tear off and it kind of looks a little awkward to me like it's too small and it looks out of
  • Place so I went with a light pink for the cup. It was weird because usually with food items
  • It's okay to have a little bit of texture in the paint, but for a cup you probably want it to be smooth
  • I'm using a candle to let the squishy dry
  • and, Shocker. I did apply a second coat another coat of pink you can see my struggle to get it smooth
  • Shocker. I did apply a second coat another coat of pink you can see my struggle to get it smooth
  • And now we can start dealing with the top of that which at this point
  • It's very ripped and broken from me digging my nails into it so well done
  • But luckily it doesn't matter because the paint will fix all those problems anyway
  • And I am just cutting off that straw because I wasn't a fan, and I thought it would look better without it
  • I'm gonna go with white for the whipped cream which is very original
  • I know who would have thought to use white for whipped cream
  • Crazy the paint works really well to seal up all of those holes and tears and make everything nice again there
  • We go and I painted the actual drink in rainbow, which is what I'm starting on now
  • But this got really
  • Messed up because about half way around I realized that I had way more room than I thought and I wasn't spacing the colors out
  • Properly, so I had to scrape off some of the paint and the color started getting mixed and things started getting messy
  • But it's okay don't panic
  • I just figured out the spacing and then I smooth the paint out a bit and
  • Left it alone to let it dry
  • It's not pretty right now, but I can just go over it with the second coat so I'm not gonna worry
  • I gave the whipped cream a second coat and then I went right back to work on the rainbow drink
  • I added some drips which is much easier when you paint straight from the bottle
  • But since I mixed my own colors for this
  • I had to draw the drips on with a toothpick which takes so much longer, but it's it's fine
  • and, for the top, I just went in with little dots. I guess they're like little candy pieces or circular sprinkles
  • I don't know something cute and festive and the last step was to clean up the bottom edge of the whipped cream
  • and, Woila here's the final squishy, I think it looks so much cuter than before
  • I don't know something cute and festive and the last step was to clean up the bottom edge of the whipped cream and
  • Voila here's the final squishy, I think it looks so much cuter than before
  • I'm really happy with the colors, and this was definitely the most time-consuming paint job of the five squishies
  • I decorated this using the new soft and slow deco markers only to find out that after a little while the color will rub off and
  • And the last victim is this creampuff which has been in my last two squishy videos
  • I
  • decorated this using the new soft and slow deco markers only to find out that after a little while the color will rub off and
  • Smear, and it's not pretty, but I've been complaining about this one for like two weeks now
  • So it's finally time to do something about it
  • I wanted to kind of do something similar with the colors as the original so I went with a blue and pink cotton candy
  • theme now with this one I was a little concerned because I've been hearing that soft and slow squishies will not hold fabric paint and
  • That it will just peel off so I was super worried that I was gonna spend all this time on the squishy
  • And then it was just gonna peel off
  • I think people were having problems with the soft and slow squishies that are very smooth like the animals so off-camera
  • I was working on one of the animals and I did have the problem with the paint peeling off the surface of the foam is
  • So smooth that the paint has nothing to grab on to so it just comes right off after it dries
  • Luckily the cream puff doesn't have that same problem because it actually has quite a lot of texturing on it
  • So it's fine
  • I was super disappointed with the animals though because I was really looking forward to decorating those
  • So I've been
  • Experimenting for the past couple days with some different ways to get the paint to stick and I think I may have had a breakthrough
  • And just figured out a way that works
  • But I'll keep you guys updated and back to what this video is actually about I'm putting some nice cotton candy colored sprinkles
  • Into the center and when I say cotton candy colored
  • I just mean blue and pink and then I'm using a toothpick to put some powdered sugar on the top and
  • Hope you enjoyed watching these squishy makeovers I feel as though I like these squishys
  • I do like how this came out, but it's probably my least favorite of the group
  • I just I feel like I need to say that because it's the truth, but I do like how it came out
  • I
  • Hope you enjoyed watching these squishy makeovers I feel as though I like these quiz she's a lot better than they were before
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Hey everyone! Today I am going to be doing FIVE "Squishy Makeovers." I used very cheap squishies from Banggood.com which is an Asian website that is great for getting affordable squishies.

Of course, these very cheap squishies have a lot of imperfections (which is expected), so I decided to try to fix them! I have had this idea for the longest time, I am so excited to finally be doing this. I had a blast making this video, I hope you enjoy it!

*Let me know if you liked the squishies better BEFORE or AFTER*

–I have been doing a lot of squishy videos recently, which is great (I plan on making MANY more), but next week I will be taking a break from squishies and going back to Create This Book :)



Every Friday: Alternating drawing videos (create this book & this is not a book) AND craft/DIY videos


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