5 Seemingly Impossible Levels in Super Mario Maker 2 !

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5 Seemingly Impossible Levels in Super Mario Maker 2 !
5 Seemingly Impossible Levels in Super Mario Maker 2 ! thumb 5 Seemingly Impossible Levels in Super Mario Maker 2 ! thumb 5 Seemingly Impossible Levels in Super Mario Maker 2 ! thumb


  • One of the first things I tried when I finally got my hands onto mario maker 2, was to build
  • an impossible level.
  • A level that is simply, absolutely no way to ever beat it impossible.
  • So it pains me to say this, but at least for now we don’t know about a way to create
  • such a stage in super Mario Maker 2.
  • However, while exploring the depths of the internet, looking for a way to build a totally,
  • absolutely no way to ever beat it impossible level, I stumbled over many different tricks
  • that at least allow us to build stages that are seemingly impossible.
  • Levels that use minor glitches, weird tricks, or obscure mechanics to create a level that
  • appears to be impossible, even though there is a trick that allows the stage to be cleared.
  • So today we are going to take a look at those strange tricks, since many of them, are actually
  • quite interesting.
  • So are you ready?
  • Let’s do this!
  • Okay so here luigi finds himself in the middle of the newly discovered desert.
  • There really isn’t a lot going on in this room.
  • To weegees right is the exit door, but this door appears to be completely unreachable
  • since it is below a one way door.
  • To his left is a strange small contraption, and other than that there is only a single
  • buzzy beetle lonely doing it’s duty, by waddling around.
  • Hm, so how is luigi supposed to reach the famous exit door here?
  • Well the answer is actually surprisingly simple.
  • All that he has to do here, is to make use of a recently discovered clipping glitch.
  • First he has to jump onto the lonely beetle, and afterwards he has to carry it to this
  • spot, and then, then he is able to trigger the contraption by doing absolutely nothing.
  • Classic Luigi.
  • So after a while, the beetle decides that he has been carried around for long enough,
  • and wants to waddle again.
  • The interesting thing here is, that the beetle decides to waddle inside the blaster this
  • time.
  • Once it glitched into the contraption it triggers this noteblock, which in consequence spits
  • out a delicious mushroom in disgust.
  • All that luigi has to do now is to run to the right, to start to climb the vines, and
  • to wait until the mushroom reaches him.
  • Because as soon as our climbing plumber devours this little snack, he not only grows bigger,
  • but also clips through the one way door.
  • Hooray!
  • That’s the first seemingly impossible room beaten.
  • Alright, so next up, luigi finds himself in the middle of this mysterious ghost house.
  • So the seemingly impossible to reach exit door is this time hidden behind an ouching
  • spike wall.
  • The only way to reach it, is this tiny little gap, there is only a small catch.
  • Weegee can’t jump through this gap, because as soon as he jumps, he gets grabbed by a
  • claw which, inevitably leads to a tragic spike touching accident.
  • So the obviously only way to leave this seemingly impossible room again, is to eat a delicious
  • mushroom, so that our plumber can damage boost through the spiked gap.
  • And would you believe it, after a bit of exploring luigi actually finds such a mushroom, hidden
  • at the top of the stage.
  • But how is he supposed to reach it?
  • The claw doesn’t give him enough momentum to jump that far, and a wall jump won’t
  • allow him to grab the delicious power up either.
  • Hm … that’s tricky, no matter how hard luigi tries he isn’t able to reach it.
  • And that is for a very simple reason, it simply isn’t possible.
  • This power up is just an evil trick that the local ghosts are playing on weegee, because
  • in truth he doesn't need a power up to make it past the claw.
  • In truth he has to do something entirely different.
  • So check this out.
  • Here we start the room again.
  • This time luigi immediately jumps into the claw that drops into this bottomless pit.
  • But how is this supposed to help our seemingly trapped plumber?
  • Well, there is a small glitch.
  • If Luigi gets carried to the bottom of the stage, while grabbed by a claw, and then jumps
  • a couple of frames before he would actually die, then our plumber is allowed to leave
  • the bottomless pit again, but our game got a bit confused.
  • Yup.
  • This allows luigi just to jump past the seemingly impossible gap, and to reach the exit pipe
  • this way.
  • Hooray!
  • So next we have this completely empty room, and toad trapped in the middle of it.
  • The only way to escape this empty room, is by getting a key.
  • The key lives inside this note-block in the top left corner of the screen.
  • So … uhm … there is no way toad is ever able to reach this noteblock, and there is
  • absolutely nothing else going on in this room.
  • How is our wonderful mushroom hero supposed to leave the room?
  • Well the answer to this little riddle is actually surprisingly simple.
  • There are five block blocks hidden at the bottom.
  • Those block blocks are no ordinary block blocks, but they are actually part of a gigantic hidden
  • combination lock, that works by player position.
  • So what toad has to do if he wants to escape this room is the following.
  • First he has to stand on top of this block for a second, then he has to go to the left
  • and to stand here for a moment, then he has to go to this block, to this block, back to
  • the first block and finally he has to stand on the block to the far left.
  • If everything worked out then the key should appear after a moment.
  • .. … Hooray!
  • If toad to ever stand on a wrong block, then the combination lock at the top would become
  • locked, and obtaining the key impossible.
  • So how did we create a position depended combination lock?
  • Well the answer is actually surprisingly, evil, poisonous and chasing us during night
  • time.
  • Because the answer is, with the help of the poisonous killer mushroom, that appears in
  • the ground theme during night time.
  • So this item is incredibly interesting, because it is the only item in the game that pretty
  • accurately mimics toads movement.
  • If toad moves to the left, then the mushroom moves to the left, if toad stands still than
  • the mushroom take a break.
  • All that we did here was to build a small setup like this, hidden out of sight.
  • So the mushroom mirrors toads movement.
  • Whenever toad is standing on the correct block block, then the mushroom is pushed upwards
  • to the next layer.
  • If toad stands on top of a wrong block block however, then the poor evil mushroom gets
  • caught by one of those on off crushers, and well .. crushed, which locks the entire contraption.
  • Hooray!
  • Next, it’s time for toadette.
  • So here toadette is trapped in a strange room in the middle of a jungle.
  • To her left is the exit door, but this door is unreachable because of those red dotted
  • line blocks.
  • So if toadette wants to reach the door she has to find a way to trigger this two state
  • block.
  • Sadly this two state block lives behind stubborn one way doors, that refuse everyone who passes
  • them to ever go back again.
  • At the top we have a clown car below a semi solid platform, which is obviously unreachable
  • as well.
  • Hm, so that is really tricky setup.
  • A lesser mushroom would probably be entrapped here until the stressful timer runs out, but
  • definitely not toadette, because toadette has been lurking around in psycrows discord
  • server as a preparation for the mario maker 2 job, and there she read something really
  • cool that CoCo4Wii Maker posted a while ago.
  • As it turns out it is possible to ground pound through semi solid platforms, if a seesaw
  • is on top of them like here.
  • Awesome, now she only needs to find a way to trigger the on off block.
  • But this is no problem for our prepared lady mushroom either, since she’s been binge
  • watching all of black60dragons youtube videos, in preparation for mario maker 2, and there
  • she learned about this little one way tricking trick.
  • If we fly with a clown car through a one way door, and then park, our clown faced vehicle
  • there, then we are able to flip the two state block, to enter the clown car again, and are
  • still able to fly back!
  • Hooray!
  • Let’s find out what toad is currently up to.
  • Hm, so toad is once again trapped in a room that is seemingly impossible to leave.
  • I start to see a pattern here, anyway.
  • So this time the problem is once again that the exit door is blocked by red dotted line
  • blocks.
  • But this time the door opening on / off block is directly to toads right.
  • Sadly for our mushroom hero, this on off block not only opens up the exit, but also transforms
  • the floor into shiny yet deadly coins.
  • So toad has to trigger this block, but triggering this block kills him.
  • … So what is the solution to this little riddle?
  • Well, we haven’t talked about this spring so far, because this spring is toads ticket
  • to freedom.
  • All that toad has to do here, is to throw the spring upwards, to wait until it reaches
  • the highest point, and while the spring is high up in the air, he has to trigger the
  • on off block.
  • Because then, the on off block doesn’t destroy the floor, and toad is able to leave.
  • So I’m sure lot’s of you wonderful ladies and gentleman already have a solid theory
  • on how this works, and yup!
  • We just made use of the recently discovered shell direction manipulation trick here.
  • This little contraption is hidden out of sight.
  • As soon as a two state block gets flipped, this shell drops down and either travels to
  • the right, or to the left.
  • If the shell travels right, it triggers a p-switch and destroys the floor, if it travels
  • left nothing happens.
  • The reason why the shell only travels left if we threw the spring upwards before, is
  • because shells change their direction, for really weird reasons, if a spring, p-switch,
  • or pow block is above them.
  • Great job toad, for figuring all of this out on your own.
  • Uhm also toad, since we are already chatting.
  • Do you know by chance what mario is currently up to, I haven’t seen him in awhile you know?
  • ( “Mario is currently in an airplane, flying to isle delfino, together with toadstool and peach! He took a couple of days off, poor guy has been a bit tired lately.
  • The only thing that is a bit weird is that he is traveling together with the whole government, I hope it doesn’t come to a government shutdown with peach and toadstool gone at the same time!" )
  • ) ” Oh, that’s lovely.
  • Yeah I totally agree with you, the poor guy definitely needed a break, he really wasn’t
  • on top of his game lately.
  • I’ve heard isle Delfino is a really cool place.
  • The local theme park is awesome!
  • Also don’t worry about the toadstool thing, I’m sure they thought this through!
  • ( “If you say so, also ceave could you please do something nicer next, like highest high score? If one more freaking floor collapses I’ll honestly unionize!”)
  • Uhm .. sure toad, why not!
  • Anyway, so our next seemingly impossible room, makes use of toadettes famous point of calculation.
  • So here big toadette is trapped in this room with two bumpers, a locked door, yoshi, and
  • red dotted line blocks.
  • The key is inside this hidden brick block at the top of the bumper.
  • So a less capable mushroom would probably see this brick block, come to the conclusion
  • that it’s impossible to reach it and give up.
  • But not toadette, because it is actually possible to trigger this brick block here.
  • The trick is the following: If toadette jumps towards it, she isn’t able to reach it.
  • If she jumps together with yoshi it’s also impossible, neither works jumping off of yoshi's
  • back.
  • However: If toadette mounts yoshi, and then both of them crouch, jump and toadette jumps
  • off of yoshis back the second she hits the bumper then she clips into the bumper far
  • enough to actually hit the block!
  • Hooray!
  • Now all she has to do is to repeat the same procedure on the other side.
  • There is a hidden anti jump thwomp hidden out of sight, that only triggers if toadette
  • does a crouched jump off of yoshis back at the exact right moment.
  • This finally allows toadette to leave this seemingly impossible room.
  • Hooray!
  • Alright so there we have it, five different designs for seemingly impossible levels in
  • mario maker 2.
  • Huge and enormous thank you to all the people that found and collected those wonderful weird
  • little mechanics and glitches, honestly, huge thanks you can find the places where I first
  • learned about those tricks in the description!
  • So I hope you enjoyed this little video, if you did don’t forget to leave me a thumbs
  • up, and maybe you still feel especially confused today, since the title of the video says 5
  • impossible levels, even though we took a look at six designs and want to hit the subscribe
  • button as well.
  • I hope that all of you have a wonderful day, and to see you soon.
  • Goodbye!

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We currently don’t know about a setup to upload an impossible Level in Super Mario Maker 2. But while a truly impossible Super Mario Maker 2 level is currently impossible, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t lots of tricks that allow us to make seemingly impossible levels in Super Mario Maker 2. Levels that use obscure mechanics, weird Super Mario Maker 2 glitches, or strange tricks, so that a stage appears to be unbeatable. In this video we are going to take a look at 5 of those seemingly impossible level tricks.

------ Glitch Hunters and Collectors
One Way Clip - Deakula
Broken Claws - Icay
Enemy Clipping - Hawke Gaming
POW Block ground-pound trick - CoCo4Wii Maker
Clown Car through One Way - Black60Dragon

-------------Credits for the Music---------------
HolFix - Beyond The Kingdom

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Teehee Valley

------ Super Mario Sunshine OST
Bianco Hills
Delfino Plaza

------Kevin MacLeod
"Adventure Meme"
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Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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