5 Mysterious Travelers From Other Dimensions

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Apr 11, 2017


5 Mysterious Travelers From Other Dimensions
5 Mysterious Travelers From Other Dimensions thumb 5 Mysterious Travelers From Other Dimensions thumb 5 Mysterious Travelers From Other Dimensions thumb


  • 5 Mysterious Travelers from Other Dimensions
  • Time travel has been the theme of countless science-fiction books, TV shows, and movies.
  • It has both captured our imagination and blown the minds of those who have contemplated it.
  • But what if time travel is more than just a fantastical construct of science fiction?
  • Hi!
  • I am Mister Mysterious and I’ll be your guide through five of the most interesting
  • cases of time travel.
  • I am going to tell you about some of the strangest cases of purported real-world time travel
  • and the people who claim to have done it.
  • Preston Nichols (Montauk Project)
  • In 1992, a book named The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time was published by Preston
  • B. Nichols and Peter Moon.
  • This book and its follow-up books are written in a first-person style and are believed to
  • be science fiction.
  • However, according to Preston Nichols, this is not science fiction but instead a series
  • of very strange and mysterious events that actually happened.
  • The book’s story is centered around the Montauk Project, which was a secret United
  • States government project conducted at Montauk Air Force Station on Long Island.
  • Preston’s involvement with Montauk began in 1968.
  • He got involved with the mind sciences at the Montauk Air Force Station.
  • Preston seemed to be the perfect employee since he received degrees in Psychology, Parapsychology,
  • and Electrical Engineering.
  • Experiments began in the early 1970s and during that time, according to Preston, time traveling
  • was perfected.
  • A number of homeless individuals were abducted and subjected to huge amounts of electromagnetic
  • radiation, where only a few of them survived.
  • A “porthole in time” was created which allowed test subjects to travel anywhere in
  • space or time.
  • This was later developed into a stable “Time Tunnel”, which was safe enough to be used
  • by researchers as well.
  • The Montauk Project is also being tied to another person called Alfred Bielek who claimed
  • to be one of the survivors.
  • After the book was published, Bielek stepped forward and confirmed the story.
  • He claimed to have met John von Neumann, a famous physicist and mathematician, who died
  • in 1957.
  • Bielek also claimed that he was transported through time to the USS Eldridge.
  • This ship was launched in 1943 and sailed on the vital task of escorting sea-men and
  • materials to support operations in North Africa.
  • Alfred Bielek said that the USS Eldridge was drawn into hyperspace and trapped there for
  • some time.
  • As you can imagine, we don’t have any concrete evidence to back up this story.
  • The Markawasi Stone Forest
  • The Markawasi stone forest lies in the Andes Mountains in Lima, Peru.
  • Stones found at this location look like sculptures, taking eerie shapes that resemble human faces.
  • However, no one knows how these sculptural stones were formed.
  • However, there’s a legend behind this place far more mysterious and intriguing.
  • One of the investigators of the unexplained in Lima, Dr. Raul Rios Centeno, provides a
  • very interesting story of time travel.
  • He claims that, at one point, a patient came to see him about her extreme case of hemiplegia,
  • a disorder that results in a complete loss of motor function in half of the body.
  • When he inquired about the woman’s condition, she revealed that she had been camping with
  • friends in the Markawasi.
  • According to the patient, they had gone out exploring late in the night and encountered
  • a strange scene.
  • They found a torch-lit stone cabin filled with dancing revelers in 17th-century attire.
  • The woman wanted to enter the cabin, but she was pulled away by one of her friends before
  • could fully enter.
  • The incident left the side of her body that had entered the cabin paralyzed.
  • Her medical tests failed to reveal a cause for her paralysis.
  • Centeno believes the woman experienced a dimensional shift, which caused a change in her nervous
  • system’s energy flow.
  • This story, as well as numerous other, influenced natives and well as scholars to believe that
  • a dimensional doorway exists in the stone forest of Markawasi.
  • The Traveler from Taured
  • One of the most perplexing events of the 20th century happened on an apparently normal day
  • in 1964.
  • A seemingly normal man flew into Tokyo, but upon landing at the Tokyo International Airport,
  • his trip had taken a very drastic turn for the weird.
  • When he handed over his passport, the man was immediately interrogated as to the whereabouts
  • of his origin.
  • While his passport looked authentic, it listed a country no one had ever heard of, called
  • Taured.
  • The man claimed that his country of origin was located between France and Spain.
  • At one point, he was asked to show it on a map, which is when we pointed to the Principality
  • of Andorra.
  • However, he had never heard of Andorra and claimed that Taured had existed for over 1,000
  • years.
  • He seemed very confused by the officer’s questions and claimed that he was in Japan
  • on business, something he had been doing for the past five years.
  • His passport backed up his story.
  • The man even had a driver’s license issued by the mysterious country and a checkbook
  • containing checks from an unknown bank.
  • After more interrogation, the traveler was sent to a nearby hotel until an official decision
  • could be reached.
  • He was escorted by two immigration officers who stood outside the hotel door until morning.
  • It was then that they discovered the mysterious man had vanished without a trace.
  • The only possible exit was a window with no ledge, 15 stories above a busy street.
  • The Tokyo police department conducted an extensive search but came up empty-handed.
  • Up to this day, this case still remains a complete mystery.
  • Pedro Olivia Ramirez
  • At around 11 PM on November 9, 1986, Pedro Olivia Ramirez claims he was driving from
  • Seville, Spain to the town of Alcala de Guadaira.
  • This wasn’t the first time he was driving this route, and he knew every step of the
  • way.
  • However, it came as a shock when he allegedly went around a curve and found himself driving
  • on an unfamiliar, six-lane highway.
  • He was surrounded by foreign structures and bizarre terrain.
  • Pedro also felt a sensation of heat, while a chorus of voices rang out in the distance.
  • One voice stood out among the others, telling him that he had just been teleported to another
  • dimension.
  • The cars around him, which passed at intervals of exactly eight minutes, seemed outdated
  • and either white or beige.
  • After an hour of confused driving, Pedro found a turnoff to his left.
  • He began driving toward Seville after seeing a sign pointing him to the city from where
  • he started his journey, but when he stopped, he was astonished to find he was looking at
  • his home in Alcala de Guadaira.
  • He even tried to retrace his steps but failed to locate the crossroads, the road sign, or
  • the six-lane highway again.
  • The Mysterious Green Children of Woolpit
  • There have been many books written about the mysterious green children of Woolpit, which
  • is an account dating back to the 12th century.
  • This story begins with a group of farmers who were tending a field near the town on
  • Woolpit in the United Kingdom.
  • At some point, the farmers came across two oddly dressed children, crying in the field.
  • They carefully approached them and realized that the children’s skin radiated a strange
  • hue of green.
  • Naturally, the farmers tried to console them but even with their best effort, the children
  • refused any kind of help.
  • Interestingly enough, they communicated in their own language.
  • The children were taken to the home of Richard de Calne in an effort to shelter them.
  • The pair refused all food for several days until they came across some raw beans, which
  • they consumed eagerly.
  • Throughout the next several weeks, the children gradually adapted to normal food and in turn,
  • their skin lost its strange green color.
  • However, the boy grew sickly and eventually died.
  • The girl, on the other hand, grew stronger and even learned to speak English.
  • She later explained that the pair came from a land where the Sun never shone and the light
  • was like twilight.
  • She called her home St. Martin’s Land.
  • However, the girl was unable to remember how she arrived at Woolpit.
  • All she remembered was that the pair was herding their father’s cattle when they heard a
  • strange noise.
  • The noise led them into a cave and they eventually emerged into the small English town.
  • Whatever the children’s origin, the sister eventually became integrated into English
  • society.
  • She was baptized, took the name “Agnes Barre” and later married a man who was an ambassador
  • of Henry II.
  • What do you think about these mysterious cases?
  • Is it really far-fetched to believe that time traveling exists?
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  • As always, thank you for watching.

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In this video, I’ll be your guide through five of the most interesting cases of time travel. I am going to tell you about some of the strangest cases of purported real-world time travel and the people who claim to have done it.

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