5 Foods You’re Eating Wrong #3 (Ft. YouTube Stars)

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11:58   |   May 09, 2019


5 Foods You’re Eating Wrong #3 (Ft. YouTube Stars)
5 Foods You’re Eating Wrong #3 (Ft. YouTube Stars) thumb 5 Foods You’re Eating Wrong #3 (Ft. YouTube Stars) thumb 5 Foods You’re Eating Wrong #3 (Ft. YouTube Stars) thumb


  • - Sounds like a deflated balloon.
  • ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪
  • - (FBE) Back by popular demand, we're showing people foods
  • they're eating wrong, but this time,
  • with all YouTubers. - Oh, interesting.
  • - As long as the food gets into my mouth,
  • gets chewed up and properly swallowed
  • and digested on the other end, am I really doing it wrong?
  • - I've definitely seen the ice in cereal thing,
  • which I think is just wrong.
  • - I did see that one hack of someone eating a pineapple
  • the way it's supposed to where you peel off it bit by bit.
  • That blew my mind.
  • - I feel like I've been eating my pancakes wrong.
  • They're gonna tell me, "Oh, you don't use a fork
  • and knife. You're technically supposed
  • to use a spork. That way, you can scoop
  • the syrup with the--" I don't know.
  • We're gonna find out today.
  • - (FBE) So, I bet you didn't know that you've been using
  • lemons wrong. - Okay, we'll see.
  • We'll see about that.
  • - I'm not really eating lemons on the reg.
  • - Roll it out like Play-Doh. A toothpick.
  • - Okay, that just-- ah, ah, ew.
  • What next? You stick a straw in it
  • and then you can just suck the lemon juice out?
  • - Okay. Are we just gonna squeeze--
  • we're just squeezing it out.
  • - Oh, that's cool.
  • - See, it looks like they're struggling, though.
  • - That's amazing. If this works, this is amazing.
  • - That's really smart, I have to admit.
  • Does it actually work though?
  • - (FBE) Do you wanna give it a shot?
  • - Bring out the lemon.
  • - Ooh. Oh yes.
  • - Didn't know they were teaching you this in preschool
  • eh kids? This is how to properly do a lemon.
  • - Okay, you kinda-- - (FBE) Oh [bleep].
  • - Just like a Capri Sun, right? Just like, boop.
  • I think I got it. All the way through?
  • - Okay, moment of truth. Moment of truth.
  • Please work for me or I'm gonna look like
  • an idiot online. Oh my gosh.
  • It's actually working.
  • - It just sounds like a deflated balloon.
  • Oh my God.
  • - Get a little like--
  • - Damn, that's tight. Wow.
  • - No way. I mean, you definitely get
  • a hand workout, but no way. Ah, no, I broke it.
  • My animator hands, they're too strong.
  • - I mean, that is convenient. See?
  • Next time, I just have to not be so rough with it.
  • Now I just gotta break it in half.
  • I just wanna-- ah yeah, see?
  • Now that's easy. I'm the person that's just like,
  • look, get me to the fruit.
  • - (FBE) Check out this different way to cut butter.
  • - Different way to cut butter?
  • - (woman) You take your butter and you...
  • - Oh.
  • - What?
  • - (woman) That looks like a lot, but it's not.
  • - That looks like cheese.
  • - I'm kind of offended. Is this okay?
  • - I'm a little bit skeptical of this one.
  • - That's probably good for when the butter's really hard
  • when it's coming out of the fridge.
  • - (woman) Becoming room temperature.
  • - That is actually great.
  • - I think it'll work, but at the same time,
  • kinda unnecessary.
  • - All right. Let's make some good
  • old fashioned buttered toast.
  • - I'm gonna go with the fine grating side.
  • This feels really weird, 'cause I expected it
  • to be the same level of tension as Parmesan cheese
  • and it's just kinda gross.
  • - Just nice and easy. Nice and easy.
  • - Here, let me slice it out. Now it's all spread in there.
  • - Yeah, yeah, yeah. This is good stuff.
  • - On the spreading side, I give it points.
  • The spreading is much easier.
  • - This is a really great hack, provided you control it.
  • You control everything, but yeah.
  • Moment of truth.
  • Ten out of ten.
  • - Good toast. Wow.
  • Hey guys, that worked. That's kinda crazy.
  • - (FBE) Let's look at this new way to make
  • a grilled cheese sandwich. - Okay, here we go.
  • - (man) As you see, I got my cheese and my bread
  • and my toaster. - We doing a grilled cheese?
  • - (man) All I do is just sit-- - I've done this before.
  • - (man) I tried this out earlier. It was pretty cool how it worked.
  • - Oh no. - (man) Make sure you put
  • the bread with the cheese on the bottom.
  • - Oh gosh.
  • - Do toasters even work on their side?
  • - (man) Just in case the cheese melts.
  • Slide that in there. - You don't even need
  • the butter or anything. You don't need the frying pan.
  • - I'm just-- you know they have
  • toaster ovens, right? You could have just--
  • just get a toaster oven and put it in.
  • - (man) Pretty soon you will have a grilled cheese sandwich.
  • - This seems like a dangerous idea.
  • - (man) Wait here. And look at that.
  • It popped out perfectly. - No way.
  • - But it came out burnt. - (man) Grilled cheese
  • sandwich here. - That's not perfect.
  • He's like, "Perfectly grilled cheese."
  • The problem is it's burnt.
  • - (FBE) So, we cooked the grilled cheese just like
  • you saw in the video. - Did you?
  • - (FBE) We turned the toaster on its side and let it
  • do all the work and let's see if you think
  • it's a better method of cooking.
  • - Did it end up on top? Did the slices end up
  • on top of each other? - (FBE) Yeah, of course they did.
  • - I don't think they did.
  • - All right, let's test out-- let's check it out here
  • and see. Okay, you don't have
  • the traditional nice little melty cheese pool
  • that you would normally have in a grilled cheese.
  • - All right guys, pray for me.
  • Mm, mm.
  • - The bread isn't even toasted. There's nothing toasty
  • about this grilled-- there's no grill
  • on this grilled cheese.
  • - It's two slices of bread and a piece of cheese.
  • That's essentially what a grilled cheese is.
  • - I actually like this because if you do a grilled cheese
  • on the stove, you have to put a lot of oil on the pan
  • and this is a dryer version of that, so it's less greasy.
  • - So we're just trying to back door hack a very
  • inefficient kitchen utensil into something that
  • is better and has already been designed.
  • - (FBE) Next, we're gonna show you an alternative way
  • to open a hard boiled egg. - Cool.
  • Ooh, the perfect way to peel a boiled egg.
  • - Such a pain in the butt.
  • - This doesn't seem easier.
  • - See, this would just take forever.
  • There's gotta be a better way.
  • - Oh wait, that's not even what we're doing.
  • What is this? Oh my God.
  • - This is never gonna work. Spoiler alert, failure imminent.
  • - (FBE) Time for you to try this method.
  • - Okay, let's try it out. Let me tell you,
  • this challenge is about to be over easy.
  • - This is so bizarre.
  • - All right, now we just gotta blow it out, right?
  • All right, nice and easy. Easy peasy.
  • - We're gonna use the big opera lungs right here.
  • I think at this point, you're just gonna have to
  • take the L and just start peeling away, my bros.
  • - (FBE) Did it work? - No.
  • I just kinda fell apart.
  • - Oh, it's moving.
  • And then it falls on the floor. So efficient.
  • - The amount of time and weirdness involved in this
  • is greater than the amount of struggle to just peel
  • the damn thing.
  • - (FBE) This final one, we bring you the cursed
  • St Louis style bagel. - The cursed St. Louis style bagel.
  • - "Today, I introduce my coworkers to the St. Louis secret
  • of ordering bagels bread sliced.
  • It was a hit."
  • - Here's the thing, if you're talking about
  • making bagel chips, that makes total sense.
  • I get that because you need them thin
  • enough and it doesn't matter if there's a hole or whatever.
  • - Can it be that great? I don't know.
  • There's a certain way to eat bagels,
  • so why would you slice it up?
  • - Sliced bagels, that makes more sense,
  • 'cause a whole bagel, it's a lot of--
  • especially trying to cut the bagel.
  • I always cut one side thinner than the other.
  • - I'm a rebel. I bite my string cheese
  • and a lot of people look at me crazy for that,
  • so I feel like I'm not mad at it.
  • - I don't know how I feel about it,
  • but you know what? I'm an open soul.
  • I'm ready to try some bread sliced bagels.
  • - What is this? - (FBE) Cream cheese
  • for dipping. - Don't I need
  • to run it through a grater? Let me squeeze it out.
  • That was a terrible decision on my part.
  • - I need a knife or-- oh, oh.
  • Oh, I get it now.
  • - I'll tell you what, man. I like this.
  • I like this. Yeah, so much less effort.
  • - This is good. I didn't have breakfast today.
  • See, isn't this a lot easier and more convenient?
  • Bottoms up. Okay.
  • That is actually good.
  • - You may have converted me because if the point
  • of this style of slicing is to make it into
  • a dippable chip, that makes sense to me.
  • - I think this would be great if you're having a party
  • and you only have so many bagels
  • and you want it to be easier for people to share
  • or have bite sized pieces.
  • - This just kinda challenges our conventions
  • of what food should be. No, you're not supposed
  • to cut up a bagel like this, but someone's gotta
  • think outside the box and say, "Hey,
  • let's give this a try. See how it works."
  • And hey, it works.
  • - (FBE) So, out of all the things that you tried today,
  • which one do you think you would actually use?
  • - The bagel slicing. I know it's controversial.
  • Don't knock it 'til you try it.
  • - I use a lot of lemon juice in my cooking,
  • so I think I would use the lemon hack again.
  • - The bagel slicing, absolutely. That's just convenience right there.
  • - I would actually be tempted to eat my bagels
  • the St. Louis style. I think eating them as a bagel chip
  • or as a dip makes a lot of sense.
  • - My favorite thing we did was the lemon.
  • I just thought that was really cool.
  • That's something I might use in real life,
  • but I think these today, these kinda blew my mind
  • a little bit, not gonna lie. I think this are tips
  • I'm gonna show people in real life and be like,
  • "Yo guys, hold on a second. Who got a toothpick?"
  • - Thanks for watching me eat foods in a new way
  • on the React Channel.
  • - Make sure that you subscribe to the channel for new episodes
  • every single week.
  • - If you like this episode, hit the Like button.
  • - Do you know any cool food hacks?
  • Let us know in the comments.
  • - Bye.
  • - Hey guys, Caprice here, your React Channel producer.
  • Make sure you check out our past episodes.
  • They're linked in the description below.
  • Bye.

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5 Foods You’re Eating Wrong #3 (Ft. YouTube Stars)