4 Experiments with Batteries

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4 Experiments with Batteries
4 Experiments with Batteries thumb 4 Experiments with Batteries thumb 4 Experiments with Batteries thumb


  • Hey, what's up guys?
  • Thanks for joining us on The King of Random.
  • Batteries are everywhere and we use them in all sorts of stuff,
  • and a lot of the time they come with warnings
  • saying to make sure you dispose of them properly, and how they can be dangerous if you misuse them.
  • Well today, we are going to take this group of batteries
  • and we're gonna run them through a series of
  • destruction tests to see what happens if you stab them, cut them open, smash them, or even burn them
  • So let's get started. Not too long ago
  • I tried using a nail to slightly dent a battery to help balance a homo-polar motor. Well now
  • I'm gonna see what happens if I take a nail and
  • drive it as far as I can into the battery; not just denting it on the top.
  • Ooh, it's leaking something already. There is liquid coming out of this battery.
  • Well, that's a good start. Let's keep driving the nail and see what keeps happening.
  • I'll be honest. I didn't really think that the nail was gonna be able to drive this far into the battery.
  • That is pretty much all the way through it, and it's still leaking.
  • We've got this liquid leaking out, which I believe is potassium hydroxide, which is supposed to be fairly
  • irritating if you get it on your skin, so try and avoid touching this stuff. Our battery is also getting pretty warm.
  • I'm gonna hit it with this little laser thermometer.
  • 120 Fahrenheit. The battery is getting quite hot now. As a comparison, if I take a scan of a block of metal next to it
  • That's at 65.
  • The battery is at 135 still heating up pretty warm to the touch
  • 36 I'm just gonna stand back a little bit and let it go and see if anything keeps happening to it as it warms up
  • like this
  • See if I can take an accurate measurement from this far away
  • showing 145 now
  • Well if I get closer it's showing 166 let me try and pull the nail out
  • There's a battery with a hole in it, I think it's cooling down a little bit now
  • feels kind of oily
  • Not like really oily, but a little oily all right well
  • I'm gonna try that exact same thing, but I'm gonna drive the nail in from the other side
  • More oozing liquid
  • Going in a weird angle here see if I can straighten this out.
  • Oh and since there's a hole I can now go all the way through my thermometer is showing that it's up to a hundred degrees Fahrenheit
  • Watch it just climbing in temperature our other battery got up to
  • 166 on here and now we're only hitting 116, so it's definitely warm, but it's not as hot as the other one
  • Now I've driven a nail through either end of the battery
  • I think it's only fair that I try and drive one right through the side
  • Its warming up again just hit a hundred degrees Fahrenheit. Ooo something just made a fizzle noise.
  • It's a liquid inside the battery is spurting out onto the nail. It's occasionally making a hissing sound
  • past 130 Fahrenheit
  • 140, More hissing and bubbling
  • Seems to be Hovering right around 150 now and once again
  • We have a battery with a hole running right through it
  • Holding it still for a couple seconds. It really does start to heat up in the hand well
  • I would say that being stabbed with a nail is definitely not good for batteries
  • Now since it should be a fun way to destroy it and I want a good look at what's inside
  • I'm gonna take a hacksaw and cut this C cell battery down in half lengthwise
  • (Sawing noises)
  • There's our black liquid oozing out
  • All right, I've got there's a black paste just all over the blade of the hacksaw now turn this upside down
  • Cutting through it from the other side
  • I think I've got it
  • Mmm. Gross well, I've got a gooey paste here and a
  • Slightly less gooey paste here
  • Smells a little bit like ammonia
  • This paste looks like it's full of little metal flecks. I need to do some research and find out. What is inside a battery
  • This rod is coming from the negative terminal so this rod clearly goes down into this silvery paste
  • You know about about the consistency of toothpaste. I'd say maybe a little bit thinner it's like really really compacted
  • dirt kind of texture
  • metal shell
  • There you go guys a c cell battery probably a little bit difficult to fit inside your remote-control car at this point
  • Our next method of destruction might not be quite so eventful, but I've always wondered
  • what would happen if you just took two 9-volt batteries and
  • Plug them into each other and just let them sit. I'm sure you're not supposed to do that
  • Let's find out why?
  • All right, those are now providing feedback into each other now. I'm just gonna check with the thermometer
  • What temperature they're getting to?
  • I'll see if they are warming up a little bit of time
  • 75.
  • Some part of the battery is a lot warm. That's measuring 85
  • There's different temperatures different parts parts of it at about
  • 80 right now other parts are over 90
  • Oh
  • Over a hundred Fahrenheit now. That's interesting one of our batteries is considerably warmer than the other
  • This battery is only measuring at about 85 right now. This battery is measuring in at about a hundred and five
  • Serious the gloves do insulate a little bit
  • So it's hard to tell for sure
  • But I think this one does feel warmer thats warm enough to cook a steak if you like it rare
  • Next up. We've got a 20 ton shop press
  • So we're gonna see what happens if we put a couple different types of battery under that and just squish 'em
  • We've made contact now the squishing begins well that circle might just bite right into the battery
  • We've got some stuff oozing out good amount of stuff oozing out on the back all right
  • I think that's about as flat this jack is gonna get it
  • It's pretty squished
  • It actually bounced back a little bit after being squished
  • Definitely see some of the innards of it
  • Now I've got a C cell battery under here, let's squish that down and see what happens
  • It's definitely deforming sideways, so I'm pretty sure it's just gonna pop out in a second
  • Or, it's just gonna burst and squirt liquid really far. That was exciting
  • Wow. It really is like toothpaste being squeezed out.
  • It is obliterated; quite, completely obliterated.
  • This squished C cell battery is
  • probably just as broken as the one we cut in half.
  • That really just oozed out there kind of like toothpaste at one point that was fun now for our next type of destruction
  • I'm gonna try hitting a few different types of batteries with a blowtorch
  • I've got our 9-volt battery a normal double a battery and then I also have a lithium
  • Double-a battery which does contain lithium and should burn very brightly and possibly with interesting colors
  • We'll see if it actually burns through to the lithium well enough to ignite it
  • Not sure if it'll work or not as you can see I'm also now wearing a jacket and that's just for protection in case something
  • Burns or shoots hot liquid at me. I just want a little bit more protection. I'm gonna start out with the 9-volt.
  • I am nervous doing this holding it this close to me. Alright, I was a little too nervous
  • just holding that battery like that so I've now got the system set up so I can just set the torch on the battery and
  • then safely back away. Let's give a shot.
  • Got a little glowing orange spot.
  • The bottom seems nice and hot, but it doesn't actually look like it's doing too much.
  • Certainly some flames coming out of it.
  • Boozing out the back it just seems like the whole batteries kind of on fire
  • Alright let's turn that off for a bit.
  • That's some interesting colors right there.
  • Sort of a bright, glowing smoke for a second. That was interesting and we got these
  • smaller piles inside.
  • I didn't think this type of battery worked like that.
  • I think each of these is a one and a half volt battery,
  • and there's six of them, which gives us our 9-volt battery power
  • Let's try it with our other types of battery and see what happens.
  • Well it's peeling away the wrapper on the battery pretty instantly.
  • It's starting to leak pretty quick
  • Much faster reaction than the last one that's for sure. It smells awful too.
  • Timber!
  • Let's try our lithium battery
  • Once again, the outside gets destroyed immediately.
  • Woah!
  • I think it lit. Okay!
  • And now it's. . . no now it lit. Now it lit.
  • That's amazing!
  • That's fantastic!
  • What even just happened? Look how pink that it is.
  • It was just. . . it's magenta colored. It's not a normal fire color.
  • There's still something melting on the back.
  • I don't know what liquid that is that's boiling and bubbling there.
  • Now I just have like this glowing orange, I don't know it it's like glossy on the outside.
  • Inside these lithium batteries there actually is a strip of lithium metal, and we're gonna see if we can take that out.
  • That's what's causing the bright magenta flames.
  • There we go that whole thing so there you have just coils of metal strips inside there,
  • and one of those strips is lithium. This whole wad of. . .
  • There we go.
  • This one I believe is not our lithium
  • I don't know exactly what metal it is probably aluminum, then here inside our plastic. That is a strip of lithium metal
  • very lightweight like
  • More than aluminum. It feels like. This feels super, super light.
  • Also tears very easily, it's
  • really soft. You can see how easily it wrinkles and everything. This is, this feels thicker than aluminum foil.
  • But it's at least as soft. Maybe softer all right. Let's light this little piece of it off
  • You can see how magenta those flames are and then when it really ignites it gets very bright
  • That's melting into our fire brick if I can put another piece of it on top of it
  • Yep
  • Really bright kind of hurts to look at it so bright
  • And it's like the the smoke is being lit up by the heat of it or something. That's pretty crazy
  • There you have it
  • We just destroyed a whole bunch of batteries in a whole bunch of ways. We stabbed,
  • cut, smashed, and burned our batteries to see what happens.
  • I can't say I really recommend doing this because then you don't have your batteries anymore.
  • Although burning the lithium batteries did look pretty cool.
  • We found that inside the batteries was a silvery paste and a black clay-like substance.
  • Cutting the battery in half really let us see the insides pretty well.
  • A nail driven through a battery caused a lot of leakage and
  • I'm sure the batteries don't work at all anymore.
  • And lighting the batteries on fire had different effects based on what type of battery they were.
  • Regular batteries just sort of burned up and maybe oozed out some of their liquid
  • and the lithium battery is popped and then burned a
  • Bright magenta color this really satisfied a lot of curiosity
  • I've had since I was a child and was told that you had to make sure you don't use damaged or dented batteries
  • because it could cause problems. well now, I've seen some of those problems that can happen
  • if you take them to an extreme.
  • I've really enjoyed this random destruction of these batteries. I hope you had a good time
  • Thanks for joining us for this video, and we'll see you in the next one. Talk to then.
  • Franken-battery
  • Smells like rotten eggs.
  • I don't think this one is actually gonna be very exciting. It's just yep. They're ruining each other.
  • Hey guys! If you are on Twitter, come follow me on Twitter: @thekingofrandom.
  • It's a great place to connect with me one-on-one.
  • And that's all I'm going to say about that, because if you want to you will.
  • And if you don't, you won't.
  • So I will see you there, or maybe I won't.

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Today we read warning labels on batteries to find out just what not to do, then put it all to the test.

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