#3 子猫保護記録 (3/3 野良猫から家猫へ)- The record of injured kitten 3/3 -

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#3 子猫保護記録 (3/3 野良猫から家猫へ)- The record of injured kitten 3/3 -
#3 子猫保護記録 (3/3 野良猫から家猫へ)- The record of injured kitten 3/3 - thumb #3 子猫保護記録 (3/3 野良猫から家猫へ)- The record of injured kitten 3/3 - thumb #3 子猫保護記録 (3/3 野良猫から家猫へ)- The record of injured kitten 3/3 - thumb


  • About 2 months have passed. I took Yuki to the vet hospital.
  • She had a blood test and the result was all ok. I had been anxious about the bite on her neck since I picked her up, so I was really relieved to know she wasn't infected any serious virus.
  • Meanwhile, Bibi underwent a neuter surgery.
  • I was finally able to let them meet without cage.
  • But there aren't their videos of the first couple of days.
  • Because as soon as I let Yuki out of the cage, she rushed and tackled Bibi fiercely.
  • Bibi also accepted her challenge and they started to punch or bite each other. I couldn't distinguish whether they are playing or fighting.
  • If Bibi should go mad and attack Yuki seriously...
  • ( again to the hospital )
  • So I was ready to pull them apart anytime when Yuki was about to get injured.
  • That is why I couldn't afford to take the videos.
  • At first they were excited but soon Yuki came to know the difference of ability and Bibi came to go easy on her.
  • As I see them, I came to know they are trying to build a good relationship in their own way. So I decided not to interfere in them excessively.
  • In a week, They came to be relax even when they were near each other.
  • Bibi has changed since he met Yuki.
  • He looks mature than before.
  • In front of Yuki, Bibi's manner becomes oddly calm. When she is there, he don't play with toy and often refrain from cat treats.
  • Did the appearance of Yuki lead him to the self-knowledge as a senior ? I'm a little worried if he is forcing himself to behave like an adult.
  • To human, It looks a bit violent when cats are playing.
  • At first, I was nervous every time they start to grapple with each other.
  • But I came to enjoy watching their match soon.
  • I think it's glad for yuki to find opponent to play with.
  • ( Bibi has gotten a new kick toy instead of this old one )
  • As you can see, at first they always grappled with each other. But as time goes by, they came to cuddle up and sleep together.
  • ( Is the box a bit small ? )
  • Not a day passes without chacing each other around.
  • While I was taking care of Yuki, I was going to find a foster home and leave her to the new owner when her injury healed.
  • At that time, I was thinking cat is an animal that prefer being alone to living in groups. Therefore living with another cat may cause stress to Bibi, but...
  • As I saw them playing merrily or sleeping in harmony, I came to think that depending on cat's character or on circumstances, It can be better life for cats if they have companion to live with.
  • I can't be optimistic because Yuki is still kitten, but I will see to it that they can get along together.
  • 3 months after picking her up
  • Compared to those days, Yuki's face became affectionate.
  • Through these processes, a feral cat Yuki has become a domestic cat.
  • From now on, I'll support them so that they can lead a happy and healthy life.
  • And I'll also enjoy my daily life with these lovely cats.

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