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  • Hey everybody, it's LavenderTowne
  • and today I'm going to be taking some of the most popular modern toys
  • and turning them into a horrifying monsters.
  • Some of which are cute,
  • some of which are weird
  • and some of which are properly scary on their own.
  • But before I get to the monster making,
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  • Okay, so this first toy is actually the inspiration for the entire video
  • and the reason that I revisited this idea.
  • Some of you guys may have noticed
  • that I've actually done a toys turned terrifying video before.
  • Good luck saying that one 5 times fast.
  • But that time I used pretty standard in classic toys,
  • especially Barbie for example.
  • Whereas, in this video this is actually inspired by a toy
  • that, honestly is so creepy and unsettling by itself,
  • I actually had a challenge making it worse.
  • This is called a Neonate.
  • Just look at this thing!
  • So, obviously baby dolls aren't weird for kids to want to play with
  • and it's, it's really not strange at all,
  • especially because a lot of kids have baby siblings.
  • It's like just part of their life.
  • Nothing weird about that.
  • But the weird thing about this one
  • is that it's supposed to be like a baby that's not yet born,
  • it still has an umbilical cord kind of attached
  • and it's like in this plastic womb
  • which makes it so medical and disturbing.
  • And then the fact that they have like these big anime eyes
  • and pastel colors and a pacifier inside...
  • it's just-- Everything about it, it's like really uncanny and bizarre
  • and I just don't know what the idea is.
  • Also, could you check out this description on the official brands website
  • for what this thing is and what they wanted to say about it.
  • Is there anything worse than this?
  • "Warning! Navarie is a compulsive dancer!
  • Includes: 1 Nerlie baby, 1 umbilical cord,
  • 1 diaper, may include 1 poo if you're lucky,
  • 1 Drippity Drop Tube, 1 birth certificate, 1 Neonate baby picture, 1 Nursery card
  • and 1 vaccination form, 1 tooth (and a hook to remove tooth)."
  • So yeah, basically I wanted to put this one in front
  • because I feel like I was barely able to make it look any scarier
  • than it already was.
  • There's something so off-putting about the original product
  • that my little demon baby, who's totally awakened aware of you in the womb
  • is really, really not that bad compared
  • to what was actually on the product description of the page.
  • And everything about, everything about this baby.
  • So personally, this is actually my least favorite redesign in the whole batch
  • because like I said, I don't actually think I made it scarier.
  • In some ways, I would rather spend time with this baby.
  • Like I hate to say it demon baby but you actually
  • have a more calming presence than,
  • than the Neonate baby itself.
  • So I guess I failed to you but at least,
  • at least she's looking kind of interesting.
  • I mean, she looks like some invaders in looking baby with grey pigtails.
  • I was trying to emulate the weird little flouse of hair
  • that they have on all of these little babies
  • and trying to make it look a little bit more like a horn
  • but like I said, "A literal demon baby is less scary than this original toy."
  • So I feel like this is actually the biggest failure in the video.
  • Next up is the LOL surprise doll under wraps.
  • And at first this doll doesn't really look scary at all
  • and it doesn't really have a place here
  • but I will say that the under wraps,
  • specifically type of LOL doll, really caught my attention for a few reasons.
  • Now, the Neonate baby really creeped me out
  • because again, it was so medical and strange and uncanny
  • and also I'm very creeped out by like pregnancy and birth
  • and all the finer details of that.
  • So that's kind of why that one worked for me.
  • Now this one works for me
  • because I personally am very prone to claustrophobia
  • and the LOL surprise dolls under wraps are not only encased
  • in this weird sort of pill-shaped prison
  • but they're also completely encased in a skin-tight layer of plastic
  • so that you can't see what the doll looks like
  • until you take the head and body part,
  • it's basically like a whole cast of plastic over top of them.
  • And weirdly enough, the eyes, specifically are like sort of cut out
  • so it looks like someone just pasted plastic over both of their eyes.
  • Something about this really unsettled me
  • so my whole strategy with this one
  • was just to do a sort of cute feminine outfit,
  • a little creepy, a little Victorian vibes.
  • I wanted to take the girly dresses and stuff
  • that these LOL dolls are often shown in
  • and just make it a little creepier by giving it more of a Victorian dolly look
  • and then I kept on this plastic head
  • that is separate from the body cast thing
  • that they're completely encased in
  • and I think it turned her into a pretty convincing horror movie character.
  • I wanted to make it look sort of uncomfortable for her,
  • like it's something that would be difficult to breathe in
  • so that's kind of uncomfortable but she also kind of looks like a mass killer.
  • It's like she's straight out of the purge or something.
  • So I feel like it kind of works on both levels, like is she the victim,
  • is she the threat, like I don't really know.
  • It's kind of up to your imagination
  • or whatever story I could cook up for her.
  • But I feel like the character design works on that level at least.
  • Honestly yeah, these blank faces are not--
  • I'm not crazy about them, it's pretty creepy.
  • I understand the whole concept but
  • like I gotta feel like there's a better way
  • to hide their identity than having a another dull sort of cast over top of them
  • to obscure which ones you're getting,
  • it's just really strange.
  • So I guess they do have to be more inventive to stop people
  • from trying to figure out what doll is in there
  • because, you know, how collectors get they--
  • They're always the ones
  • who tear open these like blind grab situations.
  • I always really annoyed about that
  • because I like buying those things.
  • I like being surprised and at our like local store
  • people would always like rip into them to see what's in there
  • before buying them and then they'd just leave the worst ones for last.
  • So with this design in the end, I ended up liking it quite a bit.
  • It does look pretty different from the LOL surprise doll itself
  • but I feel like because the whole concept of the horror here
  • comes from the actual styling of the toy.
  • I felt like it was pretty successful and I was relatively happy with it in the end.
  • Last but certainly not least is the extremely cute Ponzi.
  • Now this is a pretty simple idea and it makes sense
  • why it would be popular.
  • It's just the cutest parts of a cat arguably
  • which is their fuzzy face and ears and then their fuzzy tail
  • and then they just cut out anything that they felt they didn't need
  • so they-- You end up with this basically like pom-pom shaped animal
  • with a tail on the end.
  • I also suspect these are a lot easier to manufacture
  • when there's no limbs that you have to attach.
  • But when you really think about it this is quite a creepy design.
  • I mean, this is-- It kind of reminds me of like what could happen
  • if animal selective breeding gets too out of control.
  • Like a lot of the animals, like this mush face kitties
  • and pugs and stuff they're,
  • they're bred in a way to be as cute as possible to humans
  • but then they end up having really awful problems with their health
  • because we've sort of selfishly made them as cute as possible.
  • So that's kind of the angle I wanted to go for the horror here
  • because the original product is actually very cute.
  • it just looks very sweet and I actually had a lot of trouble making it look scary
  • but my end idea for this was like this is a cat whose soul is sort of it
  • this intact cat and you could see it in the shadow on the ground.
  • But something has happened to take its body from it
  • and thus all of its, you know, ability to independently move
  • and just basically made it into this sort of sad wandering soul.
  • It's kind of like a ghost, I guess.
  • It has sort of a surreal look to it.
  • Originally, I was going to have it just be the head and the tail
  • and then you'd only see the rest of the body in the shadow
  • and then I did decide at the end to connect the tail to the head
  • because I thought that made it look even more bizarre and creepy.
  • I had the hardest time with this one actually
  • like deciding on what I wanted to do.
  • I already felt sort of dissatisfied with my first drawing for the video
  • so I was not going to let this one turn out in a way that I didn't like.
  • This strange cat tail ghost thing, it's sort of cat-snake situation
  • that I made is actually pretty interesting.
  • I kind of like how it turned out and this is one of those cases
  • where like I was having such a miserable time with it
  • and I kept throwing out all my sketches
  • and my concepts and I ended up landing on something that--
  • Well, it's not like horror scary in the way
  • that like it'll keep you up at night or anything,
  • it is unsettling in a sense that might sort of stick with you
  • and sometimes that kind of horror is good too.
  • This is actually a tip for anyone who likes to do horror and scary stuff.
  • Remember that there's a whole rainbow
  • of different types of scary or horror feelings
  • and sometimes you just want to go for a low-key surrealistic spooky
  • rather than, you know, blood guts and agony all the time.
  • If not to diversify your stories maybe just for your own mental health.
  • So I patched on a bunch of colors onto the gray
  • and then just sort of smooth them out and overlaid them
  • so that it had a sort of nod to the rainbowy colors
  • of the original toy and then I was done.
  • So that does it for this creep up 5 video, was I able to scare you?
  • Fun fact, I was actually spooking myself so much during this video
  • that when someone popped in to check on me in my room,
  • I literally screamed.
  • So if the drawings don't scare you,
  • well, at least they scared one person, me.
  • Thank you so much for watching till the end.
  • Check out Skillshare in the description below
  • and i will see you in the next video.
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