3 Minute Tomato Pasta Sauce | Jamie Oliver & Davina McCall

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3 Minute Tomato Pasta Sauce | Jamie Oliver & Davina McCall
3 Minute Tomato Pasta Sauce | Jamie Oliver & Davina McCall thumb 3 Minute Tomato Pasta Sauce | Jamie Oliver & Davina McCall thumb 3 Minute Tomato Pasta Sauce | Jamie Oliver & Davina McCall thumb


  • Hey lovely people! We are going to do a three-minute tomato sauce that is so
  • delicious, so quick, so easy. So, next time you get home from work and you feel like
  • you need something, that's like a little hug, that makes you feel good. Then make a
  • nice little sauce yourself. So, let's just start this off. Let's do a three-minute
  • tomato sauce, let's put a pan on full whack, we want to be quick. On the journey
  • that I've been in food, around the world, I've eaten some incredible things but
  • sometimes when I'm busy, right, sometimes when I want comfort food I go back to
  • this kinda dish and to make me happy is this. Your humble chili. So, chili everyone
  • gets scared off because it's hot. The heats not really in the red fruit, right,
  • it's in the little white part here and the seeds. So, if we remove this, then we
  • can take away that aggressively and we can amplify fruitiness.
  • So, best friends garlic, two cloves finely slice, garlic's one of those things that
  • just brings flavor together. We're going to go in a pan with a nice little log of
  • oil. I'm going to go in with the garlic. We'll do the same with the chili. I'm
  • gonna use basil. So, first up, I'll take the leaves off but
  • these stalks don't throw these stalks away. Get them sliced up so we put the
  • chopped up stalks into this dish, you'll get flavour, the stalks tend to have that
  • kind of slightly green house flavour which I love. So, that goes in then I'm
  • gonna go in with some tomatoes. Now, tomato sauces, when you're getting your
  • tomatoes, if you want the best quality, the A grade tomatoes go whole, right. The
  • B grade you're going to passata and to chop. With clean hands put the
  • tomatoes into your hand and then just rub it and break it. You don't need a
  • blender, you don't need a sieve, use your hand, right. So, crush it up. Also, I'll
  • clean out this tin with just a little swig of water. So, that pasta sauce is
  • pretty much done. Now, as that comes to the boil, I've got a little cheat, a
  • little hack for you. Here is everyday fresh lasagna sheets from the
  • supermarkets. It's fresh pasta, of course, you can use any pasta that you want. But,
  • we can take something that's available and cut it different ways to give you
  • something that really makes you feel that you've put a bit of love into it. If
  • I go really fine, like this, we can do tagliolini. If we go slightly fatter you
  • got tagliatelle, if you go even further on that too,
  • that's pappardele. But, I'm just gonna, I'm just gonna cut it badly you like a
  • complete idiot, right, and then into our seasoned water. We'll go in with our
  • pasta. So, we're going to have a really humble nice dish. We could absolutely
  • pimp up the flavour and the nutrition. If we like went to our freezer, as for any
  • good person on planet Earth, right. I've got some frozen peas, 80 grams as a
  • portion, that's one of your five fruit and vegetable day. You got your tomatoes
  • in there as well. Delicious. You know we're making quick food but we're
  • adapting, we're ducking, we're diving. So, there could be a little bit of flake
  • tinned tuna in there. There could be olives in there. Look at that, I want to seize it,
  • to taste. This is ready. Here we go. This is an important moment. Here, guys see how
  • that's draining the water. Most people, certainly in Britain, will drain stuff in
  • the colander and it will sit there and it will steam and that pasta will go
  • like craggy. So, actually one of the gifts of pasta is the water, the starchy water.
  • So, in we go without badly cut pasta and then feed it just a little bit of that
  • water. Will have a nice little toss up. I'll cook it for the last 30 seconds in
  • the sauce and of course it sucks up the sauce. So, it all becomes like a beautiful
  • thing. Now one of my favourite cheese's to have, of course with a pasta like this, is
  • a parmesan. Well then put it onto a nice platter.
  • Those little peas, beautiful. Now, we can have a smaller bag of leaves on top. Kiss
  • of nice extra virgin olive oil and a little tweak. Take your humble feta and
  • go for long strokes because there's all about that kind of slightly tangy cheese.
  • That is a very simple beautiful beautiful basic tomato sauce, that is so
  • exciting and delicious. But this recipe is dedicated to the one and only Davina
  • McCall, who I am working with today. I'm coming with forks, I've bought forks, I've been very
  • desperate to try this, it looks amazing. Now, are you pleased. I am pleased.
  • Simple but tasty. That is so lovely, few peas in there, I love the feta, yeah, and really exciting
  • to see how this works as well. Yeah, we've been mostly making
  • shirt a bit tomatoey. Yeah, so, we're doing a documentary to celebrate your 20 years
  • of The Naked Chef. We've had an amazing time and it's been lovely getting to
  • know you and seeing how you work. So, I've been such an enormous fan for so long. So,
  • you've got to watch the show. It'd be out very very soon. So, watch out for it
  • what's gonna happen in the next 20 years. Yeah, okay if you want to do anything
  • with this recipe, if you've got ideas of other things you can put in it, put it in
  • the comments box below. What do you do to pimp up your basic tomato sauce and make
  • it delicious? Lots of love from me and Davina.

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Who doesn’t love a simple tomato pasta? It’s a classic that can be taken in so many ways, and Jamie’s got some little hints to make this so quick, delicious and easy that you’ll have no excuses not to cook from scratch at all. To make it even more special, Jamie’s got Davina on hand, as they were filming a new documentary celebrating 20 Years of The Naked Chef. Make sure you keep an eye out for that one too!

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