26 More Absolute Mindfricks

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Nov 24, 2017


26 More Absolute Mindfricks
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  • In the year 2020, it will be 420 for 30 consecutive days.
  • We share a pretty fair amount of genetic similarities with bananas.
  • Late to the party but the one thing that makes me get a head ache is that blind people do not see black. They see nothing. Try this. Try to see something out of your elbow. Or try to look at something behind you by seeing out of the back of your head.That is what blind people see. This fucks with my mind every time I think about it.
  • The questions what, when and where can be answered by replacing the "W" in each word with a "T".
  • Trying to imagine a new colour.
  • There is a non-zero chance that a tornado could ravage a junkyard and create a functioning automobile.
  • There's also a non-zero chance you could run full speed at a tree and pass through it.
  • A woman with no daughters is the first woman in her line of ancestary since the begining of time, that doesn't have a daughter.
  • Her mother had a daughter, her grandmother had a daughter and so on.
  • Breathing switched to manual.
  • FU
  • And increased awarness of how your tounge is sitting in your mouth.
  • You have a random itch somewhere.
  • You can see your nose and some people can see their glasses.
  • Y'all fuckin me up.
  • Inside your stomach
  • Europes 'The Final Countdown' is now playing in your head.
  • *Dramatic pause*
  • 'The Final Countdown' (Earrape edition) played on full volume.
  • Everyone has been an infant, but no one really knows what it is like to be one.
  • That if you tear a fishing net there is less holes in it.
  • Works great with small children.
  • Catch them in a lie. Doesn't matter how small a lie. Then ask them to stick their tongue out.
  • Tell them you can see that they're lying by looking at their tongue.
  • After doing this a few times they'll totally believe that you can see they're lying by looking at their tongue.
  • When my kids really were innocent they'd come running with their mouths open to show me their tongues and how they aren't lying.
  • When they are lying they would show as little of their tongues as possible.
  • One little mind fuck and they roll over on themselves every time...
  • You were, at one point, the youngest person on earth and you will be the last person to die in your lifetime.
  • You are a brain inside of a skeleton your body is just a vessel like a vehicle for your brain.
  • Graham's number is unimaginably huge, in the sense if you memorised all of its digits, your brain would collapse into a black hole.
  • (not an exaggeration).
  • I know what I'm doing this weekend.
  • Meth?
  • *Math.
  • As another comment mentioned the 4th dimension, I felt like it's better as a mind fuck to explain it like this.
  • To a two-dimensional being, like the characters in the original Street Fighter ,
  • Their entire world exists in two dimensions. They can face 2 directions with no way of looking "out" of the screen.
  • They wouldn't even be aware that there is a "fourth wall on their world.
  • So with this kind of logic we wouldn't have any idea, as 3D objects, that there's a 4th dimension that has beings that are capable of looking in on us.
  • It's not even something we can reasonably envision, like a window looking through dimensions.
  • It's something so foreign and alien that we can only describe it with the above analogy of 3D people viewing 2D objects.
  • The word OK is just a stick figure laying on its back.
  • Haha can never unsee.
  • "bed" is an alphabetical illustration of itself.
  • OGC is a guy wanking.
  • My life has new meaning.
  • The word boob is, in sequence, boobs as viewed from the top, then the front, then the side.
  • Read rhymes with lead, and read rhymes with lead.
  • But read doesn't rhyme with lead, and read doesn't rhyme with read.
  • Sean Bean's name not rhyming.
  • Is the "s" or the "c" in scent silent?
  • $10,000 and they say yes they would probably do that same thing for nine
  • thousand nine hundred ninety nine dollars nine thousand nine hundred
  • ninety eight dollars and so on at what point would one dollar below what they
  • agreed to be too little did you know that the human brain will completely
  • skip over the second B in this sentence you don't choose your thoughts they
  • occur and you are the experience of the master they've happened last first day
  • ISM the theory that the universe was created last Thursday but was created to
  • give the appearance of being billions of years old you were created with memories
  • going back to before the universe existed fossils were created as fossils
  • not as dinosaur ctc I believe it was originally created as an argument
  • against Krishna Sam and there is also no way to disprove the theory after all
  • these years the pool on the Titanic is still full of water when you put on your
  • underwear inside out the entire universe is wearing your underwear except you if
  • you sit on a voodoo doll of yourself would you ever be able to stand up it
  • starts with a simple deck of playing cards they seemed harmless enough fifty
  • two thin slices of laminated cardboard with colorful designs printed on their
  • sides yet is another illustration of the mantra that complexity begins from the
  • most simple systems the number of variations that these fifty-two cards
  • can produce is virtually endless the richness of most playing card games
  • those itself to this fact the total number of ways you can arrange the cards
  • in a deck is 52 times 51 times 50 all the way down to zero or 52 factorial
  • here's what it looks like huge fucking number this number is beyond
  • astronomically large I say beyond astronomically large because most
  • numbers that we already consider to be astronomically large are mere
  • infinitesimal fractions of this number so just how large is it let's try to
  • wrap our puny human brains around the magnitude of this number with a fun
  • little theoretical exercise start a timer that will count down the
  • number of seconds from 52 factorial to zero we are going to see how much fun we
  • can have before the timer counts down all the way start by picking your
  • favorite spot on the equator you're going to walk around the world along the
  • equator but take a very leisurely pace at one step every billion years make
  • sure to pack a deck of playing cards so you can get in a few trillion hands of
  • solitaire between steps after you complete around the world trip remove
  • one drop of water from the Pacific Ocean now do the same thing again walk around
  • the world at 1 billion years per step removing one drop of water from the
  • Pacific Ocean each time you circle the globe continue until the ocean is empty
  • when it is taped one sheet of paper and place it flat on the ground now fill the
  • ocean back up and stop the entire process all over again adding a sheet of
  • paper to the stack each time you've emptied the ocean the Pacific Ocean
  • contains seven hundred and seven point six million cubic kilometers of water
  • the equatorial circumference of the earth is 40 million in 75,000 and 17
  • metres do this until the stack of paper reaches from the earth to the Sun take a
  • glance at the timer you will see that the three leftmost digits haven't even
  • changed you still have eight point zero six three e to the 67th power more
  • seconds to go so take the stack of papers down and do it all over again one
  • thousand times more unfortunately that still won't do it there are still more
  • than five point three eight five e to the 67th power seconds remaining you are
  • just about a third of the way done one astronomical unit the distance from the
  • earth to the Sun is to find as 149 million five hundred and ninety seven
  • thousand eight hundred and seventy point six nine one kilometers to pass the
  • remaining time start shuffling your deck of cards every billion years deal
  • yourself a five-card poker hand each time you get a royal flush buy yourself
  • a lottery ticket if that ticket wins the jackpot throw a grain of sand into the
  • Grand Canyon keep going and when you filled up the canyon with sand removed
  • one of rock from Mount Everest now empty the
  • canyon and start all over again when you leveled Mount Everest look at the timer
  • you still have 5.3 642 the 67 to power seconds remaining you barely made a dent
  • if you were to repeat this 255 times you would still be looking at 3.0 to 4 e to
  • the 64th power seconds the timer would finally reach zero sometime during your
  • 250 sixth attempt a Royal Flush occurs in one out of every six hundred and
  • forty nine thousand seven hundred and forty hands Mount Everest weighs about
  • 357 trillion pounds of course in reality none of this could ever happen sorry to
  • break it to you the truth is the Pacific Ocean will boil off as the Sun becomes a
  • red giant before you could even take your fifth step in your first trek
  • around the world somewhat more of an obstacle however is the fact that all
  • the stars in the universe will eventually burn out leaving space a dark
  • ever expanding void inhabited by a few scattered elementary particles drifting
  • a tiny fraction of a degree above absolute zero the exact details are
  • still a bit fuzzy but according to some reckonings of the reckoning all this
  • could happen before you would have had a chance to reduce the vast Pacific by the
  • amount of a few backyard swimming pools
  • on top food chain when stark New Game+ on that blue haze one left two chairs no
  • brass tube a mic you stay like semi ring yet fine cripes
  • wheatgrass faster than a Tesla they say I'm exhausted looking best looks like
  • I'm crazy I looked it

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