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  • Hey guys, it's Morgan aids and this is my attempt at a 24-hour room makeover. I was recently back at home at North Carolina
  • Where my bedroom?
  • isn't the cutest thing to happen to the world during college my sister who was still living at home at switched rooms with me and
  • My new room has never really felt like home since I never lived there full-time or put any effort into decorating it
  • I mean look at it my bed used to be in the middle of that wall below the art and I later moved my bed
  • But I never moved the art and that was years ago. It's just not exciting. I don't get excited to be here
  • I don't feel homey in here
  • It's not fun to look at it's not creatively inspiring
  • Needless to say this room is overdue for a little facelift. And while this video is called a 24-hour room makeover
  • I actually didn't start this process until the evening before I was flying back to LA at 8 a.m
  • The next day probably wouldn't even done this but my sister came in my room and told me that she didn't think I could so
  • Therefore I had to try we've got it doubter
  • These are small hurdles on the go now y'all come please maybe some fun you could like realize that you were wrong and everything
  • Come with me okay. I'll see you downstairs in the car. Here is our starting point. First of all, I mean the art
  • Start there also glittery
  • Textured corner figure we might as well just show up messy and that can be part of the transformation
  • although all this goes in these two suitcases once there and once here so I'm just gonna put that up really quick and then we'll
  • Begin the process I am gonna keep the same bedding. It's like a nice little
  • Gray print from Urban Outfitters. I had this in college and nothing's wrong with it
  • So I'm not gonna get new bedding. My decorative pillow game is lacking
  • I don't really know what kind of color scheme we're gonna go for in here. It just needs to match the comforter
  • I love these pillows about them discounted at Pier one a couple years ago like they don't match
  • There's no other Navy in the room. Actually. There's no color scheme at all in the room. These curtains are grey boring ish
  • But like I don't really want to spend money on new curtains we have this Morgan thing up here. I'll give you a close-up later
  • glittery again
  • Laughs, um Hannah Montana, but I don't know if that's gonna stay there no real like decor going on in this region
  • This is a cute little decor thing this came from week
  • If you guys want a free trial of wink or I think you got like two free wine bottles or something
  • Link below they're all cute. They taste good. I
  • Am just gonna leave the bathroom alone for this as much as I'm not the world's biggest fan of
  • This little girl on the beach photo pretty sure it was like expensive or something fat a long time
  • And I don't know it's my parents. I think they'd be mad. If I remove this we're gonna focus really just over here
  • So my top priorities for this makeover are number one
  • Artwork number two is just overall cuter decor the yearbooks on the shelves weird light
  • Accents and just general clutter that was thrown on a shelf when I was moved into this room all need to go these Christmas lights
  • Need to come down. They are green strand Christmas lights have this random like moon strand like an old laptop that hasn't worked
  • There's nothing that makes any sense. Let me know and I also have a DVD player for unknown reasons
  • I'm hoping to develop somewhat of a color scheme as well as get things looking more grown-up and polished and
  • Those are really the only things I need to make happen
  • But I'd also be thrilled to find a new lampshade is for animus
  • That is probably my favorite thing in this room is this picture of me and Greece and I'm not the best place for that
  • I've considered moving my bed back to the middle
  • But again, it's just like it sticks out so much further than hers did and it's a little bit wider
  • I don't really want to take up just like the whole room with the bed. So I'm probably gonna leave it over here now
  • It's shopping time. Well sister, you're at frame. Just I brought my doubting Thomas with me
  • What budget do you think we like statistic to today?
  • seeing as you spend about
  • three weeks out of the year in this home if
  • You set up your pushers. I can't tell you how deep in the ground. You gotta leave me what you need done. I mean
  • artwork essential
  • Like I'm just gonna see what speaks to me gotta get rid of the HBC a you're about to send
  • They're probably my Beta Club scholarship black can come down as well. I rag
  • I'll hang my diploma my real credential. I would love to keep this under 250. I was gonna say under two
  • That's what you think. I'll spend
  • Now your I don't think I should believe it may bend more than two. I don't artwork is probably what's gonna take the best
  • I was gonna say I would love to keep this under like no money
  • But a we're going to target we have a t.j.maxx if required
  • Like decorative pillows, maybe a door, I would love to just like it's worth it to me
  • It's been a little more target and just get this thing done, especially because I fly out tomorrow
  • Anything told me we were only going to target
  • Carry on. Please know what I know be here at Madison made me buy her Starbucks. Just kidding
  • I know I offered as a joke. Haha. Can we like make it a joke? Alright, let's redo it. Just kidding
  • I didn't get Starbucks not not from lack of desire
  • But from lack of wanting to carry it cuz I knew I need a hand for the blog camera. I found whoa
  • Do I need to cover up after getting distracted by the swimsuit section first up?
  • We're seeing if there's anything in the dollar section cuz we're bargain hunters here. Ooh a tray what could I use this for?
  • I haven't thought of a color scheme. I haven't thought anything about anything. I'm a basket
  • No, I don't need her right do I need this for anything? Probably there was no real luck there
  • So it's time for our targets very limited home decor section. It's
  • I
  • Think all these gold things are cool
  • I think these bookends are really cute because it's like a little bicycle Olaf. I'm sure what does that even mean?
  • To myself I can rent you messages when you're coming horrible things like gold and black found a candle as well for three dollars
  • You meet you it feels like it's like anyone probably feel about that
  • Toes up there at YouTube
  • Why does that look like a large thimble anyone right
  • I just water them though. I
  • Don't know what color scheme you're going down here. Well so far you have all of those colors I have gray bedding
  • That's the problem. I'm bringing all gold into a gray room
  • What do you mean literally all of these
  • You know have a lot of floor space no to the right. Oh, yeah, that'd be cute question you're
  • Okay, no, but look like that is cute you just don't need you know, I have great bedding
  • but like that you could put with I always think college wanted this exists in my possession, but
  • No ring avalanche to my right
  • Yeah, although it's high in gold
  • I do have a lot of gold actually don't think it's the cutest option necessarily, but this would tie in great and gold
  • Yeah, that's true altogether. Don't stick me in the cart for now
  • I'm gonna guess 60
  • Be stupid it's just gonna be like one big piece above but I do need some other friends for else around the room
  • So like again, what are you talking like many of us feel my cart approaching the 250 mark very quickly
  • I don't know if I'm gonna get other art. It's very unfortunate the contemplated lampshade, but just
  • Feeling how much this costs. I think I might just forget about it
  • I just need like some kind of more fun pillows because that really
  • Picture-frames interesting
  • But he wants us to buy him, but
  • Yeah, that's not terrible what I get to
  • but then I only have one decorative pillow you need to but I would love to get a cute little throw blanket a
  • Better blanket elsewhere in the store. Oh, all right. I'll just we're gonna trust her must we've decided on three white pillows. I'm worried because
  • One of the big and two of them are small so two more big
  • I'm one of them are smaller than I would know how we would arrange these
  • but it's seeing as it is the other way around I
  • am unsure I ended up cashing out at two hundred and sixty eight dollars and forty four cents, so
  • slightly more than I wanted to spend but
  • Last week I was looking at new wall art online and a racks of a cart worth more than that for only three big prints
  • And their frames so all in all at Target
  • I got art and a lot more so I'm fine with it back at home
  • The first order of business was removing those green Christmas plates
  • My name above the window can tell these really glittery and the moon lights on my bed
  • I swapped out my bed pillows and
  • Struggled a bit to figure out how to arrange one large pillow with two smaller ones and even my mom
  • Doubted my ability to complete this task today. Listen to this
  • What
  • Don't know right now
  • Tell the truth I did that too
  • Woman I had done. Yeah, I just started the picture
  • And I'm a terrible one, I'm just huge. Oh
  • Yeah my art
  • Well, I didn't give you permission to see the preview but now this just saw you have to help me hang it
  • All so we have some like promising cute pieces like this little light bulb Caroline gave me this years ago
  • I guess that's it
  • actually
  • Next I went through and started removing two cord that needed to go and then I set out the new gold wire
  • basket that I purchased to what store blankets in but really
  • It's just meant to be a CubeSat and I stand this turned out to be a little smaller than I thought
  • But I mean we did have this like awkward space over here and there's not gonna be any art in this region
  • So I guess it's good to have something it's a little more dynamic over here, but it really only holds one
  • I don't like it. I think this color scheme is gonna end up like looking
  • Alright, even though that one's big I like you never look at the bed trade on you look at it from over here
  • So like perception wise it makes these look bigger and then it's obviously still like an asymmetric look
  • I don't think it's terrible. Right? So this is actually everything else we bought today
  • It doesn't look like much comment below cute things that you think are I should make this say this little letter board
  • I bought this basket with no vision of what's gonna go in it
  • Then I took everything off the shelves and with a blank slate
  • I started arranging new items throughout the room this little piece of art
  • I don't really have a place to put it so I actually might like leave it where it is since I don't really ever have
  • A laptop there and I don't want this to just be blank because this is kind of like a workstation
  • So for now that might just stay there to be determined. I also just remember that I have my diploma, right?
  • So things are slowly progressing
  • My field is now only need to go get dinner
  • So unfortunately for this video we go back the lemons gonna be even worse, but we are going to carry out this task tonight
  • So be back and have a pupper. I don't know what shelf our dog is
  • So weird our dog refuses to sit anywhere where she's not surrounded by things
  • I'm safe now Madison's gonna put some letters on there. Why should go on it? Welcome home Morgan
  • I think that's kind of funny. Like I mean what I come here, I want to be welcomed by my room
  • Alright, I just got out these little pineapple. Why waste time I'm pumped who's on there?
  • Should I do like half of them there?
  • With one and then half on another shelf with like another or should I like put it in the middle?
  • I was going to put it on the bottom over there since there's so much height
  • Look I have a degree now. We'll hang my grease
  • Madison tells me I need to get rid of the wine bottle. But so but it's so cute
  • All right, the core update. I need to figure out something for this basket else. I don't know where to put it
  • I still don't love any of this decor I could definitely use more. Yeah
  • I don't know. Like what is this? I need something here, but I don't have anything
  • I'm like I have options like things still look very blank, but we're going with the whole minimalism is in
  • Reasoning right next up is this bad boy, and lastly we hung the new wall art?
  • I'm still not madly in love with his piece
  • But you know
  • It is good enough because we all saw the starting point and at least this picture ties in the gray and gold color schemes
  • Which I wasn't worried about not being able to do
  • Good
  • I
  • Mean look at the moisture a look at that plush at all. You don't give up now
  • Control me demonstrate turn off the light. The shadows are skewing us mister. It's really
  • See folks pay attention to shadows you hated me from that. Well, your perception was wrong after the fact. All right, so
  • Updates in the future. I would like to get white curtains because that will brighten this up a lot
  • So I'm having my sister send me some photos
  • Maybe some iPhone video clips - that'd be great tomorrow in the daylight because I'm leaving with my flight is before it's gonna be bright
  • But here's what we got going on. I feel good about this art
  • It really ties in the gray and the gold white pillows bright and everything up as well a little minimalist nightstand
  • I wanted to get things that were different heights
  • So I thought the bigger plant would be good here with a small candle just to spice this up with as few items as possible
  • I love this little letter board
  • But would like some more to be going on just in general over here as well as over here
  • I still don't have anything print in between here
  • I'm
  • Having mixed feelings about this basket because I don't put in a diploma just a couple little decor things over there and that's pretty much
  • that
  • Thanks, Maddie for helping me and with some different curtains
  • So this is still like super simple
  • But I don't want to spend a ton of money on fixing this up when I'm only here a few times here
  • I just wanted it to
  • Actually, like look like things that do go together and I did put up those like colorful hats as well
  • So we just have some neutrals
  • I kept a succulent photo since we do have some plants that it's pretty much it for this video
  • I know this wasn't like a crazy like 24-hour room transformation videos like someone was on YouTube
  • I didn't like DIY a brick wall or anything in here
  • But I think this is like a realistic
  • 24 hour room makeover video
  • somewhere I want to do but you can only accomplish so much in 24 hours also comment below things that you guys would change or
  • Do you guys have any other decor ideas about what we've done here today?
  • So now for some final before-and-after shots, here's what we started with
  • And here's what we got now
  • Thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you in my next video

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When I was recently back home in NC I decided to finally re-do my bedroom in this 24 hour room transformation! Definitely not the craziest makeover on YouTube BUT this room needed help and I'm happy w/ the progress so far! S/o to my sis Madison for helping me I told her I'd link her Instagram lol follow her @madison_yates3
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