20+ Tips to Help You Hide Your Tummy!

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20+ Tips to Help You Hide Your Tummy!
20+ Tips to Help You Hide Your Tummy! thumb 20+ Tips to Help You Hide Your Tummy! thumb 20+ Tips to Help You Hide Your Tummy! thumb


  • - Style tips to help you hide your tummy.
  • (mid-tempo pop rock music)
  • Hi, ladies, it's Erin, and welcome back to my channel.
  • Through my channel, Busbee Style, my goal and mission
  • is to help women just like you who are busy juggling life
  • look like you have your act together, even if you don't.
  • Today, we're talking about hiding that tummy.
  • I know there's a lot of you who struggle with this.
  • I know at various points in my life I've struggled with it.
  • It's when you're carrying a little extra weight
  • in your midsection and you need to conceal it,
  • so how do you dress to hide it?
  • I'm gonna tell you guys a quick story.
  • So right after I had Gage, I had gained 55 pounds with him.
  • I remember pretty soon after, people were like,
  • whoa, you lost your baby weight.
  • I'm like, no, no I haven't, I just know how to hide it,
  • 'cause that's what I do.
  • So I'm basically going to share all of the tummy control,
  • tummy hiding tips that I have,
  • all of the tools that I have in my toolbox,
  • to help you guys so that when
  • you're styling yourselves or you're out shopping,
  • you can be a little bit more strategic
  • about the pieces you buy,
  • and then also the pieces you put together
  • and the looks you put together
  • so that you can hide that tummy
  • and look like you are slim and trim, even if you're not.
  • So I know that at the moment,
  • I do not have a tummy, I'm not struggling with that area.
  • I've worked really hard and I have
  • slimmed down part of my body, which I'm very proud of,
  • so I wanted to find somebody who could help me
  • to be a model, then that way we could help you guys
  • maybe visualize it a little bit easier.
  • A friend of mine who I met at an exercise class in town
  • so generously agreed to volunteer.
  • Her name is Kelly.
  • Here's a little bit more about Kelly.
  • - Over the last couple of years,
  • there's been a big shift in,
  • I guess my approach to style
  • as I went from being a corporate executive
  • to being kind of semi-retired and living in a mountain town
  • and still do a lot of nonprofit work
  • and do a little consulting.
  • So it's a mix.
  • I mean I'm going from being very corporate in style
  • with what I'm wearing, dresses, and you know,
  • bold jewelry every day,
  • to you know, being out in the mountains
  • where you wanna be stylish, and you don't wanna just wear
  • your sweatpants and flannel shirts every day.
  • So it's been a big shift for me.
  • I think I do have a classic style,
  • but I have one, a little bit of a flair on top of it,
  • 'cause I don't wanna look like everybody else.
  • And then I think the other style journey for me
  • is my body started shifting,
  • and where I carried weight was differently,
  • so I had a really small waist,
  • and I started getting, you know,
  • a little bit more around the waist.
  • Like, everything started shifting up, you know.
  • I had to shift the way that I actually dressed
  • to really maximize my body, my body size and my image
  • so that I could feel comfortable with that.
  • - Okay, so with Kelly's help,
  • I'm gonna walk you through those 22 style tips
  • to help you hide your tummy.
  • (mid-tempo, driving pop rock music)
  • Okay, so the first tip to looking like
  • you have a slimmer tummy is probably the most obvious,
  • but it's definitely worth repeating,
  • and that's undergarments, and having Spanx,
  • (Kelly laughing)
  • or two, or three.
  • So why don't you go ahead and put the Spanx on,
  • and we'll show the before and the after.
  • (pop rock music)
  • Okay, so the second tip
  • to looking slimmer through the middle
  • is to wear dark colors, and this is another one
  • that we all know about.
  • We all know dark colors are very slimming,
  • but it's one of those things
  • that I think is worth repeating.
  • Dark colors are definitely more slimming.
  • So we're gonna show the before in the light pencil skirt
  • and the after in the darker pencil skirt
  • to see the contrast.
  • (pop rock music)
  • Okay, so the third tip I wanna talk about
  • are stripes and prints.
  • Obviously bigger prints or patterns
  • are going to make you look larger,
  • so if you are being strategic about that,
  • you wanna avoid putting a big pattern right here,
  • and then also something like this
  • that's a horizontal stripe
  • is something you probably want to avoid,
  • although I think you look great in it,
  • but more of a vertical stripe will be slimming
  • and smaller prints.
  • So if you wanna do prints, don't shy away from prints,
  • but just do a smaller scale print,
  • or a vertical print.
  • (pop rock music)
  • Okay, next I wanna talk about the peplum.
  • The peplum is, if you can find the right fit,
  • it can be very slimming and definitely can hide a tummy.
  • Basically, you need to find a peplum
  • that the center seam is gonna fall right under the bust,
  • and then the peplum falls nicely around that tummy area.
  • So this is an example of a really great fitting peplum,
  • and it's very slimming for her,
  • and obviously, she looks awesome in it.
  • (pop rock music)
  • The next trick I wanna talk about
  • is the kimono top or the kaftan.
  • So this is an example of a kimono sleeve top.
  • It's actually got a faux wrap in the front,
  • and that's another great styling detail
  • to take advantage of if you do have a little bit of a tummy.
  • But what's happening here besides the kimono sleeve
  • actually hiding any issues with the arms,
  • it also creates volume here across the top,
  • and then this flowy part on the bottom creates volume here,
  • so it looks like the waist is slimmer
  • and smaller than it actually is.
  • It's basically creating that hourglass shape
  • that I always talk about,
  • so you've got the volume here, volume here,
  • and then this cinching in the middle.
  • And notice this cinching, again, is right under the bust,
  • and that's really the sweet spot,
  • especially if this your problem area.
  • You wanna highlight this area right under the bust,
  • or the empire waist.
  • So this top I think looks so good on her,
  • so flattering, so pretty, feminine,
  • and definitely you would never in a million years
  • know that she was concerned about a tummy in this top.
  • (pop rock music)
  • Another thing to think about is your shoulders
  • and the details on the top or sweater that you're wearing.
  • So here's an example of a shoulder
  • that is a little bit stronger.
  • It has shoulder pads.
  • There's a little bit of a puff here,
  • a puff detail at the seam.
  • That creates the illusion of a wider, broader shoulder,
  • which, again, is going to create the illusion
  • that you have a smaller waist,
  • 'cause if you look a little bit wider, broader here,
  • then this area is going to look more narrow.
  • What this sweater also has is the ruffle neckline,
  • so we're drawing the eye here in the center
  • and away from the tummy area.
  • (pop rock music)
  • Next I wanna talk about the power of the tunic top.
  • I've talked about the tunic top before.
  • That is super forgiving and easy to wear
  • if you have anything here extra in the middle.
  • So basically I just wanna show before and after
  • of a tight-fitting top versus a loose-fitting top.
  • Obviously tight-fitting is going to show lumps and bumps.
  • You look great.
  • I think you can totally pull this T-shirt off,
  • but probably you feel a little more comfortable
  • in something that's a little bit more flowy.
  • (pop rock music)
  • Another really simple trick to concealing a tummy
  • is to take a button-down shirt or a sweater
  • and tie it around your waist.
  • That creates the waist,
  • because your eye goes to that midsection,
  • but it also hides it.
  • So it pulls double duty.
  • It creates the waist, and it hides the waist.
  • Genius. (Kelly laughing)
  • (pop rock music)
  • Okay, so when you have an issue
  • or you're uncomfortable with your tummy,
  • tucking your shirt or your top can be a real problem,
  • and something that maybe you're
  • not incredibly comfortable doing,
  • so what you can try instead
  • is what I call the half tuck.
  • And I did a whole video about the half tuck,
  • so if you wanna know how to do the half tuck
  • or how I do the half tuck,
  • I'll put a link to the video in the description box below.
  • But essentially what you're gonna do
  • is you're gonna take one tiny section of your shirt,
  • and your hand, and just tuck a little bit of it in.
  • It's still giving you a waist,
  • but it's providing you still the coverage
  • that you need or want for your tummy.
  • (pop rock music)
  • You can also use jewelry strategically,
  • so jewelry is obviously not going to hide the tummy,
  • but what it does is it sort of tricks the eye.
  • So a big statement piece like this
  • will draw the eye up more towards your face
  • and away from the problem area.
  • That's just another trick, or another tool
  • that you have in your toolbox
  • when you wanna draw the eye away from the tummy.
  • (pop rock music)
  • So one of the things that sometimes I say
  • you might not want to do when you're trying to hide a tummy
  • is to add a waist belt, because a waist belt is going to
  • draw the eye exactly to the problem area.
  • But if you really want to wear a waist belt or a belt,
  • just cheat it down.
  • Wear it lower on the hips.
  • And that way, the eye is going lower,
  • not exactly where the problem is.
  • (pop rock music)
  • Okay, the traditional wrap dress or wrap top
  • is amazing when it comes to hiding a tummy,
  • because almost always, again, that wrap detailing
  • is at that empire waist, or just under your bust,
  • which is highlighting the tiny part
  • and giving forgiveness around the problem area.
  • It's just also a very feminine silhouette.
  • I mean there's a reason why this design
  • by Diane von Furstenberg, the original wrap dress creator,
  • started in the '70s and has still
  • been going all these years.
  • Because it works.
  • It works for a lot of different body types,
  • not just concealing the tummy area.
  • (pop rock music)
  • Another aspect to this dress I wanna talk about,
  • which is another thing you need to consider
  • when you are trying to hide a problem area,
  • especially tummy or hips, butt, and thighs,
  • is that the skirt is slightly A-line,
  • and that just means shaped like an A, like this,
  • and it's very helpful, again, when you wanna
  • cover up the problem area.
  • If your problem area is your hips, butt, and thighs,
  • or your tummy area, an A-line skirt or dress is awesome.
  • (pop rock music)
  • Another slimming trick is definitely
  • throwing on a third layer, like a long duster cardigan.
  • And this one looks amazing on you.
  • But it definitely works to just sort of whittle away
  • at this section right here.
  • (pop rock music)
  • Another third-layer option is a blazer,
  • just like the moto jacket or the cardigan.
  • That third layer will create the same slimming effect,
  • slimming away at the sides of your body,
  • and what you can do if you've got a shorter blazer
  • or shorter jacket like you do with this one,
  • and you also are quite tall,
  • you can extend that hemline with a longer T-shirt or a cami
  • so that you don't feel like this isn't hitting
  • kind of that sweet spot at your hipbone.
  • So it's still creating that nice, long slimming effect.
  • (pop rock music)
  • Just like the cardigan, a moto jacket is really great.
  • It's that third layer again.
  • So the third layer is not only
  • gonna make you look more stylish,
  • it's also going to create a slimming effect.
  • You see the hemline of this jacket falls,
  • and it does hit exactly where
  • she kind of has the problem area,
  • but if you do a couple things,
  • you won't have to worry about it.
  • The first thing is a higher rise jean,
  • and the second is lowering or extending the hemline
  • with a shirt underneath.
  • Kelly's shirt is very fitted underneath,
  • which normally might be a problem with a tummy,
  • but because she has the jacket over it
  • that's hiding that part of the tummy,
  • so she can get away with it.
  • She can get away with it anyway,
  • but if that's an issue for you
  • and something you're concerned about,
  • you can wear the tighter fitting tee
  • or top or cami underneath,
  • as long as you're adding that third layer over it.
  • (pop rock music)
  • Next tip is to wear either a cropped sweater
  • or a cropped jacket, specifically over something
  • that is forgiving underneath.
  • So the hemline of this jacket
  • is still highlighting the waist,
  • and then the flowy top underneath,
  • or the forgiving top underneath
  • will cover up the tummy area.
  • So it's just a little trick that will help define
  • and create a waist, but still provide you
  • the coverage that you need.
  • (pop rock music)
  • Next up is the poncho.
  • So the poncho is awesome at hiding anything
  • and everything. (Kelly laughing)
  • You could hide a freakin' baby under there.
  • So it's also very sophisticated,
  • it's also very chic.
  • The only thing when you're wearing something this oversized
  • is you wanna make sure that you keep your lower half
  • kind of streamlined to offset the volume of the sweater.
  • So there's always that volume proportion
  • that you need to think about.
  • If you're doing something really big on the top
  • and really oversized and loose and bigger,
  • you definitely wanna make sure you do something
  • a little bit more tailored, streamlined,
  • and more fitted to the body on the lower half.
  • (pop rock music)
  • When you're trying to hide your tummy,
  • one of the design details
  • that you can look out for is ruching,
  • and that you see in this dress right here
  • that it's ruched right at the waist.
  • And even though that seems counterintuitive,
  • like ruching might actually draw the eye or add bulk,
  • ruching really works well to minimize and conceal.
  • It's a beautiful design detail
  • that really does help the problem area,
  • and I think this dress looks amazing on you.
  • (pop rock music)
  • The other tip I wanna talk about with this dress
  • is the fact that it's structured.
  • When you're looking for a dress,
  • and especially if you wanna wear a dress
  • that's more on the fitted side,
  • but you also are worried about your tummy,
  • you want to look for a dress that has some heft to it,
  • so the fabric choice is important.
  • You want to make sure that it's a little bit weightier,
  • not necessarily paper thin,
  • because paper thin is gonna show every lump and bump.
  • But then also, really nice structure.
  • So the structure will also help to keep everything
  • like nice and tight and neat and in, you know?
  • (both laughing)
  • (pop rock music)
  • Another really important tip to know
  • when you're trying to conceal a tummy
  • is to look for empire waist dresses and tops.
  • And the empire waist just means
  • that the waistline is not at the natural waist,
  • which is traditionally right around your bellybutton,
  • it's up higher more under your bust.
  • And what that means is that the eye is drawn here,
  • and this is highlighting the under-bust area,
  • which is actually the tiniest part of your body.
  • And so that is a very, very flattering seam,
  • and a very, very flattering waistline.
  • And then obviously it flows down into a nice A-line skirt.
  • (pop rock music)
  • The other tip I want to talk about
  • with this exact same dress is the sizing phenomenon.
  • I know a lot of us, we get hung up on a size or a number,
  • and maybe we're a size eight
  • and we're gonna stay a size eight
  • whether it fits right or not.
  • But something to think about is that often
  • if you size up in something,
  • it's going to drape a lot prettier,
  • it's going to be a lot more flattering.
  • It's going to be a lot more forgiving.
  • It's not going to show every lump and bump.
  • And it's going to make you look slimmer.
  • So please do not get hung up on the size or the number.
  • Pay attention more to the way it flows, it fits, it drapes,
  • and the way you feel in it, and the way you look in it.
  • (pop rock music)
  • Another styling trick that helps to balance the body
  • or create visual balance is when you wear a wider leg jean
  • or a wider leg pair of trousers.
  • So these are some wide leg jeans or flare jeans
  • that are fitted through the knee
  • and then flare down from the knee to the floor.
  • And what you want to do when you wear
  • wide-leg pants or jeans is you want to make sure
  • that they're tailored so that
  • they just about dust the floor.
  • Think one half to three quarters of an inch off the ground.
  • If they're much higher than that,
  • it's not gonna have the same elongating, slimming effect.
  • So essentially if the problem area is here
  • or even through the hips and the thighs,
  • that wider leg will create visual balance with your body.
  • The same way, the same principle with the shoulders
  • is true with the wider leg pant.
  • So it's gonna create that hourglass shape and proportion,
  • whereas if you wear a slimmer leg or more ankle trouser,
  • that definitely makes this area,
  • the hips, butt, and thigh area, look bigger.
  • (pop rock music)
  • If there's one takeaway that you glean
  • and take away from this video,
  • I hope that it is high-rise jeans are essential
  • if you're trying to hide a tummy,
  • because they can work like Spanx,
  • but Spanx times 10, because the denim
  • has such rigidity and structure to it,
  • and also when you have the zip fly and the button,
  • that really works almost like a corset,
  • kind of (slurps) you know, sucking everything in.
  • And it's a huge difference
  • when you do a high rise versus a low rise,
  • because with a lower rise, what you're gonna have
  • is something that's still fitted through the body,
  • but then you're gonna have skin or belly
  • hanging over the jean, often referred to as the muffin top.
  • It also makes your clothes look slimmer and smoother
  • over the jean, so you can see this shirt is very fitted,
  • but we don't see anything,
  • because the jeans are higher rise.
  • So it is really creating that nice, smooth surface
  • for clothing over the high-rise jean.
  • So again, if there's one thing you take away,
  • make sure you get those high-rise jeans,
  • because those are essential
  • in helping you to conceal that tummy.
  • Huge, huge thank you to Kelly
  • for being my very generous volunteer.
  • I mean, it took us about three hours
  • to get in and out of all of those outfits
  • and tape all that footage,
  • so I'm incredibly grateful to Kelly for her time.
  • And I hope that those tips were helpful to all of you.
  • Of course, you will let me know if you have questions.
  • You'll comment below.
  • I'll put some recommendations in the description box below
  • for each of the categories where it makes sense,
  • and you can just check those out.
  • Again, you just look in the description box below.
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  • Thank you all again so very much for watching.
  • Thank you again to Kelly for being such a trooper
  • and volunteering to do this video.
  • I will see you guys next time.
  • Bye.
  • (upbeat, joyful music)

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Sharing a TON of tips to help you hide your tummy with help from my friend, Kelli! We mostly used Kelli’s clothes. I brought a few pieces, which I listed below. I am standing on my toes through some of this video because I was worried about lighting and framing as I wasn’t wearing shoes and Kelli is so tall, and was in heels. Technical reasons. Thank you so much for watching. Your support means the world to me! ~Erin xo


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